See it?

See it?

By @ShaunyNews

I added this as a picture but I don’t think I explained what it was I saw and only one person has so far. Look at the time the BBC changed the page, the updated it 5 MINUTES after publishing it! See the first one was the BBC saying “Being Scottish” is a thing to be, a way of being! They then rushed to change the headline to “UK” Ebola nurse! So people all over Scotland were from the UK. See this is the propaganda right here. Make no mistake this isn’t just some wrong worded article by the BBC. They knew within 5 minutes they may upset their London masters. Saying “Scot’s Ebola Nurse” would give Scottish people a passionate feeling of being Scottish, so they edited that out.


Guys and Gal’s IT’S THE SMALL DETAIL we must look at. We have to take this for EXACTLY what this was by BBC Scotland. Look, it’s right there.  They gave “Scottish People” and deleted them, you and I, to being from the “UK” They nearly gave Scotland, you and I and identity. See it now?

I am glad the woman pulled through, all said, that was the most important thing here, she got better from Ebola. But guys, SEE! This is what they do. LOOK AT IT! Share it, share the meaning. We must see it now. This is UTTER PROPAGANDA against Scotland. Not some ‘Stupid mi-type’ Wake up people. We MUST vote SNP or Yes people into Hollyrood or we will forever have an identity places upon us from the very people we pay and before we know, like the USA we are living in a semi-Fascist state.



It’s the small detail! Share this, share the meaning, please guys!! 

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Labour facing electoral wipe out in Scotland as support for the SNP surges to record high



 @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via Various news agencies, links below

A few articles I have done lately. I do believe a new referendum will be 2017, Salmond and Nicola have played a BLINDER! Jim Murphy being made the new “Branch Manager” of Scottish Labour has seen a HUGE surge AGAIN in the SNP. Membership figures must be close to 100,000 now. We could see a 90% controlled Hollyrood, we get that, Alex plays ball with Labour in a coalition, Scotland gets what we were promised and more. As I keep saying ‘Watch this space’

A new poll has put support for the SNP in the UK general election in May at a record high. The Survation poll of 1,001 people for the Daily Record found that 48% of people would vote for the party in a Westminster election, with Labour trailing on 24%.

Support for the Conservatives was at 16%, 5% backed the Lib Dems while 4% would vote for Ukip and 1% for the Greens. The SNP also continues to dominate Holyrood voting intentions, with the party’s Scottish Parliament constituency vote rising to 51%, more than double Labour’s 25% support. The poll was the first in the series to be carried out after the election of Jim Murphy as Scottish Labour leader. Survation found that for 14% of those questioned Mr Murphy’s leadership made them more likely to vote Labour, while 18% said they were less likely to do so and 57% said it made no difference.


First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said: “This is a great early Christmas present for the SNP – our best ever Survation poll rating for a UK General Election, as well as being over 50% for the Scottish Parliament constituency vote for the first time. “I warmly welcome this poll, but we take absolutely nothing for granted – and the hard work begins in the new year to ensure that we achieve a strong group of SNP MPs to give Scotland the strongest possible voice at Westminster. “That way, we can use our influence to bring an end to austerity economics, make Scotland free of Trident nuclear weapons, and get the powers Scotland needs to build a fairer society and more prosperous economy.”

Angus Robertson, the party’s general election campaign director, said: “The poll shows that Jim Murphy has had a ‘reverse honeymoon’ as leader of Labour in Scotland – with the SNP stretching our lead even further since he took up the post. On these figures, Labour would even lose Mr Murphy’s seat.”The poll shows that more people are actually less likely to vote Labour under his leadership than more likely – it indicates that Johann Lamont’s admission that Labour in Scotland are just a ‘branch office’ of Westminster has hit home and is widely understood across Scotland.”


Mr Murphy stressed his party was changing, saying: ” We are one week into a new leadership team and really determined to change. We are rewriting the party’s constitution so that decisions about Scotland are made here in Scotland. The days of the Scottish Labour leader having to ask the party in London about things are gone and gone for good.” He added: ” I want Scotland to not only be the fairest part of the UK but the fairest country in the world. That’s why we will increase the taxes of the richest Scots to pay for our NHS and schools. “During the referendum Scotland was divided between Yes or No. But in the general election most Scots will be united in wanting to get David Cameron out of Downing Street. The choice Scots will face next year is between sending SNP MPs to the House of Commons to protest against the Tories, or Scottish Labour MPs who will remove the Tories. Voting SNP or Green in 2015 could accidentally keep the Tories in power.”


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Trainspotting Actor Peter Mullan Hits Out At ‘Bullying’ Scottish Referendum No Campaign

Many more are seeing the lies and fear being spread!! At the right time

Many more are seeing the lies and fear being spread!! At the right time

More people are having a REAL go at the No campaign, the BBC and other political liars, THANKFULLY we Scot’s are too smart to take in the lies. So we share the lies on Social media. Back in 1979 when we were lied to in the same circumstances of where we are now, we believed Westminster. Now with Social Media lies and anger and mistruth’s are shared almost right away. Yes Scotland see the lies, we have had enough, so has Peter!


Trainspotting actor actor Peter Mullan has hit out at “scaremongering” by anti-Scottish independence campaigners, branding it “deeply insulting and very patronising”. Mullan, who played Swanney in Danny Boyle’s 1996 film Trainspotting, made the comments as he campaigned for a Yes vote in Glasgow with Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. His comments came in the wake of reports that shoppers could have to pay higher prices if Scotland votes for independence next week, and that banks and financial institutions such as Royal Bank of Scotland could move to London.

Alex Salmond has accused the UK treasury of trying to smear the Yes campaign by confirming RBS’s plans to journalists. Actor Mullan, who also starred in Children of Men, is Scottish and described himself as a ‘lifelong supporter’ of independence. He said: “The scaremongering of the last few days was hardly surprising, it wasn’t unexpected. “We all knew that they were going to throw the kitchen sink at us and now they’re basically ripping apart the entire kitchen, it’s plates, cups, saucers, knives, forks, they’re throwing at us. “It makes me angry because it is bullying of the highest order and it is intolerable.

Mullan played Swanney in Trainspotting

Mullan played Swanney in Trainspotting

“In fact it is getting wearisome, every day you wake up and it’s like ‘what will they come up with today, what will they dream up about this catastrophe that will befall us all?’ “It’s deeply insulting and very patronising, this notion that all of us, for the last 2,000 years, hadn’t realised how useless a country we were, how we were incapable of doing anything and how, if as part of a democratic process we choose to determine our own fate, our own destiny, then we are looking towards complete economic meltdown. I find that really insulting. The actor and director said he had never understood why Scotland “didn’t run our own affairs”.  He added: “It was just like an instinct. It’s like breathing. This is something we should never be having to ask ourselves, whether we control our own country.” He also said a Yes vote would be “huge” for Scotland’s arts and cultural sector, claiming: “It will be massive, it will unleash a huge level of creativity we couldn’t even have dreamt of 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago. The confidence it will give to the creatives in our country is incalculable.” While polls increasingly suggest the contest between pro and anti independence campaigners is too close to call, Mullan insisted: “I think it’s going to be a Yes. “When people go into that little booth and they see that very simple question, I really believe a lot of folk who are undecided, when they really think about it, when they go with their heart and their head, I think they will vote Yes.”

Mullan says the No campaign is "bullying"

Mullan says the No campaign is “bullying”