My thoughts on the disgusting Modelling industry – Creating a false illusion


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Many young girls are insecure about how they look, older woman also perhaps. The REALITY of “That girl in that magazine” is this above, and the video below. Share so young girls don’t need to feel bad. All parents should show this video to their Daughters at the appropriate time. That ‘Girl in the Magazine” is actually fake. Here is the proof

This is a blog I did a months ago on ShaunyNews and added it here with a makeover. False beauty is something that can destroy a young girl. She looks at ‘That girl on the cover of a magazine’ and wonders why she is not like the image she is looking at, we as adults must teach our Daughter and Sons to a degree that it’s false. I have to Daughters 4 and 5 and when the time is right and I know they are ready to understand I will show them that video above. Below is what I am talking about. Decent looking people to start with but look what a computer programme can do, it creates false and a false that makes young girls anorexic or bulimic, we must spread this news to these girls. Consumerism I hate anyway, sexual consumerism is the Worst kind










Often when I watch TV the adverts come on and we see many adverts and sex sells right? The chocolate bar the “Flake” The advert for that chocolate bar is almost a woman giving oral sex to a bar of chocolate, have you seen it?

Cadbury’s – Flake – Woman In Canoe – Waterfall – UK Advert
Via Nina Perez on You Tube

1960s Flake Ad – possibly banned
Via Aceditor on You Tube

This video speaks VOLUMES for the point I am making, and again, a superb song

We all know the singer in the Video above, she was bullied at School for being ugly. I don’t know her, some of her videos can be “you know” This one is her speaking from her heart.


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Scotland: Support for same-sex marriage at record high ahead of first wedding


First wedding: Douglas Pretsell and Peter Gloster converted their Scottish civil partnership to a Scottish marriage in Australia


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via:

As someone who was part of the process along with a million more here in Scotland to get our Government to allow Gay marriages I am delighted with this news. I did an article on it when it broke earlier this year. It goes against a Worldwide trend, all over the World people are shocked at this, why? I don’t get it. In the Middle East and North Africa it’s certain death, in many other countries it’s just not liked As a species the 1st World people MUST understand this isn’t going away it will only gain more support. 2nd and 3rd World I don’t know. The only thing I can EVER see getting in the way of the happiness of 2 people is Religion. Religion is the ONLY thing against Gay Marriage yet people still say Religion doesn’t hate or cast stones, I beg to differ

Support for same-sex marriage has reached a record high in Scotland, with more than two-thirds of people agreeing that gay couples should be allowed to tie the knot. A total of 68% believe gay or lesbian couples should have the right to marry, up from just over two-fifths of the public (41%) in 2002.

While same-sex marriage ceremonies cannot take place before December 31, couples who have already entered into a civil partnership can complete the necessary paperwork to convert that to a marriage from Tuesday.

The first couple to make use of the new law were Douglas Pretsell and Peter Gloster, who converted their Scottish civil partnership to a Scottish marriage at the British Consulate in Melbourne, Australia, as soon as the law came into effect at one minute past midnight UK time (11.01am Australian Eastern Daylight Time). Douglas, who is originally from Edinburgh, and Peter, from Melbourne, had a civil partnership in August 2010 at Fenton Tower in North Berwick, East Lothian.

The 47-year-olds said : “We are so proud of Scotland for introducing equal marriage, and we hope that other countries like Australia will soon follow Scotland’s lead.” The new research found a “dramatic shift in the last 12 years towards support for same-sex marriage”, with 35% of people now “strongly agreeing”. The figures from ScotCen Social Research’s Scottish Social Attitudes Survey were released to mark the first same-sex marriages coming into force. The 2014 survey revealed fewer than a fifth (17%) of Scots are against same-sex marriage, compared to 29% in 2002.

Younger people are more likely to believe gay couples should be allowed to wed than older Scots, with 83% of 18 to 24-year-olds in favour compared to 44% of those aged 65 and above. But the research said: “Across all age brackets, support for marriage equality has increased and in fact the attitudes gap between the oldest and youngest has narrowed between 2010 (52 percentage points) and 2014 (39 percentage points).”

While same-sex marriage is most widely supported by those of no religious affiliation (81%), the survey suggested about 60% of those who identified themselves as Christian backed it — with 59% of those questioned who were in the Church of Scotland in agreement as well as 60% of Catholics surveyed and 58% of “other Christians”. However, among those who attend church or another place of worship on a weekly basis, only 33% agreed with same-sex marriage, the 2014 survey found. Rachel Ormston, co-director of social attitudes at ScotCen Social Research said: “Increasingly we are witnessing a consensus in favour of same-sex marriage emerging in Scotland.

“The demographic analysis shows that the vast majority of groups in Scottish society now back the idea. “It’s only among those who attend religious services regularly and the over-65s where a majority remain opposed. “What’s particularly interesting is the shift since 2010. Attitudes within some groups that have been typically more likely to disagree with gay marriage have liberalised considerably over the last four years, and looking at the longer-term trends it seems likely that they will continue to do so.”

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