Russia’s new military doctrine lists NATO, US as major foreign threats

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I don’t know what to make of all this. The tension is certainly building for sure. North Korea and now this from Russia. These are words of War. I see it, I feel it. I think I have seen adn read enough to be sure WWIII has already begun, for now it’s a Cyber war and a Financial war, a war of economics. I worry we see that big white flash one day. That day is slowly coming, our species destroys itself, other species and out World, it is what we do. So should we be surprised? I am not

Russia has adopted an updated version of its military doctrine, which reflects the emergence of new threats against its national security. NATO military buildup and American Prompt Global Strike concept are listed among them. The new doctrine was approved on Friday by President Vladimir Putin. Its core remains unchanged from the previous version. The Russian military remains a defensive tool which the country pledges to use only as a last resort.

Also unchanged are the principles of the use of nuclear weapons which Russia adheres to. Their primary goal is to deter potential enemies from attacking Russia, but it would use them to protect itself from a military attack – either nuclear or conventional – threatening its existence. The new sections of the doctrine outline the threat Russia sees in NATO’s expansion and military buildup and the fact that the alliance is taking upon itself “global functions realized with violation of international law.” 

The doctrine lists among major foreign military threats

“the creation and deployment of global strategic antiballistic missile systems that undermines the established global stability and balance of power in nuclear missile capabilities, the implementation of the ‘prompt strike’ concept, intent to deploy weapons in space and deployment of strategic conventional precision weapons.”

The Yury Dolgoruky nuclear-powered submarine

The Yury Dolgoruky nuclear-powered submarine

Another new point in the doctrine is that one of the Russian military’s goals is to protect national interests in the Arctic region. The document also points to the threat of destabilization countries bordering Russia or its allies and deployment of foreign troops such nations as a threat to national security. Domestically, Russia faces threats of

“actions aimed at violent change of the Russian constitutional order, destabilization of the political and social environment, disorganization of the functioning of governmental bodies, crucial civilian and military facilities and informational infrastructure of Russia,”

the doctrine says.

Moscow sees international cooperation with countries sharing its effort to increase security, particularly members of BRICS, the OSCE, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and others as the key to preventing military conflicts, the doctrine states. Traditional threats that Russia must deal with mentioned in the doctrine include extremism and terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and rocket technology and actions of foreign intelligence services. The document notes that modern threats are increasingly drifting from a military nature to informational, and states that the likelihood of anyone launching a fully-fledged war against Russia is decreasing.

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As The World Stands On The Brink Of WWIII – We must ask why, we must understand why


I believe 9/11 will go down in history as the start date for WW3. I was not writing at all back then but remember thinking ‘Will the World ever be the same’ The ugly answer was no. Since that day the World has went to War on many fronts

I ask you to name

A. A Country not IN war, that have troops stationed out with its borders

B. A Country not at War

C. A Country not in Civil War

Now that is a very hard question to ask anyone, especially people who don’t want to know. I asked myself several times last night if I should carry on writing the news. I was very close to calling it a day. I fear for the children in our World, I fear for my kids. You should fear for yours also. But if you are in Nigeria or Palestine, you already know that fear, the chances are, you have faced it, and we can add many countries to that list where kids die, men and woman die and it is a way of life. These are the battles I can think about right now. There is an argument WWIII has begun already

ISIS vs Iraq
Israel vs Gaza
USA vs Russia/China
US/pick one 
South/North Korea 
Several African nations 

I ask you, wherever you are from, could War be your life? Could you wake up each day like the people in Palestine and live ok? I am not talking Hamas for the IDF here, I am talking the people in both regions, people like you and I. Could you live that life? I couldn’t, but sadly the events of this week and last night in particular have taken us to the edge or WWIII.

This speech below by Charlie Chaplin was adlibed, he forgot his lines and these were the words that came out. This was 1942 when the World was at War

For the first time ever my mind is deep in thought about a possibility that could happen any hour or day now. Do I fear? Yeah of course I do. This is why I questioned myself last night about reporting news. Some of the things I have seen or uncovered I just can’t share. If I was to share I don’t think I would be very safe, this is how bad the issues that surround our World are. I will never talk about them nor write about them. I actually deleted much of it. The new World we are about to see is not a World for the faint of heart. Our kids will suffer more, their kids will be born into a World that isn’t what we were born into. Can you imagine the whole World was like Palestine? Could you imagine waking up each day asking yourself if you and your family will make it through the day? If you don’t question this, I urge you to now do so. I got a hard time for posting this song once. People just miss the message because it doesn’t fit their own ways and thoughts. When I ask about religion I get “It’s a metaphor” Could this song of love and peace be a metaphor? We can’t have our cake and eat it. I got told Yesterday I hate Israel, for the record,  I hate to see kids die, people suffer, on both sides. Governments and Politicians make this happen. But we stood back and did nothing

God has forsaken this Earth and I don’t blame him. Evil has taken over, the worst parts of evil are in control of our World. Often I ask myself ‘Am I on the side of Good?’ Do you ever ask yourself this? Maybe you should. The World is full of people who see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. Me? I tell it how I see it. I don’t hide behind a political party or blame any political party because they are all the same. Anyone stupid enough to believe we have choice when we vote needs to question this. Religion has TORTURED our planet. We argue over who made this planet rather than debate on who is killing it. We are a bacteria on this Amazing blue globe

I hope for peace but I can’t see it. We have passed the point of no return. All we need do is wake up to that truth. People still believe certain media outlets and it PAINS me to see that happening. People arguing over this Politician and this political party. What is the point?

WE NEED TO DEBATE WHO IS KILLING THIS PLANET! NOT WHO MADE IT! As a species we have totally lost our way. The lines have been drawn, battle is close.  WWIII is at hand. And there is nothing  we can do

I often ask what would have happened if we had listened to this guy here and his brother. Both killed for wanting peace