US Avoids Shutdown After Spending Bill Passed

The bill includes more money for the US's war fund, fighting Ebola and allowing people to give more cash to political campaigns.

The bill includes more money for the US’s war fund, fighting Ebola and allowing people to give more cash to political campaigns.

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The US Senate has passed a $1.1tr spending bill – and prevented a repeat of last year’s government shutdown. The 56-40 vote on Saturday came as Congress ended a two-year legislative session that has been marred by bitter partisanship and few successes. Now the measure will be sent to US President Barack Obama, who is expected to sign it into law before Wednesday.

This will mean that most government agencies will be funded until September 2015, except for the Department of Homeland Security, which will have its funding reviewed at the end of February. By this time the Republicans will control the House of Representatives and the Senate and will be able to deny the organisation funding to enforce Mr Obama’s recent order easing deportations for undocumented immigrants.

Obama Says Washington Must Change

Obama Says Washington Must Change

Getting the 1,603-page bill through was a bitter struggle, with a revolt by House Democrats that nearly scuttled the bill earlier this week, and delaying tactics in the Senate. Of the 40 no votes, 22 were Democrats, many of them furious that negotiators inserted policies into the package, including one pulling back on key financial regulations for Wall Street banks. Another part of the bill gets rid of campaign finance law by dramatically increasing the amount of money wealthy donors can give to political campaigns.


USA ‘JUST’ stopped another close down. As they close buildings due to Australian Terrorism event happening now (Blog below this)



Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal voted no, saying the package was “poisoned by special favours flagrantly contrary to the public interest.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the bill wasn’t perfect but a necessary compromise. He added: “Since 2011, Congress has lurched from crisis to crisis, with the country constantly under threat of a shutdown or financial catastrophe. It is a bad habit, and the American people are sick of it.” Among the items the spending bill will allow are a slight increase in Pentagon war funding – to total $64bn this fiscal year – and almost $5.5bn to help combat the Ebola virus. The partisan fights are expected to resume next year, although the Republicans, having won the November congressional elections, will enjoy a 54-46 majority in the Senate and a larger majority in the House.


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As the World watches Gaza in horror, USA Congress fall over each other to support Israel



As I said, it seems American’s are more Pro-Israel than ANY other nation on Earth, including Israel itself! I ask why American’s support Israel, I ask why people do blindly. Many have a go at me and others for telling the TRUTH! about the Genocide Israel is doing to the Palestinians and when I get a hard time I simply ask questions. I either get abused then blocked or blocked. I will tell you why this is, BECAUSE NOT ONE AMERICAN CAN DEFEND ISRAEL NOR DEBATE ABOUT WHY THEY SIDE WITH ISRAEL! They do it blindly, not all Americans, the Pro-Israel people. Now look what the USA Congress are doing. I have no words for you America. I know many demonstrate against Israel in America, but why all this financial support and blind support?



WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats and Republicans in Congress vowed urgent support Tuesday for a $225 million missile defense package for Israel, boosting the likelihood that legislation will clear Congress before lawmakers begin a monthlong vacation at week’s end. “Let’s stop playing games,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., calling the assistance a necessity for the “life-or-death struggle Israel faces.” Graham and other supporters made their comments as Israel unleashed its heaviest bombardment yet in the four-week war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. At least 1,200 Palestinians have been killed, including more than 100 Tuesday, according to Palestinian health officials. Israel has reported more than 50 soldiers and three civilians killed.

Amid a daily barrage of Palestinian rocket fire, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system has been credited with knocking hundreds of missiles out of the sky. While the Obama administration has pressed for a cease-fire, it also has backed Israel’s desire to replenish its missile defense stockpiles. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel extended Israel’s request to Congress last week. Despite Graham’s admonition, neither Republicans who control the House nor Democrats who command a Senate majority have yet to announce plans for a vote on a stand-alone bill on the issue.

In the House, majority Republicans unveiled a measure to cope with an influx of younger immigrants reaching the United States illegally from Central America, and said funds for Israel would be handled in a separate bill that has yet to be made public. At the White House, press secretary Josh Earnest expressed disappointment at the lack of funding for Israel in the House measure. In the Senate, Democrats have combined money for Israel, border security and wildfire assistance into one measure. But Republicans oppose it because of a disagreement over provisions relating to the immigrants now flooding into the country from the south. Despite the apparent deadlock, there were signs of willingness to compromise.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he was prepared to consider a stand-alone bill providing money for Israel. Across the Capitol, numerous Republican aides said the House would likely pass any legislation the Senate approves on the subject. Despite the potential for compromise on missile defense, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell implicitly criticized the Obama administration for efforts to arrange a ceasefire he said would be imposed on Israel and reward Hamas for a “campaign of terror.” “I support any effort which brings this campaign to an end in a manner that increases Israel’s security,” McConnell said Tuesday. “That means that Hamas cannot be left with a large stockpile of missiles and rockets, cannot be left with infiltration tunnels — they must be destroyed. Hamas cannot be allowed to aggressively rest, refit and build up weapons stockpiles.”