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I couldn’t reblog this, so I will share and give full credit to for throwing all this together, this probably the biggest and best blog there is on vote fraud we now know the police are looking into on several fronts, none more than Ruth Davidson saying postal votes had been seen and a ‘trend’ was visible. I believe this gave the no camp time to scare people with thousands of calls made to say “vote no” with, what seems threats, fear and lies to old people especially. Anyway, THIS I have blogged it all myself, just not in one place. Enjoy the read, although it may make you angry

Polling Day 18th Sept 2014 & Vote Rigging

Polling Day arrived on 18th Sept. Doors opened at 7am – 10pm. I woke up very early that morning. I can honestly say this was one of the most exciting days of my life. There was hope.  I went to the polling station – mine was Baljaffrey Primary School. No police. Better Together campaigners mind you.  I put my little cross on the paper – should Scotland be an Independent Country – HELL YEAH! The paper – was thin, nothing printed on the back, very odd? I didnt get ID’d either at the polling station. Anyway popped my vote into the box and off I went – hopeful and excited.  Several reports of people showing up to vote only to be told they had ALREADY voted?  Sean McMillian “My cousin went to vote in Stevenston but someone had already voted in her name. Just another example.” Arlene Moran “My friends son went to vote but his vote had already been used they phoned the police but have to report it to the electoral people before they will get involved would this be your local council electoral department ? ” Alan McGillveary : “I personally witnessed two guys turn up to vote no who said their property in the Kelvin ward had already been demolished…How many “phantom” voters in Scotland?” Deceased people getting votes? Minors, under 16 getting votes? Duplicate Votes? Ex-pats living worldwide managing to get votes, often more than one???
My Ballot paper did not look like this – it was thin paper, NOTHING printed on back – no “unique identification number”
Several other people say the same! So how did they get these statistics? How can they tell 65+ voted 75% for NO?

This is a polling card a mother got for her 6 year old son?! A 6 year old could have voted – WHAT? His Passport below……
Polling stations shut 10pm ….. and off to the count 
Now if you live in Scotland – you will know. The media was clearly on the NO side. However the public, the majority were on the YES side. Everywhere you looked there were YES flags, stickers,posters – my friends and family at least 80% YES , and everyone else I spoke to says the same. So the final result came as a MASSIVE SHOCK!
55% Vote NO
45% Vote YES
A statement from Mhairi who was a polling agent at Bannockburn
Posted by RYAN HUNTER in Aberdeen : “I was at the polling station from 7am until the polling station staff left. At 10pm a van turned up and removed signs and the individual polling desks within the polling stations. There was a bus with the driver and 3 or 4 people wearing high visibility vests. The polling station staff boarded the bus. As they were doing so I took a pic” Location :  Danestone congregational church, Aberdeen (Fairview street) First Bus : September 18, 2014 10:14:07PM
1.Did you all know that ballot papers were not picked up under secure conditions? Just some person with no security or surveillance???
2. Riot police cleared everyone from the royal mile at 3am what did they know that none of us knew? Places had licenses to stay open till 5am!
3. Reports all over the place of people working the system to have vote even though they don’t stay here but they have property they rent out.
4. Postal votes have went missing.
5. Big rush on housing market of houses up for sale.
6. Cameron and crew didn’t have any plans for a yes vote….. how confident is that?
7.Bets in Scotland from the people for yes vote were in majority…
8. Possible vote tinkering caught on film….
9.countless stories of intimidation
11 Two evacuations in Dundee… how handy but I still believe most of the rigging went on at a lot of the polling stations before our votes were treated like crap I.e no security any old person and any old van.
and a fact just out of old Scottish humour more than 70% of Scotland depressed….
Watch these two videos Have been told this is a Russian video but it shows if it can happen there it can happen here!
Dundee had 2 fire alarms go off, and rooms evacuated for 20 minutes – ballot boxes sitting in room with no supervision.
There was no seals with numbers at Blairhal there was no numbers on the cable ties
A man from Helensburgh and Lomond posted this….
“I’ve just heard via my mother who’s friend was working at one of the counting stations that she witnessed ballot boxes being destroyed and has video evidence and is going to the police with it folks this is actually unbelievable
No Yes Votes, really?
Marc Pat makes a statement about Vote Rigging
Statement from Joyce Armour – who was a polling assistant!
I am posting this photo from the count in Aberdeen..I have circled adjudication place mats on the counting tables..enumerators DO NOT Adjudicate doubtful votes!!!!
Its not possible to pour papers out & for them to come out into a neat bundle like this 
Fife – How can they come out boxes with elastic bands already on?
This was posted in Aug on BT facebook – HOW would they have known 65% of postal votes are no? The postal votes weren’t opened until 18th along with rest?

Ruth Davidson admits Better Together were sampling postal votes

Yes papers on the No Table???
They declared 130,000 + in West Lothian yes? so while we wondering what happened to all the votes in Glasgow and Dundee, West Lothian gained an extra 11,000 from … somewhere!
Quote Mark McNaught ; “I was at the Glasgow vote count and it’s easy to see how the vote could have been rigged. It took place in the cavernous Emirates arena. There were tables spread out over hundreds of metres where observers could walk around and watch the counters separate into yes and no stacks and put them into bundles. I walked around looking over the shoulders of people who were doing informal marking and it looked a blowout for yes. A guy with a computer was tabulating the informal surveys and it looked at least 60-40 for yes in Glasgow. I think the official tally was 53-47. The stacks were put in boxes in the packs which was off limits to anyone. Yes stacks could have been put in no stacks easily. This would have been done by election officials rather than counters. This was in Glasgow where there was more monitoring. Smaller constituencies were even more prone to manipulation. An internationally observed recount needs to take place, if they haven’t already burned the ballots.”

Both Dundee and Glasgow may have voted yes but the figures did not match expectations. Nor did the vote turnout. There is no way this vote was rigged by clerks miscounting, spoiling papers etc. That is not how vote rigging is done.

The most used methods are
1) Scaring the people into an establishment vote, often by violence, sometimes by fear.
2) Swapping ballot papers in large numbers: eg; in an area predominantly for a particular choice, whole boxes would be swapped containing mainly establishment vote.
3) Whole boxes of votes from anti establish enemy areas completely removed and the registers altered to make this look like a lower turnout.
4) Falsifying voters roll – not a likely option, yields a poor return for high risk
The above would require poor security from polls to count or possible temporary evacuation of a polling area for something like a fire scare !
All changing would be done by govt agents eg MI5 not by clerks.
However they would encourage lots of opportunity for vote rigging allegations to be made. When these prove to be nonsense/irrelevant it makes all further accusations seem ridiculous and desperate.
If this vote is rigged it is a long time planned. The clauses re recount/vote in Edinburgh agreement are odd ! No exit poll is also odd !
Bookies paying out early- despite close polls is bizarre and requires fraud squad investigation.
Also – BT announced in AUG that 65% of postal votes were a NO? How would they have possibly known this?
Another little known fact – all postal votes were sent to England first, then back to Scotland? Why?

A Statement from Theresa MacGillivray  “My London based neighbours, who use their Scottish house for Christmas Easter, weekends and part of the summer, (some members of which own property in London and haven’t lived here for years) voted by post, using their Scottish “holiday” home as their address

A statement from Sharon McDonald : “I would like to offer the following observation. I was an enumerator at the referendum vote count on behalf of Renfrewshire Council. The Returning Officer was David Martin, Chief Executive of Renfrewshire Council. 
The vote counting was finished at 2.30am. What then happened appeared to be a mystery to me. 
Mr. Martin and his assistants in suits seemed to be in a flap. This consisted of staring at laptops in front of those who were responsible for collating results and strong words were obviously exchanged. 
As time marched on Mr. Martin paced around the hall rather nervously.
Then there was more meetings up a corridor out of view.
There was one lady with a laptop who it appeared was responsible for collating all the the votes but something wasn’t going well.
She was taken away by one of Mr.Martin’s assistants, out of view of the public, only to return and disconnect her laptop and leave the hall with it under her arm.
Mr.Martin still paced the floor looking uneasy talking to what looked liked aides.
As time passed from 2.30am until declaration time (4.52am) there were visible signs that those in charge weren’t happy with something.
During this process there were observers watching everything that the enumerators were doing but not what was being carried out by those recording on the laptops.
From 2.30am until 4.52am the reason we were given for non declaration was to wait for a TV slot….
I would like my friends to share this to see if there’s any similar experiences, thanks

Quote: ‘These boxes were driven in cars by people on their own. These people were those who also had access to spare tags. We are not insinuating that anyone of these three people would have tampered with the boxes but if this is the system country wide we have a major problem’.

Independence Climber “Last night we challenged the presiding officer regarding the transporting of ballot boxes in single manned cars. Our ballot box was not an issue as it went straight from the hall into the van with the guys to take it to be counted. They had to wait until three personal cars arrived with boxes from other areas. These boxes were driven in cars by people on their own. These people were those who also had access to spare tags. We are not insinuating that anyone of these three people would have tampered with the boxes but if this is the system country wide we have a major problem. When asked what the rules were, she replied, “I do not have that level of information. You will need to wait until tomorrow. It doesn’t matter now anyway. It is too late.” Naturally we were shocked at her attitude and also her lack of understanding of the legal process. We wrote out a statement. Apologies. It was dark. She also made some corrections. I witnessed all three vehicles but the group of us only witnessed two. Hence we only refer to two. The process was the same for the third. I heard her ask the female in one vehicle, “Are you alone?” To which the person replied, ” No, someone followed me but they’ve gone now.” We saw her arrive without escort. The second driver was not asked the question despite also being alone. Why ask if it is not protocol? Someone her is lying or not doing things correctly. Not happy at all. Not sour grapes. Just facts. Made us all feel sick last night.”

NO – 1,914,187
YES – 1,539,920
Why did 1 million people not vote who were registered?
= 3.4Million people
4.3 Million registered to vote
WHAT GIVES? Why go to all that effort of registering and then not vote?
Why that many?
Where are these votes?
And then come the stories :
My in laws went into the council office in Skye and asked for a postal vote (they did this in August) as they would be on holiday. They left on 11th Sept & postal votes never arrived. I phoned up about it & was told they had never registered? They sat and registered in person in the council offices, and the form was faxed for them by the council officer? How is this that they never got their votes? They also said every 2nd house in Skye had YES posters up , yet Skye said NO to Independence! Doesnt make sense.
Note this above & this post from twitter
My friend Tricia McDermott – said her Mum’s postal vote never showed up either. 
Russia has said the conduct of the Scottish referendum “did not meet international standards”, with its observers complaining the count took place in rooms that were too big and that the procedure was badly flawed.
Russia Cries Foul – The Guardian 
“Russia has said the conduct of the Scottish referendum “did not meet international standards”, with its observers complaining the count took place in rooms that were too big and that the procedure was badly flawed. In an apparent attempt to mirror persistent western criticism of Russia’s own elections, Igor Borisov – an accredited observer – said the poll failed to meet basic international norms. Borisov and three other Russians arrived in Edinburgh on Wednesday evening, the state news agency Ria Novosti reported. The team from Moscow’s Public Institute of Suffrage watched voting take place in the Scottish capital and the surrounding area. It also met with Scottish politicians, voters and representatives from non-governmental organisations, Ria said. Borisov said he was unimpressed by what he saw. He said the room where he watched the count on Thursday night was a cavernous “aircraft hangar” next to an airfield. It was difficult to see what was going on, he said, adding: “The hangar is approximately 100m by 300m. There are tables, with voting papers stacked upon them, but the observers are stuck around the perimeter. Even if you want to, it’s impossible to tell what’s happening. It’s also unclear where the boxes with ballot papers come from.” Borisov said the US state department, the UK and other western countries loudly hectored the Kremlin about Russia’s supposed democratic deficiencies. But in this instance, he said, London and Edinburgh had not “fully met” the requirements of a proper referendum.
 “Nobody was interested in who was bringing in the voting slips. There were no stamps or signatures as the bulletins were handed over,” he said”
Just remember – we have oil. Westminster needs Scotland – Scotland is too big an asset therefore for them to simply let go & will do everything under the sun to make sure we cant leave. 

Police Investigate Illegal Postal Ballot Claims

Ballot Box_608x376


Police are assessing allegations that agents for the pro-union campaign breached election law by “taking tallies” of postal ballots in the weeks before the Scottish independence referendum poll. A complaint was made to the Electoral Commission following comments made by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson after the polls closed last Thursday. She said Better Together campaigners were “incredibly encouraged” by what they had seen at sample postal ballot openings. Ms Davidson said: “We’ve had people at every sample opening around the country over the last few weeks while that’s been coming in. We’ve been incredibly encouraged by the results from that.

“Different local authorities have had openings around the country. “It is illegal to discuss any of that while any ballot is ongoing, so until 10 o’clock tonight no-one could talk about it. “But there’s people in the room that have been sampling those ballot boxes as they’ve been opened, and they’ve been taking tallies and their reports have been very positive for us.” Postal ballot openings are held to verify that the ballots are genuine and that the signature and date of birth given along with the ballots match official records. 

The Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013 states that ballots must be kept face down during the process and precautions must be taken to prevent anyone from seeing the votes made. Ruth Davidson admitted LIVE on TV votes were seen, so it gave the Pro-Unionist’s the know how where to attack and scare. BANG! Got them! 

Agents for the campaigns are allowed to attend but are bound by the act not to “attempt to ascertain at the proceedings in connection with the receipt of the ballot papers the outcome for which any vote is given in any particular ballot paper or communicate any information with respect thereto obtained at those proceedings.” A spokeswoman for the Electoral Commission confirmed that it had received a complaint about the matter. The body has no remit to investigate breaches of electoral law and police were subsequently made aware.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said complaints were being assessed.

I ask EVERYONE to send everything they think suspicious to the police, big or small. They are onto ‘something’, I got this Article and sent it to Police

She admitted boxes were opened and counted, should not have happened

She admitted boxes were opened and counted, should not have happened

I was one to complain regarding this by Ruth Davidson from the Tory Party.


Another on alleged vote irregularities

Another on alleged vote irregularities

Scotland Independence Worse Than Year 2,000 Bush Vs Gore Election Fraud


Huge Vote

Huge Vote

Why did 1 million people not vote who were registered? – VIDEO PROOF CHEATING