SNP – Disabled children going hungry due to welfare cuts

03_21-ipad_carousel-retouched_0By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews – A new report showing that almost a third of families with disabled children are forced to go without food highlights the ‘shocking’ impact of Westminster’s welfare cuts, the SNP is saying today – and comes on the day that the SCVO have demanded the transfer of welfare powers to Scotland.

The report by Contact a Family surveyed more than 320 families with disabled children in Scotland – finding that 29 per cent had been unable to buy food and that 34 per cent had been unable to heat their home.

The survey also showed that around a third of families are going without specialist equipment for their children – and 9 per cent had been unable to attend medical appointments due to increases in transport costs.

The report comes as the SCVO demanded that the Westminster parties agree to the full devolution of welfare powers to the Scottish Parliament to allow action to address poverty and protect the most vulnerable people in society – as supported by the vast majority of people in Scotland.

Earlier this week research from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) showed that disabled adults are also losing out at the hands of Westminster – as average payments for disabled people through the Access to Work scheme are around £700 less than the UK average.

Commenting, SNP MSP Kevin Stewart said:

“This is an absolutely shocking report which confirms the appalling effect Westminster’s welfare cuts agenda is having on vulnerable people and their families across Scotland.

“That almost a third of families with disabled children in a wealthy country like Scotland are going hungry as a result of Westminster’s cuts is nothing less than a scandal. And with even more cuts coming down the line from George Osborne the situation is only going to get worse.

“Westminster has shown time and time again that it can’t be trusted on welfare. It is now abundantly clear that full powers over welfare should be in Scotland’s hands – rather than in the hands of a Westminster establishment engaged in a systematic assault on the poorest people in society.

“Charities, third sector organisations and the majority of people in Scotland are united in demanding that these powers are delivered to Scotland – and with Westminster’s track record it is not difficult to see why.

“With the ‘extensive’ new powers over welfare and the economy promised to us we can take action to make Scotland a fairer place for everyone who lives here – and can ensure that disabled children and their families are treated with the respect they deserve.”


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