Secret ‘Unnatural Sex’ File Names Top Diplomat – Sir Peter Hayman

Sir Peter Hayman

The late Sir Peter Hayman

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I wrote a few days ago to expect other names to come out soon and here we are, a dead guy! Expect more dead guys to come out to take the blame over the coming weeks. Sadly the dead get away with it and are used to keep the living safe. I am not surprised by this at all. Watch this space. Don’t forget Friday the 13th UK. 

Anonymous-#OpDeathEaters | February, Friday 13th
Via AnonInsiders on You Tube

Friday 13th February we all have a chance, should we be aware of this story and want the truth told, to go to the streets and make a stand for all that is right. I will leave the website below the video and also the content. I will keep you up to date here via #OpDeathEaters and this date as I stumble across it online. Let us get this stopped, let us not turn a blind eye, let us now pretend this is not happening, let us walk the streets in peace and ask for this alleged Evil to be stopped and put where they deserve

A top British diplomat was the focus of a secret government file about his “unnatural” sexual behaviour, Sky News can reveal. The file, which has just been released to the National Archives, names the late Sir Peter Hayman as the subject of the file prepared for then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. It has now been transferred to the archives in Kew, south west London, under the title “PREM 19/588 SECURITY. Sir Peter Hayman: allegations against former public official of unnatural sexual proclivities; security aspects”. Sir Peter died in 1992 but during his career worked as a diplomat including as High Commissioner to Canada. He also worked for intelligence service MI6.

File 1

He was named as an abuser of children by the MP Geoffrey Dickens in the 1980s and also had links to the controversial Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). The files reveal for the first time that Margaret Thatcher was in regular correspondence over what she describes in one handwritten letter as the “Hayman matter”.

File 2

The diplomat regularly sent obscene material through the post and kept detailed records of his sexual activities and fantasies. Two incidents that may have been significant are noted in the report: one while Sir Peter was working in Baghdad, the other in Ottawa, Canada. No details of what happened are included.

He had also been exposed as someone with links to paedophilia in Private Eye magazine and the file shows that the official response was that the claims were “generally accurate”. Thatcher’s government advisers were also acutely concerned with how they would handle questions about the diplomat, with one briefing not highlighting the line to take for any interviews. It said: “There has been no cover up.”

The existence of the file in the National Archives catalogues was highlighted by Dr Chris Murphy, a lecturer at Salford University, who alerted Sky News. Dr Murphy said he was pleased at the decision to release the file.

He told Sky News: “I’m surprised – albeit pleasantly so – to see a decision to withhold a file under Section 3(4) of the Public Records Act reversed like this. “In my experience this is quite unusual and I think it has to make us wonder about the decision to withhold it in the first place.”

The file has been retained on grounds of national security and held by officials at the Cabinet Office, the department responsible for the smooth running of government. Following the Sky News report the matter was raised in the House Of Commons, where MPs called for it to be made public. MP John Mann, who campaigns on the issue of child abuse, said: “All of these files that have been classified need to be opened up. “This one is of great importance. There could well be some very significant information in it and it needs to be looked at.”

Peter Wanless, chief executive of the NSPCC – who was commissioned last year by the Home Office to examine Government files that may be relevant to the abuse inquiries – told Sky News that to the best of his knowledge he did not see this specific file during his inquiries. Tom Watson MP said on Friday: “Without Sky News revealing the existence of this document, it wouldn’t have been made available for public scrutiny. “What else was known about Hayman and his associates?”

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Ex-MI6 chief Peter Hayman named as VIP who sexually abused boys – Elm Guest House

Peter Hayman has been named as one of a group of paedophiles alleged to have sexually abused young boys at Dolphin Square

Peter Hayman has been named as one of a group of paedophiles alleged to have sexually abused young boys at Dolphin Square

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ShaunyNews

This is a story I have been following for a few years now: &

The former deputy director of MI6 Peter Hayman sexually abused young boys at an apartment complex near Parliament, an alleged victim has claimed. Hayman, who died in 1992, was investigated by police in 1978 for possessing inappropriate literature, but was not prosecuted. He has been named as one of a number of paedophiles by a man, now in his forties, who claims to have been abused over a period of three years at Dolphin Square. The information has been passed to Scotland Yard to consider as part of its investigation into historic allegations of sexual abuse at Westminster.  Hayman, referred to as a diplomat, was pointed out in a photograph shown to man, ‘Nick’, by Exaro an investigative website. ‘He used to like to kiss and to touch, liked me to do that to him.  ‘But it would always culminate in being raped. That is what happened all the time.

On going story

On going story

‘That was normal,’ he said.

Starting in 1979, when he was just 11, Nick claims to have been abused by a number of VIPs in the luxury apartment complex.  ‘Hayman was rather cold, but then a lot of them were – emotionless.  ‘He does not feature big for me, as some of the others do. He was not one of the nasty ones,’ he added.  At the time he thought Hayman was an MP for all the time he spent mixing with politicians, he said.

As the BBC report this:

Peter Wanless is chief executive of the NSPCC and the report's co-author

Peter Wanless is chief executive of the NSPCC and the report’s co-author

No cover-up found’ in abuse review by Peter Wanless




Nightmares at Elm Guest House. Bill Maloney interviews Chris Fay



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