USA: Obamacare Opens Its Doors Again to Fund ‘Abortions’ With Your Tax Dollars


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ShaunyNews

First I can’t believe you pay a fine if you don’t have ‘Medical Insurance’ and also there is an ‘Abortion Tax” America you are being bent over a bench and screwed. They are coming for your pensions next. I will add a video here by George Carlin and he is 100% correct, from the grave he is telling us all what America is in 2014, it’s a big club for the wealthy who don’t care about the poor. This comes on the back of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber of MIT health economist saying on record. in a video on the link an inch below “We Passed the Law Thanks to the ‘Stupidity of the American Voter” I mean how much more of this can one country take? I actually agree, I think Obamacare should fund abortion, it will fund everything else and America, you will pay no matter what, this is the new way. Fines for breathing will be next, seriously, you guys best do something, shout, scream, call the police (NO, SUGAR LUMPS, DON’T DO THAT) DO SOMETHING AMERICA…This lad here, speaking from the grave is 100% correct. He is a comedian, people laugh, but I hope people also get the message. Being a singer or a comedian gives you a free pass to tell the truth, and this is good. 1 Minute 10 Seconds in is SPOT ON!

Obamacare Architect: We Passed the Law Thanks to the ‘Stupidity of the American Voter’


Later this week the federal and state exchanges created under Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, will open for their second year of operation. After last year’s rugged rollout, with extremely expensive web sites that functionedobamacare6 poorly, the Obama Administration has invested millions more in fixing the federal site,, and is promising better performance. It is far from clear that this improvement will happen, and in the area of abortion coverage nothing is clear at all.

Replying to a media question at a recent session with Obamacare allies in Washington, D.C., Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell addressed whether the second year of health care exchanges to be unveiled this November 15 will include information on whether each plan covers abortion on demand. “With regard to the question of this open enrollment,” Burwell mused, “working through the plans that are in place, for the most part, we’re finalizing those plans. So in terms of how the communication is going to work, we’ll have to see how quickly we can get the communication out and where we are.” “We’ll have to see” doesn’t sound reassuring.

The rolling dismissal of the Obama Administration for basic matters of transparency is regrettable.  Lest anyone forget, the Affordable Care Act was passed in early 2010.  A central issue that roiled its final passage was the failure of Congressional Democrats to retain in the bill a comprehensive bipartisan amendment designed to ensure that the ACA excluded funding for abortions and for plans that included elective abortion coverage.

Now, nearly five years later, the fact of widespread subsidies for elective abortion coverage is fully documented, and the many other ways Obamacare expands abortion funding – the largest of them via state Medicaid expansion – are manifest.  Thanks to a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), we know for certain that at least 1,036 health plans offered on the purchasing exchanges, and thus eligible now for massive tax subsidies, cover abortion in any and all circumstances.

The problem is, we know this thanks not to HHS and the $1.7 billion in public monies initially spent on the exchange websites, but to GAO and a request by Hill Republicans that the watchdog agency do what Burwell’s predecessor, Kathleen Sebelius, repeatedly promised would be done and failed to deliver.  What’s more, we know it for plans already chosen by American consumers and already in force – but not for plans that will be online and available for purchase in just a few days.


We know several other things.  Health insurers who are required by law to collect a nominal abortion surcharge from subscribers to these heavily subsidized plans are generally not doing so.  We know this from the GAO report as well, which found that 15 of 18 plans examined were not bothering even with this bookkeeping exercise.  The Administration and many columnists believe the surcharge should assuage taxpayers about involvement in a major expansion of abortion funding.  But imagine yourself as a defendant in a bank robbery arguing that, yes, you bought the getaway car, had advance knowledge of the crime, and stood to benefit from it, but made the bandits pay for their own gas.

Pace Secretary Burwell, we have already seen how “quickly” HHS “can get the communication out” about various features of Obamacare.  It has been agonizingly slow, and many times longer than the time it took the much-less-lavishly-funded GAO to tell us what happened last year in the federal exchanges.

Now a coalition of research groups, including the Charlotte Lozier Institute, has formed once again to ferret out information from insurance companies that should be readily available on each of the plans they sell.  It will be a difficult process.  The insurance companies’ brokers, chat rooms, and plan documents have a way of turning official indifference into everyday obfuscation.

But no one should lose sight of the bottom line.  Obamacare’s limits on abortion funding are a sham and its level of transparency is low.  The law represents a massive shift of values from the ideals of competition, respect for conscience, and preference for life over the destructive alternative of abortion.  There are glitches in the law, but the true glitch in this area is the law.

The real question is, will the new Congress elected on November 4 repeal it?  Soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner wrotepost-election that we can be sure of renewed commitment to repeal it.  That is welcome news, especially if the law is replaced with one that reflects the need for values-driven health plans.  In the meantime – meaning this coming Saturday – health insurance buyers must be able to identify which plans cover elective abortion before they (and you, the taxpayers) sign up for 2015.

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Fears grow in United States over Ebola’s spread outside West Africa

A sign asks patients to inform staff if they have fever, cough, trouble breathing, rash, vomiting or diarrhea symptoms and have recently traveled internationally or have had contact with someone who recently traveled internationally at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, New York

A sign asks patients to inform staff if they have fever, cough, trouble breathing, rash, vomiting or diarrhea symptoms and have recently traveled internationally or have had contact with someone who recently traveled internationally at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, New York

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

(Reuters) – Fears are growing in the United States about Ebola with about 200 airline cabin cleaners walking off the job in New York and some lawmakers demanding the government ban travelers from the West African countries hit hardest by the virus. “The nation is frightened, and people are frightened of this disease,” the U.S. cabinet secretary for health, Sylvia Burwell, said on Thursday, a day after the death in Texas of the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Burwell told a news conference that people were frightened because Ebola “has a very high mortality rate. They’re frightened because they need to learn and understand what the facts are about that disease.”

As the government prepares to start screening passengers from West Africa for fever at five major airports over the next week, cleaners at New York’s LaGuardia Airport staged a one-day work stoppage over what they say is insufficient protection for workers whose jobs include cleaning up vomit and bathrooms. The cleaners will return to work Thursday night. U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said the goal was to expand airport screenings for Ebola internationally to “as many different checkpoints as possible.” The Ebola virus causes hemorrhagic fever and is spread through direct contact with body fluids from an infected person, who would suffer severe bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. “We are always with feces and near garbage,” Sharekul Islam, 20, whose job cleaning airplane cabins at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport regularly exposes him to the type of waste and fluids that can transmit Ebola.

Twenty-three Republican and three Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives signed a letter to President Barack Obama asking the State Department to impose a travel ban and restrict visas issued to citizens of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The Oct. 8-dated letter also asked U.S. health and border control officials to consider quarantine of 21 days for anyone who arrives from the affected nations after being exposed to Ebola, the period in which they would show signs of illness. It said the World Health Organization “is an organization of unelected bureaucrats and political appointees of foreign countries. It has no duty to protect the lives and well-being of Americans, as you do.” WHO says nearly 4,000 people have died in the worst Ebola outbreak on record, with a death toll averaging about 50 percent of cases since March. An unrelated outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has killed dozens.

Shares in Lakeland Industries, a maker of suits to wear while handling hazardous materials, rose more than 50 percent on Thursday on expectations of the disease spreading. A Liberian man who flew on commercial flights from his home country on Sept. 19 and died in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday morning had had contact in Liberia with a woman who later died of the disease. In other examples of the concern over Ebola, a sheriff’s deputy was admitted to hospital Wednesday after saying he may have been exposed to the Liberian man. The deputy tested negative for Ebola, the state health department said. And on Wednesday, jail officials in Kenosha County, Wisconsin moved a female Immigration Customs Enforcement detainee into medical isolation after learning she was from Liberia, and despite her showing no symptoms of the virus, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

Her temperature was taken twice and she was monitored by nurses, the department said. Separately in Washington, a Republican in the U.S. Senate is still holding up most of $750 million from the Defense Department’s request to shift $1 billion in war funds to fight Ebola. Senator James Inhofe’s approval as the top Republican on the Senate Armed Forces Committee is needed, although other senior Republicans said they backed the funds. U.S. health officials, while answering questions about mistakes in the treatment of Liberian man Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas and overall preparedness for Ebola patients, have emphasized the need to tackle the virus at its source in West Africa. “This is a fluid and heterogeneous epidemic. It is changing quickly and it’s going to be a long fight,” Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday at a high-level meeting of major donors at the World Bank. Frieden compared Ebola to AIDS and said, “Speed is the most important variable here. This is controllable and this was preventable.”

A Spanish nurse is in serious condition in Madrid with Ebola after treating a priest who was repatriated from West Africa and died of the disease, the first reported transmission outside of the region. A British man suspected of contracting the virus died in Macedonia, a government official said on Thursday.

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