World War 3 possible as Russia send Submarines to Australia and threaten cold war pact


WWIII Becomes closes when this man talks


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ShaunyNews

This is bad, real bad. Russia has said it may stop the 1987 nuclear missile treaty signed with the USA at the time by President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. It was a sign of peace, the Cold War ended, leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 9, 1989. It was a time when Russia and the USA seemed to act friends. Over time the Soviet Union split into 15 post-Soviet states and renaming Russia. The Soviet Empire fell. Also just now we have America on her knees printing money from thin air. All that was agreed at the 1987 US/Soviet Union treaty is about to stop. The deal was to stop dangerous factions and terrorists being able to get a nuclear bomb easily. Should Putin be telling the truth I will bet all I have ISIS use the nuclear bomb against Israel or some form of aggression to start a conventional WWIII and not an economic one. The dangers presented to our World should Russia and Putin pull out of this agreement leaves the West in a lot of trouble, more sanctions will be placed on Russia. Russia as I have been reporting have been flying and sailing through the air and water borders of many Countries. When we look at our World we see it is indeed broken, maybe a hard re-set is what is needed to bring order from the chaos. The rhetoric between the US and Russia has been building over the past few weeks. Russia said “No longer will we sit back and allow the USA to police the planet” then signed various deals with China. America have Japan, South Korea and others onside, what worries me right now is the Islamic State. I believe they are funded and trained by the USA. The US Military have LONG asked the people in the USA to wake up to America’s new “War Country” approach. These are very dangerous times, when you put all the pieces together as I have here, you see a pattern and not a good one


What I have wrote so far:

 President Ronald Reagan shakes hands with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in Nuclear pact

President Ronald Reagan shakes hands with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in Nuclear pact

Russia plans to stop cooperating with the U.S. in the effort to keep nuclear bombs out of the hands of terrorists, criminals, and rogue states, according to a report in the New York Times on Thursday. The ominous announcement came at the start of the G20 summit in Brisbane Australia, where Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in a brazen display of military muscle-flexing.

The joint U.S.-Russia security agreement began in 1991 and was designed to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other dangerous and unpredictable groups.
Putin arrived at the G20 conference Friday morning with four Russian warships stationedjust off the northeastern coast of Australia. The summit’s host, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, is reportedly furious with Putin for the swaggering show of force, after Abbott had threatened to “shirtfront” Putin — that is, forcefully face him down — over theMalaysia Airlines Flight MH17 shootdown disaster in July.
The Russian warships now positioned off the Australian coast are seen by some observers as Putin’s own “shirtfront” of Abbott, humiliating the Australian leader.

World War 3: Russian Nuclear War Possible If U.S. And NATO Intervene In Ukraine

Australia sent three ships of its own to confront the Russian ships — causing a tense naval standoff at the same time leaders of the world’s 20 top economic powers are meeting in what are supposed to be peaceful negotiations.
Now the head of Russia’s nuclear operations, Sergey Kirienko, has told U.S. officials that Russia will no longer let the U.S. have a hand in insuring that Russia’s nukes won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Is playing a very dangerous game

Is playing a very dangerous game

The nuclear cooperation between Russia and the U.S. started right after the fall of the Soviet Union two decades ago, amid fears that in Russia’s political chaos, nuclear material could easily be lost or stolen by criminals and terrorists.
In addition to pulling out of the security agreement, Russia has a “nuclear surprise” in store for NATO and the United States, warned the Russian newspaper Pravda in an article detailing the Russian nuclear arsenal this week.
The west will be “surprised” by the strength of Russia’s nuclear readiness, Pravda says — because the Russian nuclear forces are now more powerful than anything the United States possesses, the article claims.
“It just so happens that today, Russia’s strategic nuclear forces (SNF) are even more advanced in comparison with those of the US, as they ensure parity on warheads with a significantly smaller number of carriers of strategic nuclear weapons,” Pravda said. “This gap between Russia and the United States may only grow in the future, given the fact that Russian defense officials promised to rearm Russia’s SNF with new generation missiles.”

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Russia and China sign mega gas deal on second gas supply route

Russia's President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with his China's counterpart Xi Jinping

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with his China’s counterpart Xi Jinping

BY Shaun Gibson @ShaunyGibson (USED TO BE SHAUNYNEWS)

President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping have signed a memorandum of understanding on the so-called “western” gas supplies route to China. The agreement paves the way for a contract that would make China the biggest consumer of Russian gas. Russia’s so-called “western” or “Altay” route would supply 30 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas a year to China. The new supply line comes in addition to the “eastern” route, through the “Power of Siberia” pipeline, which will annually deliver 38 bcm of gas to China. Work on that pipeline route has already begun after a $400 billion deal was clinched in May.

“After we have launched supplies via the “western route,” the volume of gas deliveries to China can exceed the current volumes of export to Europe,” Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller told reporters, commenting on the deal. Speaking to journalists on the eve of his visit to Beijing, Putin was optimistic about prospects for the new gas deal with China. “We have reached an understanding in principle concerning the opening of the western route,” Putin said. “We have already agreed on many technical and commercial aspects of this project, laying a good basis for reaching final arrangements.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin writes on one of the pipes

Russian President Vladimir Putin writes on one of the pipes

The “western” route deal is one of the 17 agreements signed at the Sunday meeting between Putin and Xi. They also included a framework agreement between Gazprom and China’s CNPC on gas deliveries and a memorandum of understanding between Gazprom and another Chinese energy giant, CNOOC. Gazprom and CNPC have also signed a preliminary agreement for China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development to take a 10 percent stake in Russia’s Vancorneft. Among the business issues discussed by Putin and Xi at their fifth meeting this year was the possibility of payment in Chinese yuan, including for defense deals military, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov was cited as saying by RIA Novosti.

chinagasBrendan P. O’Reilly, China-based writer and educator from Seattle, told RT that transport to China was extremely easy: “One of the most attractive things about Russian gas for the Chinese is that it can be transported over land,” he said. “Most of China’s energy resources are imported via sea through the Pacific, and this route is slightly threatened by the American military presence now in the Pacific. Of course there’re a lot of territorial disputes right now between China, Japan, and various other countries in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. So basically by strengthening energy ties with Russia, China can avoid the more dangerous maritime route.” “Russia stands to benefit from this development with China very much because right now the vast majority of Russian gas is being exported to Europe. So Russian having a second large buyer improves the situation of supply/demand for Russia by creating more demand in the east.”

Attempted Assassination of Vladimir Putin, But Got the Wrong Plane?


New information reveals that President Vladimir Putin’s plane may have been the target of an attempted assassination! He is doing many things right and standing strong for what is moral in this world. Furthermore, he is going against the grain of the New World Order, and we all know they don’t like that!

Video Via: Lyn Leahz

NWO Attempted Assassination of Vladimir Putin–It Certainly Looks That Way!

RT News reports:

Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane was travelling almost the same route as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s jet shortly before the crash that killed 295, Interfax news agency reports citing sources.“I can say that Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. The presidential jet was there at 16:21 Moscow time and the Malaysian aircraft – 15:44 Moscow time,” a source told the news agency on condition of anonymity. “The contours of the aircrafts are similar, linear dimensions are also very similar, as for the coloring, at a quite remote distance they are almost identical”, the source added.


Is it possible that the Malaysian plane that went down was meant to be his? Did they try to assassinate him? Watch the facts stated in the videos below, because it certainly appears that way! Check out this breaking video news footage and see for yourself! RT NEWS LINK: (Please check out for full details)

NWO ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION ON PUTIN Wrong Jetliner Targeted Killing 295 on Malaysia Jetliner!

President Putin’s plane might have been the target for Ukrainian missile – sources…
Obama on the phone with Putin as a Jetliner is taken down. Was this a planned assassination fail?
BRICS establish $100bn bank and currency pool to cut out Western dominance…
Faced With Western Freeze-Out, BRICS Bank Is a Coup for Russia

WOW! Malaysian Plane Missile Strike — 100% False Flag Attack, Intended To Assassinate Putin

Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane was travelling almost the same route as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s jet shortly before the crash that killed 298, Interfax news agency reports citing sources. “I can say that Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. The presidential jet was there at 16:21 Moscow time and the Malaysian aircraft – 15:44 Moscow time,” a source told the news agency on condition of anonymity. “The contours of the aircrafts are similar, linear dimensions are also very similar, as for the coloring, at a quite remote distance they are almost identical”, the source added.  At the same time, there have been reports contradicting Intefax’s report that was the first and the only media source to publish the news, saying that Presidential plane was not flying over Ukraine at the same time. As a source told online news portal, Putin’s plane does take off from Vnukovo-3 [the terminal that accepts business jets], but the president does not fly over the conflict-gripped neighboring country. “Putin has only one jet – Board One, he does not fly other planes. This plane always takes off from Vnukovo-3, but the presidential plane have not been flying over Ukraine for a while,” the source at Vnukovo-3 terminal said. President Putin was on his way from Brazil, where he attended the BRICS summit, to Moscow.

Responsibility Putin plane shot down in Ukraine





Fresh claims Ukraine used White Phosphorus surface online

These claims started to appear a few hours ago online

United Nations Official PDF about this story:

This also happened on the 14th of June, a few weeks back:

White Phosphorus dropped last month sources revealed

Scenes yesterday

Links below

July 1, 2014 – Dozens of people flocked yesterday June 30, hospitals in the region of Slaviansk with symptoms of chlorine poisoning, after the bombing of powerful groups of Kiev, which are controlled by forces that make the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in eastern Ukraine, as noted by the Ria Novosti citing the deputy commander of the local militia, Igor Strelkof. The symptoms presented by population is eye pain and burning in the throat. We believe that this comes from the influence of chlorine. The explosions were in the air and then presented a stream of smoke. Usually shoot these missiles when the air has a certain direction, “he said. Indeed, Sunday, volunteers reported that the Ukrainian army used chemical weapons in unknown village Semionovska, one of the suburbs in Slaviansk. Two people were taken to hospital in critical condition when they inhaled the result of the bombing.

Russia is demanding an investigation into the alleged use of ‘chemical weapons’ against separatists in the east of Ukraine as the two countries agreed to extend their ceasefire. Pro-separatist rebels have claimed that people showing symptoms of chlorine poisoning had been admitted to hospital following an alleged attack carried out by Ukrainian Special Forces near Slavyansk. The accusations, which follow claims of ‘phosphorous fire bombs’ being dropped on villages in southeastern Ukraine this month, led to Russian diplomats urging an investigation. This is horrible. This case must be investigated,’ said Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin. The Russian ambassador to Holland, Roman Kolodkin, said a complaint could be submitted to the Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons amid claims that Chloropicrin was used by pro-Kiev forces. Earlier there was claims that ‘phosphorus fumes’ led to poisoning.

One rebel leader in Donetsk, Igor Strelkov, said there had been a number of cases. ‘We are collecting sample materials and are going to present them as evidence.’ The demands came as the leaders of Russia and Ukraine agreed to work towards extending a fragile ceasefire between Kiev and pro-Kremlin militias. Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko also promised to set up effective border controls, French president Francois Hollande’s office said on Monday.

The two men spoke during a four-way teleconference call that also included Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. After what Hollande’s office said was a long conversation, Putin and Poroshenko also agreed to work on the liberation of more hostages and prisoners and the organisation of ‘substantial tripartite negotiations,’ the statement said. Petro had urged Putin on Sunday to strengthen Russian control over its borders to prevent militants and arms entering Ukraine after violence broke a truce there. The ceasefire, declared by Poroshenko on June 20 to allow for peace talks with the pro-Russian rebels, was due to expire on Monday, a deadline also set by EU leaders considering new sanctions against Russia. However, just Monday morning, the city of Slovyansk, in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine came under shelling from government forces. The European Union, which signed an historic free-trade pact with Ukraine on Friday, has warned it could impose more sanctions on Moscow unless pro-Russian rebels act to wind down the crisis in the east of the country by Monday.

Putin again urged an extension of the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and setting up a control mechanism to monitor the truce with the participation of the OSCE security body , the Kremlin said in a separate statement after the talks. ‘The leaders spoke in favour of convening a third round of consultations between Kiev and south-eastern regions as soon as possible,’ it added.

However, later on Monday, Moscow accused Ukraine of breaking the ceasefire after a cameraman working for Russian state television was killed. Anatoly Klyan, 68, was shot in the stomach outside a military compound in the city of Donetsk, Moscow’s Channel One TV reported. He was among a group of journalists that had been allowed to enter compound to film soldiers being picked up by their mothers, when an unidentified gunman opened fire. Mr Klyan, 68, who had worked for the state channel for 40 years, is the fifth journalist to be killed since the fighting began in April between Ukrainian government troops and armed pro-Russia separatists. Russia’s Foreign Ministry blamed the attack on Ukrainian soldiers and demanded an objective investigation into the attack and for those responsible to be punished. Video footage of the attack broadcast on Channel One showed Klyan continuing to film inside the bus even after he was shot in the stomach, stopping only when he grew weak and telling his colleagues: ‘I can’t hold the camera any longer.’ Other journalists helped him into a passing car to be taken to a nearby medical center, but the television station said doctors were unable to save him.

Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Incendiary Weapons (Protocol III). Geneva, 10 October 1980:

DONETSK, June 30 (RIA Novosti) – People with symptoms of chlorine poisoning are currently being admitted to hospitals in the Ukrainian city of Slaviansk after its suburbs underwent gunfire from Kiev-controlled security forces, the commander of Donetsk independence forces Igor Strelkov told RIA Novosti Monday.

Phosphorus surface up close and personal

Same bomb but distant view

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World stands as one – warn Russia to relent in Ukraine standoff

Barack Obama has ordered a freezing of US assets and visa restrictions on those involved in Russia’s military intervention in Crimea, as Britain’s David Cameron warned President Vladimir Putin “it cannot be business as usual”. Mr Obama signed an executive order aimed at punishing Russians and Ukrainians responsible for “threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”. The visa ban does not apply to the Russian President, a US official said. The White House’s rebuke came as the European Union also ramped up the pressure on Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

Member states agreed to suspend negotiations on a more liberal visa regime for Russians, stop work on a comprehensive new agreement on relations between Russia and the EU and to pull out of all preparations for the G8 summit in Sochi in June. The European Commission has also been tasked to work on additional measures including travel bans and asset freezes. British Prime Minister David Cameron, who is at the Brussels summit, unveiled the details of the action and said Europe needed “to send a very clear message to the Russian government that what has happened is unacceptable and should have consequences”. He said: “The situation in Ukraine remains highly precarious – the slightest miscalculation can see it spiral out of control.

“If Russia takes further steps the statement issued today makes very clear there will be far-reaching consequences. ”It cannot be business as usual with Russia.” Mr Cameron said world leaders needed to find a way to “diffuse” and “de-escalate” the situation. ”We know from history that turning a blind eye when nations are trampled over and their independence trashed – that stores up far greater problems in the long run,” he added.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said the country’s armed forces would act if Moscow moved any further into its territory. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who met US Secretary of State John Kerry in Rome for a second round of talks but failed to reach an agreement, said US sanctions against Russia were “not constructive”. It came as Crimea’s deputy prime minister Rustam Temirgaliev said a decree making the region part of Russia was already in place: “The only lawful armed force on the territory of the Crimea is the Russian armed forces.”

MPs in Crimea – which remains under the tight grip of pro-Russian troops – have voted in favour of becoming part of Russia and are calling for a referendum in 10 days. But Mr Yatsenyuk, who has been meeting European leaders in Brussels, said the decree was “an illegitimate decision and this so-called referendum has no legal grounds at all”. He added: “Crimea is, was and will be an integral part of Ukraine. In case of further escalation and military intervention into the Ukrainian territory by foreign forces, the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian military will act in accordance with the constitution and laws.”

In Simferopol, the region’s capital, about 50 people rallied outside the parliament waving Russian and Crimean flags. Among the posters they held aloft was one that said “Russia, defend us from genocide”. Gunmen at an improvised checkpoint on Crimea’s regional border with the rest of Ukraine have blocked a group of 40 unarmed military observers from carrying out an inspection mission requested by Ukraine’s government. Interpol is examining a request by Ukrainian authorities to issue a ‘Red Alert’ for the arrest of ousted President Victor Yanukovych. Ukraine’s Paralympic team has threatened to boycott the Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia. The athletes will announce their decision at 9.30am (UK time) on Friday.