Warning over division of Smith Commission powers

The cross-party Smith Commission meets in Edinburgh.

The cross-party Smith Commission meets in Edinburgh.

By @ShaunyNews Via: http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/warning-over-division-of-smith-commission-powers-1-3681227

We knew there would be issues due to the watered down ‘Smith Commission’ Labour and Tory’s alike had a chance to make this easier for everyone but now, sadly we DO and WILL have tax issues. On one hand Scottish Politicians can’t vote on English laws for anything yet we here in Scotland, say if a tax break was given will make what we bring in less. This is an utter mess, the SNP should demand a ‘Back to the drawing board’ here. We MUST vote SNP People, otherwise we could find ourselves in no man’s land (Figure of speech) This is a shambles in the making. Hollyrood need to know yearly what income the have to work with, this will make it difficult for John Swinney to work his magic, the man can only do what he can do. Thankfully we have another bite at this Scotland, we can’t mess this up, we must inform, be informed and make sure people know EXACTLY what a Labour vote means.

THE `pick’n’mix’ deal on new post-referendum powers for Scotland could turn “messy” and leave Holyrood unable to make any “radical shift” in policy, economic and tax experts have warned.

MSPs were today warned that flagship proposals to hand some taxes to the Scottish Parliament – and leave others at Westminster – is a recipe for conflict between the Scottish and UK Governments. And Scots will be left in the dark over which taxes are Scottish, according to tax chiefs who warned it is “very difficult to pull apart” UK taxes.

The UK Government last month published legislation to enact the recent Smith agreement on more powers over tax and welfare for Scotland. It followed `the vow’ made the main pro-union party leaders in the final days of the referendum campaign to devolve sweeping new powers to Scotland after a No vote.

Economist Professor Anton Muscatelli, the principal of Glasgow University, told Holyrood’s devolution committee that he had concerns about the deal. “It reserves, for example, the personal allowance, it reserves national insurance contributions and one of the big issues is around in work benefits. “And by reserving universal credit, it does mean the whole interaction between welfare payments and low pay and income taxation is therefore not brought into play.“I do think that will create and potentially lead to tensions going forward – so how that is managed within future legislation will be hugely important.”

National insurance

Prof Muscatelli said national insurance is part of the “overall tax structure” and Scotland’s budget would effectively be cut if this is lowered UK-wide. “By not devolving national insurance, I think it creates the potential for conflict and it will impact on the Scottish tax base.”

Similarly, if the UK Government cuts the personal allowance – a tax hike – Scotland could respond by introducing a zero tax rate to cover such a change and effectively wipe this out. But Prof Muscatelli said: “It would force Scotland’s hand – and this where it gets a bit messy by not devolving the personal allowance.” He said it would have been better to devolve “all income tax and employment income to Scotland.”

Charlotte Barbour, Head of Taxation, at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland (ICAS) said the package offers a “variety of different taxes” to Holyrood.

Under the deal Scotland will get control over income tax bands – but not the personal allowance or national insurance. Air passenger duty and the Aggregates Levy will be devolved, while Holyrood will be “assigned” half of VAT revenues raised in Scotland. But there will be significant “joint responsibilities” with Westminster still in control of HMRC – the UK taxman.

“Scottish powers will have to interact with that and mesh together as well as going into the welfare side of it,” she said. “One of the issues that come out of that is that I’m not sure that a lot of people amongst the public have a full understanding of what Scottish taxes are.”

Ms Barbour said: “I think it’s very difficult to pull any one part of the UK taxes apart – it leads to these kind of set ups as to whether national insurance and income tax goes together.” The tax expert said this meant limits on Holyrood’s ability to push any through meaningful change in policy because income tax is “shared and over and above that interacts with other taxes.” She said; “I don’t think there’s a lot of scope to radically change what you’ve got here.”



A Reminder of what we lost, who lied – STAND UP SCOTLAND – #IndyRef2


By @ShaunyNews – 1979 seen Scotland vote ‘Yes’ but we were lird to, 2014 we voted no, we were lied to, LETS NOT FALL FOR LABOUR, RED TORY LIES, TIME TO GET REAL, WAKE UP SCOTLAND!! THE FIGHT TO THE PROMISED LAND STARTS ‘NOW’

Stanley Odd – Son I Voted Yes

Via Stanley Odd on You Tube

















The Proclaimers – Cap In Hand(Yes Scotland)



Scotland announces it will block ‘ALL’ fracking



Secret MOD plan to move Trident from Scotland to Wales #TridentFreeScotland



Smith Commission: ‘More powers’ vow delivered – Claims David Cameron



SNP: voter registration raised – 800,000 could drop off – Not allowed to vote!! (Phone Details here to check)



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Labour Burns Supper axed due to lack of interest!! As Karma keeps hitting the #RedTory#

Local Labour MP Sheila Gilmore

Local Labour MP Sheila Gilmore

By @ShaunyNews VIA: http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/labour-burns-supper-axed-due-to-lack-of-interest-1-3668811#.VMBKaflWBt5.twitter


Karma (Sanskrit: कर्म; IPA: [ˈkarmə] ( ); Pali: kamma) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering. Karma is closely associated with the idea of rebirth in some schools of Asian religions. In these schools, karma in the present affects one’s future in the current life, as well as the nature and quality of future lives – or, one’s saṃsāra.

When Labour entered into a pact with the London Tory party to lie cheat and deceive Scotland in the 2014 referendum many Labour members sighed a sigh of relief as it kept them in work. Here we are 5 months later, the polls are showing 40 lost seats at Hollywood, in-fact I did this earlier today guys > http://shaunynews.com/2015/01/22/stv-poll-snp-at-52-as-labour-faces-general-election-annihilation/ The dealt with the devil and now they are getting burnt hands. This is KARMA at it’s beautiful best, my opinion of course!

The Referendum went bad for Scotland, but it will be worse for Labour #RedTory

The Referendum went bad for Scotland, but it will be worse for Labour #RedTory

LABOUR activists in a crucial battleground constituency have been forced to cancel their annual Burns Supper due to a lack of interest.

Deputy Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, local MP Sheila Gilmore and a shadow minister from Westminster were among the speakers lined up for the Edinburgh Eastern fundraising event on Saturday. But after poor ticket sales, the local party executive decided to cancel the supper, promising refunds to those who had booked.

Former Edinburgh East Labour party chairman Paul Nolan said the event had been a popular fixture in the diary for many years and usually attracted up to 150 people. But he said he understood fewer than 50 tickets had been sold and admitted the situation was embarrassing. He said: “It is worrying that we can’t get members to come to a fundraising Burns Supper two or three months before an election.

“If we can’t get the activists motivated, it’s going to be even harder to get ordinary voters to turn out on polling day.” Mr Nolan said last year’s Burns Supper had raised around £1000. Edinburgh East will be a key constituency at the general election in May as Labour fights to stop a predicted advance by the SNP across Scotland.

Although once one of safest Labour seats in the Capital, it recorded the biggest Yes vote in Edinburgh in the independence referendum – 47 per cent – and has been represented atHolyrood by the SNP’s Kenny MacAskill since 2007. Ms Gilmore had a majority of 9181 at the last election in 2010.

The Burns Supper, scheduled to be held at the EH15 Restaurant at Edinburgh College’s Milton Road campus, was initially advertised with the invitation: “Join Sheila Gilmore MP, Kezia Dugdale MSP, Ian Murray MP and Kate Green MP, to toast the immortal memory of Robert Burns, a fantastic traditional meal and entertainment.”

The notice added: “Tickets are £30 and selling fast.” But now those hoping to attend the event have been sent a memo from the constituency party executive telling them: “Unfortunately the Edinburgh Eastern Burns Supper has had to be cancelled due to low ticket sales. All those that purchased tickets will be contacted and refunded.”

One political opponent said Labour activists’ lack of interest in a fundraising event so close to the general election was bad news for the party.

He said: “You sometimes wonder if the polls exaggerate Labour’s plight in Scotland. “But it shows the dire state the party is in when something like this, where leading lights are due to speak, has to be cancelled because of lack of interest. “It suggests that even in an election year, the party cannot enthuse its own members. “And of course, it means they will have less money for what is a crucial campaign for them.”



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STV poll: SNP at 52% as Labour faces general election annihilation

B74McJGCYAAu1IRBy @ShaunyNews Via http://news.stv.tv/scotland-decides/news/307347-stv-poll-snp-at-52-as-murphy-fails-to-make-general-election-impact/

The chances of the SNP having a deal in a coalition UK government are not as far fetched as many believe. Labour I think, as do many will get more voted in this years General Election, both the SNP and Labour have not ruled out using SNP Westminster seats to get Labour into power. Should this happen Home Rule and a LOT more will come to Scotland very quickly. We must vote SNP or Yes minded people into Hollyrood this coming Election. Trust me, Alex is going to Westminster for this very reason. Watch this space, also the SNP has over 50% in the polls, in any other country that would be BIG news, odd it isn’t in Scotland, but we expect this now

Scottish Labour still face political annihilation in the general election as Jim Murphy fails to make an impact on voters, according to a poll commissioned by STV.

The Ipsos Mori survey shows the party would poll 24% of the Scottish vote, just 1% better than in a previous STV poll in October. It would leave them with just four seats in Scotland; Glasgow North East, Glasgow South West, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, and Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill. Support for the SNP remains at 52% since October’s survey, giving them a projected 55 seats at Westminster.

The poll shows both the Liberal Democrats and Conservative party would be left without any Scottish MPs. The full breakdown of STV’s Ipsos Mori poll is SNP 52%, Scottish Labour 24%, Scottish Conservative 12%, Liberal Democrats 4%, Scottish Green Party 4%, Ukip 1% and 2% for others. These figures see support for both the Lib Dems and Green party drop 2% since STV’s October poll. The Conservative support has risen 2%. Ukip see their share of the vote drop by 1%

via STV

via STV

The 1001 participants were surveyed between January 12 and 19 and asked how they would vote if there was a general election tomorrow.

At the 2010 general election, Labour received 42% of the Scottish vote and the SNP 19.9%.

SNP depute leader Stewart Hosie MP said: “This is another very encouraging poll – with a 28-point SNP lead for May’s Westminster election, this shows remarkable levels of support for the only party that will always put the interests of the people of Scotland front and centre.”

He added: “It’s clear that there is widespread support for the greatest possible devolution of powers to Holyrood. But the Westminster Government simply isn’t willing to give Scotland the powers we need to build a more equal society and more competitive economy – and that is why we need a strong team of SNP MPs elected next May to hold them to account, and ensure that they finally deliver on their vow to Scotland.” Wednesday’s figures, which exclude those who do not know how they would vote, would dramatically reduce Labour’s 40 Scottish MPs, according to seat predictor http://electoralcalculus.co.uk/homepage.html

Those who would lose their seat include Jim Murphy, who took over as the leader of Scottish Labour since STV’s last poll. All of the current Liberal Democrat seats would be lost, including Scottish secretary Alistair Carmichael, Danny Alexander and Charles Kennedy. A Scottish Liberal Democrat spokeswoman said: “These national polls do not reflect the performance of each of our excellent MPs in their seats. People were writing us off in 1999 and then in 2007. Each time we grew stronger.

“We have been gaining a good response when we have been campaigning for our local MPs. The SNP put local services at risk when they took their eye off the ball on day-to-day issues in order to concentrate on their campaign for independence. People know that our record of action in Government shows that only the Liberal Democrats can be trusted with both a strong economy and a fair society.” A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: “Polls will show a range of outcomes between now and May – the important thing is we continue to point out that the only way to ensure the future or the union and stability of the economy is to vote for the Scottish Conservatives.” STV political editor Bernard Ponsonby said: “This poll could be laughed away by Scottish Labour if it was not part of an unmistakable pattern suggesting that the party has big problems. These figures translated into seats would see Labour win only four constituencies with the SNP winning a landslide 55 seats.

“Wise heads in both parties will know that a lot can change in politics and quickly. When a general election is called there is a sense in which the Scottish dimension in politics tends to get lost by the focus on who will govern the UK as a whole. “Worryingly for Labour, there is no evidence at the moment that voters are looking beyond the domestic agenda. That gives the SNP a real window of opportunity. Jim Murphy will be concerned but not panic stricken by these findings. It underlines for him the scale of the challenge he faces. “Senior SNP figures will be buoyed but I suspect that they don’t actually believe they will win 55 seats in May. That said, the prospect of the SNP holding the balance of power in a UK context cannot be dismissed as the stuff of fun and fantasy.”

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Jim Murphy, Unionism, Loyalism and Hatred! Has he lied?

Looking back he did get a little angry yeah?

Looking back he did get a little angry yeah?

By @ShaunyNews Via a few sources and words of my own

Below is an Audio I had been looking to find for a few days and thanks to http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/ I managed to find the Audio file. Now listen to Jim Murphy then and now. Jim stated “I am not a Loyalist” here it is here: http://shaunynews.com/2015/01/14/scottish-labour-leader-jim-murphy-insists-he-is-not-a-unionist/ Now I am not saying for one second he is but if you listen to the Audio he certain doesn’t come across as Nationalistic, that is for sure. He did an interview with (Surprise Surprise) the BBC and was asked “Are you Nationalistic or Unionist” He said at the time “I am somewhere in the middle” So the article above is Jim telling lies right? Telling us all he is a nice Catholic boy and would never dare turn to loyalist or Unionism. Below the STV ask the same question I am asking. I will get to the bottom of it, I will find the “I am somewhere in the middle” comment, for now this is all I can offer. And a video of what “Loyalism and Unionism” actually does and is 

Analysis: Is Jim Murphy trolling or is he really not a Unionist?


Jim Murphy vs Andrew Neil, BBC Newsnight, 2 Sep 2014

When it comes to hatred, rest assured the Loyalist and Unionist will come forth and hate.

Orange Order playing the Famine Song at St Patricks Church, New Lodge, 12/07/2012
Via thenewlodge on You Tube

Jim Murphy challenges a National Yes voter


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Video: Devo Max Promise By Tories


By @ShaunyNews

We have all seen these video’s over and over, every time I see one I download it so I have as many Tory 0r Red Tory promises to get one big article one day. This time a senior Tory member again on camera telling a lie. Keep saving these peeps, one day we can make a feature length movie of lies from Tory and Red Tory….

Senior Tory MP promising that Devo Max will be delivered without any conditions



Daily Recorddevo-max-tweetsturgeonbrownvow

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Alex Salmond hints at Westminster SNP/Red Tory vote deal

He knows what he is doing

He knows what he is doing

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews – Via http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/alex-salmond-hints-at-labour-vote-deal-1-3638768

The media will spin this all ways and try to confuse us Scotland, we must not be confused. In the 2015 UK General Elections the SNP could give Labour UK control. Now many will say “Selling our souls to the Devil” BUT, Labour are so desperate for control they will most likely give Scotland home rule for SNP backing. So we ask is an “SNP/Labour” controlled Britain is the best interests of Scotland? I say no, BUT we must understand Alex will almost free us by doing so thus leading to a new referendum. I ask would you rather have this or a Tory/UKIP Britain? What do you think? Should the SNP use their support with Welsh Nationalists Plaid Cymru and the Greens to help a Labour Government into power in the UK, but Alex will only deal if we get Home rule and better deals for Scotland. I said many times “Watch this space” And this is the space. There is a LOT more to come here. But the SNP could get a new Referendum with PROMISES with legally signed documents in the case of a no vote with the RED TORIES. 

Alex Salmond talks to Kirsty Wark on Newsnight

ALEX SALMOND has been accused of “abandoning his principles” after indicating the SNP is ready to start voting on English-only issues at Westminster. The former first minister, who is in the running for a Commons return next May, has suggested SNP MPs could make the move in order to prop up a Labour government – and win concessions on more powers for Scotland. The SNP is riding high in the polls in Scotland, which suggest they could win 20 to 30 of 59 Commons seats north of the Border in May’s vote.  But the move has come under fire from Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie, whose party are desperate to hold on to the Gordon seat which Mr Salmond is contesting. Mr Rennie said: “For years the SNP have taken a principled position that they should not vote on English issues in the House of Commons. “Now that they can see party advantage, they are prepared to abandon their strongly held principle. “The people of Gordon will see Alex Salmond posturing for his party’s gain instead of standing up for local people.”

SNP MPs have generally abstained from voting on areas which are devolved to the Scottish Parliament like health and education, although they have done so when there is seen to be a potential funding knock-on for Scotland. But the former first minister has suggested the SNP could in the future shift to a position of voting on English-only legislation.

Mr Salmond pointed to two pieces of legislation not directly affecting Scotland which he opposed when he was an MP, namely the introduction of foundation hospitals and tuition fees. He said: “There will be many things that come across the Westminster desk that would be of little moment to Scottish people, but will be of great moment to the government of the day.” Mr Salmond said he would “lay odds” on a balanced Parliament, also known as a hung parliament, which occurs when no party secures an absolute majority of seats. “That’s an opportunity to have delivered to Scotland what we have been promised,” he said.

The former SNP leader has already made it clear that he believes the “more powers deal” for Scotland set out in the Smith Commission agreement sells the country short of what was promised during the referendum. A strong SNP group, holding the balance of power at Westminster, would attempt to win additional powers for Scotland, particularly on welfare and corporation tax.

Mr Salmond has also pledged that the SNP would bring its influence to bear to end the climate of austerity, with both Labour and the Tories warning of more cuts in the years ahead. Nationalists also believe that a strong group of MPs could help bring about a nuclear-free Scotland by forcing Labour into a U-turn on the renewal of the Clyde-based Trident deterrent. But their influence would be severely limited if they were prevented from voting on English-only issues, which would also include most justice and transport issues.

The SNP also plans to join forces with Welsh Nationalists Plaid Cymru and the Greens in a “progressive” alliance. But the SNP would only deal with Labour, not the Tories – most probably in an informal “confidence and supply” arrangement. Nicola Sturgeon has formally ruled out putting the Conservatives back into power at Westminster. Last month, Mr Salmond formally stepped down as SNP leader and first minister following September’s independence referendum result.

He announced earlier this month his bid to return to Westminster and was unveiled as a candidate for the SNP nomination for the Gordon constituency in Aberdeenshire.

Mr Salmond hopes to steal the seat from the Liberal Democrats, with current Lib Dem MP Sir Malcolm Bruce retiring in May after 32 years as the constituency’s MP. The former first minister said a “barrel-load” of SNP MPs would win seats at the 2015 general election. The SNP – and other pro-independence parties like the Greens – have been riding high in the polls since the referendum defeat.

A YouGov poll last weekend put support for the SNP at 47 per cent – up 27 per cent on the 2010 result – while Labour is 20 points behind on 27 per cent. It also put support for the Tories at 16 per cent while the Lib Dems, who hold the Gordon seat Mr Salmond is contesting, appear to be facing another election wipeout on just 3 per cent. The same poll also asked people in Scotland about their view of the Smith Commission proposals and found that 51 per cent of people thought that they failed to go far enough, 23 per cent of people thought it got the balance right and 14 per cent of people thought they went too far. And the poll put support for independence ahead at 47 per cent, to 45 per cent opposed.

At Westminster, Labour and the Tories have been neck and neck in the polls in recent months, with neither yet appearing to command the support to form a majority in May. Labour is five points ahead on 35 per cent in the latest YouGov poll, with the Tories on 30 per cent, but the Ipsos Mori organisation has David Cameron’s party four points ahead, on 33 per cent, with Labour on 29.

An SNP spokeswoman last night said: “SNP MPs voted against foundation hospitals in England and top-up tuition fees south of the Border over ten years ago because of the negative financial consequences for Scotland of these developments. “Replacing public spending with private money in England’s health and education sectors squeezes the resources available to Scotland through the working of the Barnett Formula.”



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