Are our brains like computers with a ‘Recycle Bin’?


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ok, stick with me here reader. I have just slept 31 hours after being awake for 29, this is the Causality of Fibromyalgia, there is NOTHING I can do to change it. When asleep I go past R.M Sleep And into a deeper state of sleep that science has told me is called ‘Paralysed sleep’ it means my dreams are so real my body could act out what I am dreaming, it’s way past sleep walking, so much deeper. When you see someone sleeping and their eyes are moving this is  as close to what I am trying to explain is. When we sleep and our eyes are moving madly we are in DEEP RM Sleep. I go to a place deeper than even my Dr or Pain team can understand. I have had it most of my life and when I am asleep I am not in agony, so I like to sleep, but not too much I want to see my family.

This is very hard to type but each time I sleep for these periods of time, 30+ hours I feel like I have been somewhere for a day, I feel like the dream was so real then I ask is what I am doing right now, typing on my PC with music hammering through my head on my Sennheiser headset any more real or unreal? Awake can be as real as asleep to me. Something that started as a kid. It confused me but I always spoke to one person about this, to this day I still speak to that person, my dad. He understands, if he isn’t understanding he will listen anyway. I say “When I am asleep it’s like I leave earth on a voyage into space” He says “I understand”

So what is this? What is knocking me out for 35 hours sometimes. I sleep so deep I can have both my Daughters jumping on me, my sons shaking me or Dawn playing loud music inches from my ear and I don’t bat an eyelid, I am too deep in sleep to be part of the living here. When I do awake for 20/30 minutes I think I am dreaming because the dream was so real


I just awoke to a dreams of memories from my childhood, they were as vivid to me then as this is now. I remembered things my brain in an awake state could not. So I am asking, are our brains like a computer in a bigger sense than Science will have us believe. Where do these old memories awaked Shaun can see? Are they stored in some Recycle bin of info that never gets deleted?




These four types of brain waves, and others discussed below, are important criteria that have been used to define four distinct stages of non-REM sleep. Obviously, falling into a deeper and deeper sleep as the night progresses is actually a gradual, continuous process, but these four stages still provide a convenient means of describing the relative depth of non-REM sleep.

Stage 1 non-REM sleep begins when you first lie down and close your eyes. After a few sudden, sharp muscle contractions in the legs, the muscles relax. Then, as you continue falling asleep, the rapid beta waves of wakefulness are replaced by the slower alpha waves of someone who is relaxed with their eyes closed. Soon, the even slower theta waves begin to emerge.

Though your reactions to stimuli from the outside world diminish, Stage 1 is still the phase of sleep from which it is easiest to wake someone up. In experiments where people are awakened from Stage 1 sleep and asked about their state of consciousness, they usually report that they had just fallen asleep or had been in the process of doing so. They also often report having had stray thoughts and short dreams. Each period of Stage 1 sleep generally lasts 3 to 12 minutes,

Stage 2 non-REM sleep is a stage of light sleep in which the frequency of the EEG trace decreases further while its amplitude increases. The theta waves characteristic of Stage 2 sleep are interrupted by occasional series of high-frequency waves known as sleep spindles. These bursts of activity have a frequency of 8 to 14 Hz and an amplitude of 50 to 150 µV. Sleep spindles generally last 1 to 2 seconds. They are generated by interactions between thalamic and cortical neurons.

During Stage 2 sleep, the EEG trace may also show a fast, high-amplitude wave form called a K-complex. The K-complex seems to be associated with brief awakenings, often in response to external stimuli.

People in Stage 2 sleep are unlikely to react to a light or a noise, unless it is extremely bright or loud. It is still possible to awaken them, even if they then report that they were really sleeping during the 10 to 20 minutes that this stage lasts during the earliest of the night’s sleep cycles. But because people go through Stage 2 sleep several times during the cycles in a night, this is the stage in which adults spend the greatest proportion of their sleep–nearly 50% of the total time that they sleep each night.

Stage 3 non-REM sleep marks the passage from moderately to truly deep sleep. Delta waves appear and soon account for nearly half of the waves in the EEG trace. Sleep spindles and K-complexes still occur, but less often than in Stage 2. The greater activity observed in the electro-oculogram (EOG) trace during stages 3 and 4 reflects the greater amplitude of EEG activity in the prefrontal areas, rather than movements of the eyes.Stage 3 lasts about 10 minutes during the first sleep cycle of the night but accounts for only about 7% of a total night’s sleep. During Stage 3, the muscles still have some tonus, and sleepers show very little response to external stimuli unless they are very strong or have a special personal meaning (for example, when someone calls your name, or when a baby cries within earshot of its mother).
Stage 4 non-REM sleep is the deepest, the one in which we sleep the most soundly. The EEG trace is dominated by delta waves, and overall neuronal activity is at its lowest. The brain’s temperature is also at its lowest, and breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure are all reduced under the influence of theparasympathetic nervous system.In adults, Stage 4 lasts about 35 to 40 minutes during the first sleep cycle of the night; it accounts for 15 to 20% of total sleep time in young adults. The muscles still have their tonus, and some movements of the arms, legs, and trunk are possible. This is the stage of sleep that accomplishes most of the body’s repair work and from which it is most difficult to wake someone up. This is also the stage of sleep in which children may have episodes of somnambulism (sleepwalking) and night terrors.




The Human brain, like the wires inside a computer



I know most of this people will read and think “Who is this nut job” But writing isn’t just about news or views it’s about life also. I see a World scared to talk, scared to open up, terrified that the World will see the truth and or know the real them. I say this is a great pity. For me I ask is the awakened World, this one, any less or real than the dream world many of us can reach?

I have put myself forward for RM Sleep dream programmes and hope to do them soon. It means staying in Hospital for a few days but I truly want to understand the difference between the real and unreal. I guess my whole life has been a quest for knowledge. Now disabled and at the mercy of Medication it would be easy to say “Shaun you are on Medication” Well my Medication wears off 10 hours into my sleep, so the next 20+ hours of sleep are real and pure and for me true and real. I was born 3 months premature in 1973, I had several accidents with electricity. I just dreamt them! I must have been 3 years old and I stuck a knife into the wall socket, knife broken, Shaun ok. I stuck a knife into a toaster, Shaun 1-0 Toaster. I was fine. I was pushed down 10/15 marble stairs by Bruce the Great Dane dog we had, I was fine. My Mum was running with me in the buggy, she hit the curb and I went flying head first into concrete, I am positive my Mum told me this story and she had tied me in. So many times I should have been dead or injured yet I was fine. So is this why I am in pain today? I need to know. I also have an unreal thirst for Religion the Bible and God, I believe in God but the rest I can’t. 20 years ago had I said that out loud it would have got a laugh, today I don’t care, and for me that is the trick of living, STOP CARING WHAT OTHERS THINK! The past is the past and we do go there, it’s human nature. What I am going through I have a few friends who go through similar or have went through it. I can testify to one thing, I have my mind, it is mind, I love my family and don’t care what people think 🙂 It’s a great place to be. It is like being free from society and it rules, try it

I can’t explain it this any better



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