The Real Day ‘The Rangers’ Died

RIP rangers

The media DID say “R.I.P Rangers” but talk of them as the same team, strange as it is

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ShaunyNews

Monday 13 February 2012 was a day I as a Celtic fan look back to and remember the fun and joy we all had. The coffin the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, everything was just brilliant. It was a time where Celtic were doing well, good times were here and were about to get better, it was a brilliant time to be a Celtic fan.


Monday 13th February 2012 is the day Craig Whyte admitted he had refused to remit the pay-as-you-earn tax deducted from his employees to HMRC, told Edinburgh Court of Session he was giving his notice of their intention to appoint administrators for Rangers FC as we knew them, into Administration. This was the day Rangers died, forget every other event, this was the moment that killed them and to this day still is killing them, and one day soon will see Ibrox and other assets taken by one man who seemed like a knight in shining armour and they will finally be laid to rest. But make no mistake, Craig Whyte’s ability to appoint Duff & Phelps was the day Rangers died, this appointment brought the story to where it was today. Had it been the Blue Knights, it wouldn’t be the story, I think we all know this. What Mr Whyte and through Duff & Phelps did was start a chain of actions that led us to this day, a day where Sevco breath, just, but it could have been oh so different.

The two men who were FORCED to take Rangers to death. We all know this now

Look at Hearts as a model. The administrators gave the club to the correct people. People who had the heart of the club in mind. Hearts are run perfectly now on and off the park. They live with the money they have and we see it on the park how well Hearts are doing. Living with Hearts fans and having so many friends as Hearts fans they all say “This is what Rangers should have done” See not all Hearts fans are Sevco minded. I would say 5% are, the rest of the Hearts supports hate them and their British Flag. Just so people know, it’s a minority, what I am saying is, Hearts will come back to the SPFL better than they left it, Rangers if they do manage to get back up will still be in a bad place


Premature or what?

Premature or what?

Look back to 1994, Celtic were given to the right man, we are alive due to Fergus McCann. There should be a statue of the man outside the ground. North Stand named after him. Celtic could have gone the same way as their Glasgow Rivals, no we never died as Sevco will tell us, we were saved, we paid our bills and what we see today, this huge impossing stadium and all that comes with being a Celtic fan, we thank Fergus, in time I think we will, we have to. McCann acquired a 51% controlling stake in the Celtic Football and Athletic Company Ltd in 1994 for £9.5m, after it became clear that the club was facing bankruptcy. Acting as a guarantor for the club’s £7 million debt, he injected additional finance, floated the club on the London Stock Exchange as a public limited company, Celtic plc, in order to raise capital from a share issue, and oversaw an extensive redevelopment of Celtic Park. He raised £14m in a share issue, and that contributed to funding the rebuilding work of the team and the stadium. By the end, Celtic had 53,000 season ticket holders

His vision we didn't get at the time, we will one day

Strange picture to look at looking back

Back to Rangers, I have read books, articles you name it about Rangers FC and how they died and came back to life as the exact same entity with soul attached. The hate and bitterness was and is still there, but not for long. The day Craig Whyte was allowed to make London-based financial advisers Duff & Phelps the club administrators was key, or ‘The Keys” I know many Rangers fans, decent people, people who put in a fortune more than once to see the same event happen twice, they tell me they wanted the ‘Blue Knights’ for obvious reasons. 4 men have been arrested and I believe another 3 will be, maybe 4 will also be infront of a judge. Duff & Phelps should have, if you are a Rangers fan handed the reigns to the Blue Knights, they didn’t and look, they are dying a slow death, had the Blue Knights got the gig, we would see the same model as Hearts took

£1 - Good luck Craig - We know now this was all a pantomime about to start

The news to take money, well done Duff and Phelps

As expected, there had been several expressions of interest in taking Rangers out of administration. These included so called prospective bids from America and the Far East, were never going to happen, but the act was to look like all avenues of approach were being done correctly. The administrators gave the impression they were trying to sort out which bids were serious and backed by sufficient funds by the end of a period of time. In an implied reference to the Blue Knights consortium, the administrators commented that some prospective buyers had gone to the media but others who were equally serious had not sought publicity. Given that the Blue Knights bid involves supporters’ groups, this for Ranges fans would have been the perfect match. A group of people who didn’t want to rip the club’s flesh for years till it’s final death, a date we won’t know now, but rest assured, it’s coming. I was involved in writing Rangers for a year, I made some friends and some enemies. In the end I got bored, the day I left the Rangers story looking back and then to now, not a lot has changed, they are a carcass being surrounded by many capitalistic vultures

You don't become rich by spending money. He ownes the lot, the keys have been found at last

So now Mike Ashley has Ibrox, Murray park and Albion car park as collateral for his £3 Million in loans to keep ‘The Rangers’ breathing . Many have pointed Edinburgh as being the place where Rangers died, or the decisions were made to make them die. They had to die, the debt would take them under. These days they are called Sevco and not unsurprisingly by the Scottish Media, the same Rangers of old. They got to keep readers and viewers right?

An Image Rangers Fans best get used to

When I look back at my time writing about the death of Rangers it was a lot of fun, I got to meet and talk to people I otherwise would not have. I peddled the St Mirren Story, trust me, that wasn’t too far from coming off. I got too involved, I felt like I was some stupid reporter, my god I can look back and be embarrassed of myself, but I still laugh, I got caught up in moments, happens to the best of us. I remember being in Radio Clyde arguing with Hugh Keevins about the lies coming from the Media. Only the BBC tried to tell ‘Some’ truth through Mark Daly

Thanks to Wealth Offtheradar on You Tube Via BBC TV


Ashley is just the next man to take pickings from a dead club, a club that doesn’t know it’s dead yet, but a few men with the keys now, they know the outcome. As many go before a court over the dealing of the Administration process, Mr Ashley above can do as he pleases. See the plan was to sell the company to one man to the next, thereby losing the paper trail. Plausible deniability is now the story coming from many, the carcuss has been handed over too many times to let it re-grow and tell the truth

So we look back to one day, a day that definded today, there is when ‘The Rangers’ died



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Nelson Mandela said it, we must implement it Scotland


#HopeOverFear is a statement that has become 2nd nature in Scotland over the last year. The Scottish Media should hang their heads in shame. The BBC should hang their heads in shame. So the vote in 10 days is about we as a people in Scotland having no Fear. We must have hope, we must be brave. we as a nation invented the modern World. I say a lot, ‘Let us now go and invent a brilliant better new future’ Scotland we are doing it. The only think stopping a yes vote in 10 days is fear. I urge you once more Scotland. Not give in to the fear being pushed by the no campaign. There will be no Terrorist Attacks on a free Scotland and there will be no Border Guards at the England/Scotland border. Both Miliband and Cameron have since came out and said “We were misquoted” I ask simply, how can someone be stupid enough to not interpret “I will put Border Guards on the border”  Over the next 10 days Scotland we will hear more fear. If Westminster offers us a handful of shillings now, why didn’t they when Cameron signed the ‘Edinburgh ‘Agreement’ Our time is now Scotland. Let’s be bold and brave and give our kids a better life. Give ourselves a living wage not a minimum wage. The amount of reasons to vote Yes are staggering, there are 100’s of reasons to vote Yes, but only a few for no, if we get a no vote. People are voting to KEEP AUSTERITY! HOW DARE THEY? How dare people be selfish and make so my Kids grow up under Tory rule and “Get by” just and no more? I say vote yes and make Scottish History a better more prosperous one. Come on Scotland, the hard work is done, let’s see it through for 10 more days. I have said many times, we can’t be selfish in this vote, this vote is us as a people speaking for our kids and their kids in a 100 years or so from now. We are voting for them and of course us now. If you don’t like Alex Salmond, DON’T VOTE FOR HIM IN 2016! Do what is right Scotland. #HopeOverFear