My Pre-match Superbowl XLIX – Seattle Vs New England – From a Scottish ‘Soccer’ Manager/Coach


By @ShaunyNews

Now this should be fun! I do weekly Pre-match reports and after game reports as well as random articles on players, the team ect for Glasgow Celtic Football Club vie The Celtic Network on ‘Football’ I won’t call it ‘Soccer’ as 95% of Earth call it Football, the other 5% comes from the USA who call it Soccer. American Football is a sport I have watched,  I know the rules, but it’s boring! In reality only 12 minutes of actual game time is played as the rest is a turn around, in-between plays etc. I watch Gridiron and I get bored very easy. When you watch Football and report on it and it’s been your life for 30 years, it becomes easy! I read a few REAL Super Bowl reports and apart from players I understood it well, sport is sport, tactics are tactics, sadly, just my opinion, American Football is just too slow, I know the Super Bowl is a whole different thing, it’s when people pay ridiculous amounts of money to have a half time advert on TV.

The problem with the Super bowl is simple, it’s too Hollywood.  It is a money maker 1st and a sport 2nd. I speak to a few guys from all over the USA, some like American football, others don’t, many like Basketball, Baseball or the NHL. The only sport I can say I enjoy are NFL games, it’s end to end, never stops and is enjoyable, the only issue I have with the NHL is players fighting, I know it’s part of the game but does it not come into the kids game?

From where I sit Seattle Seahawks are the favourite, and the betting on it seems to show they are favourites to win the game, but like any sport, when the main prize is on offer, when it really matters, some players fall into the lights showing the game, floodlights we call them here, or a Rabbit caught in the headlight. I always asked my players to NEVER play the occasion, sure, take it in before, warming up must happen, but lap up the experience of a big game there. Once the game starts it’s the team who have more focus on the day who win, you win as a team, you lose as a team, this is the fact on team sport Worldwide.

We often mock American football as a game for cowards, the amount of protective gear worn is unreal, I am sure some big dude hitting you on the run at 15Mph will hurt regardless. But when we compare American football to Rugby and Aussie Rules, we see these guys are as rough as American football players, often worse, but wear no protection, here let me show you


NFL vs Rugby Hits
Via Nick Molinari on You Tube

NFL vs AFL (Australian Football League)
Via TKforthewin on You Tube

So good luck to the fans of both teams, I might watch the full game or highlights when in the morning. It never really caught on here. There is a European League for American style football, many US  young kids who are heading for stardom are sent over here to learn to play against adults, some do well, shine and go home to make it good and make a lot of money, some go home and get farmed out more than a cow in a farm. It’s the same in all team sports when you send a young kid out on trial, as we call it here

Give me ‘Fitbaw’ Scottish for Football ANY DAY. It’s something I love, know, understand and it was a HUGE part of my life. Football is more tribal, 150 years+  old and has more meaning to the fans. I think so anyway, you tell me

25 Of The Worst Fouls and Tackles In Football.
Via xBackoftheNetx on You Tube

The dirty side of Old Firm: Fights, Red Cards, Dives & Fouls!
Via Football Side of Things on You Tube

My Team, who I write about – Celtic FC – Goal of the season 2012/2013
Via Celtic FC on You Tube

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Rangers have 3 weeks of money left as the story takes a new twist – As TCN Re-opens

Are we ready for a re-run?

Are we ready for a re-run?

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

My source played for, many clubs in Scotland. He managed one of these teams in the 1990’s, and was a youth coach with Rangers till they died. He was my son’s coach for 2 seasons. I can’t and won’t say his name. He has been capped for Scotland also, he also appeared for a brief moment in Rangers colours in the movie A Shot at Glory which also starred Ally McCoist, Brian Cox, Michael Keaton and Owen Coyle and many other Scottish football players making an appearance

Well, we had a chat me and this chap. He has ear’s to many people in his role in Scottish Football. He is a “Liked guy” within the halls of the SFA. I wouldn’t say he was a brown nose (Not blue nose) but he does what he has to do in order to put a roof above his family’s home and feed them. Same as ANY other football guy, they are like you and I, they go where the best money is. Also I hear the SFA are trying very hard to keep this all hush hush and have TOLD certain media to say nothing. I wonder what the price was, if true of course. There is still that conflict of interest with Rangers the SFA with Campbell Ogilvie, an issue I am told would see the removal of Mr Ogilvie in any other league on EARTH

Looking back this was all to familiar, might be me

Looking back this was all too familiar, might be me

Mike Ashley gets funding from Laxey Partners, based in the Isle of Man They have told Mr Ashley that in no uncertain terms will they allow one more penny, yes a penny, to be put the way of Sevco. We all know people in business, like Charles Green, Craig Whyte/White use different names, sometimes just a middle name sometimes not, they use a spouses name. Check this, anything come to mind? and Others with better contacts than I can go over this and find what they need. I was once, with help from another, a good man, very close to getting a direct link between David Murray and Charles Green while Murray still owned the deeds. We were either 2 web pages away or a million, we really don’t know, but we were close I think. I won’t spend hours researching this anymore. 

The day Rangers DID actually die and a plan on a grand scale to keep Rangers alive began

The day Rangers DID actually die and a plan on a grand scale to keep Rangers alive began

BUT..With TCN to make a comeback with a brand new website with the boss Wullie taking over again, we may decide to look further and get a certain someone to say more. Also, you can follow the new TCN @CelticNetwork15 So it is brilliant news TCN will be back, all new and shiny 😀 I can’t wait , it will be amazing fun, I know the plans and a few stories that will be worked on, and a HUGE story to kick off with, in-fact. a MASSIVE STORY to make a comeback with, you will see, follow Wullie there, please, you won’t regret it

Well I am told Sevco, Rangers whatever you want to call them are 3 weeks away from being unable to function. They have no viable money to take from anyone. Ashley is being monitored by the SFA for duel club ownership or dealings. Rangers may try a mid-season ticket sale, but I am told this is not going to save them. So by the end of December the pot is really empty. Maybe Ashley’s loans were to help them till the Blue Knight’s came back or someone else. Remember a  Kieran Prior? A London financier who offered Charles Green mid August 2013 34 and 34.5 pence for Green’s five million penny shares. Well his name was mentioned. I am told Brian Kennedy has washed his hands with the current Rangers board. There are two brothers as we all know on the Rangers board who have ‘Whatever’ power, Sandy and James Easdale are in for self preservation. We are told by the media the Rangers board knocked back David King’s bid because they didn’t know if King would then get the Blue Knights in and reshuffle the game again.I don’t think we were told the full truth, the SFA ‘Might’ know, I am speculating yeah?

Why would Mr Prior come into play now?

Why would Mr Prior come into play now?

See the paper trail from David Murray signing over ownership of Rangers to Craig Whyte to now is almost impossible to trace back, this was of course done on purpose. The police have made 4 arrests and placed 2 arrest warrants out for Mr Whyte/White. I hear 2 maybe 3 more ‘may’ be arrested. So it looks like by January 1st Rangers won’t have a proverbial pot to urinate in. Many with much more info on all this will know more, if I have said something new please, go ahead and look. 

Well you all kinda did

Well you all kinda did

I have no reason to not trust my source. 



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