Warning over division of Smith Commission powers

The cross-party Smith Commission meets in Edinburgh.

The cross-party Smith Commission meets in Edinburgh.

By @ShaunyNews Via: http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/warning-over-division-of-smith-commission-powers-1-3681227

We knew there would be issues due to the watered down ‘Smith Commission’ Labour and Tory’s alike had a chance to make this easier for everyone but now, sadly we DO and WILL have tax issues. On one hand Scottish Politicians can’t vote on English laws for anything yet we here in Scotland, say if a tax break was given will make what we bring in less. This is an utter mess, the SNP should demand a ‘Back to the drawing board’ here. We MUST vote SNP People, otherwise we could find ourselves in no man’s land (Figure of speech) This is a shambles in the making. Hollyrood need to know yearly what income the have to work with, this will make it difficult for John Swinney to work his magic, the man can only do what he can do. Thankfully we have another bite at this Scotland, we can’t mess this up, we must inform, be informed and make sure people know EXACTLY what a Labour vote means.

THE `pick’n’mix’ deal on new post-referendum powers for Scotland could turn “messy” and leave Holyrood unable to make any “radical shift” in policy, economic and tax experts have warned.

MSPs were today warned that flagship proposals to hand some taxes to the Scottish Parliament – and leave others at Westminster – is a recipe for conflict between the Scottish and UK Governments. And Scots will be left in the dark over which taxes are Scottish, according to tax chiefs who warned it is “very difficult to pull apart” UK taxes.

The UK Government last month published legislation to enact the recent Smith agreement on more powers over tax and welfare for Scotland. It followed `the vow’ made the main pro-union party leaders in the final days of the referendum campaign to devolve sweeping new powers to Scotland after a No vote.

Economist Professor Anton Muscatelli, the principal of Glasgow University, told Holyrood’s devolution committee that he had concerns about the deal. “It reserves, for example, the personal allowance, it reserves national insurance contributions and one of the big issues is around in work benefits. “And by reserving universal credit, it does mean the whole interaction between welfare payments and low pay and income taxation is therefore not brought into play.“I do think that will create and potentially lead to tensions going forward – so how that is managed within future legislation will be hugely important.”

National insurance

Prof Muscatelli said national insurance is part of the “overall tax structure” and Scotland’s budget would effectively be cut if this is lowered UK-wide. “By not devolving national insurance, I think it creates the potential for conflict and it will impact on the Scottish tax base.”

Similarly, if the UK Government cuts the personal allowance – a tax hike – Scotland could respond by introducing a zero tax rate to cover such a change and effectively wipe this out. But Prof Muscatelli said: “It would force Scotland’s hand – and this where it gets a bit messy by not devolving the personal allowance.” He said it would have been better to devolve “all income tax and employment income to Scotland.”

Charlotte Barbour, Head of Taxation, at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland (ICAS) said the package offers a “variety of different taxes” to Holyrood.

Under the deal Scotland will get control over income tax bands – but not the personal allowance or national insurance. Air passenger duty and the Aggregates Levy will be devolved, while Holyrood will be “assigned” half of VAT revenues raised in Scotland. But there will be significant “joint responsibilities” with Westminster still in control of HMRC – the UK taxman.

“Scottish powers will have to interact with that and mesh together as well as going into the welfare side of it,” she said. “One of the issues that come out of that is that I’m not sure that a lot of people amongst the public have a full understanding of what Scottish taxes are.”

Ms Barbour said: “I think it’s very difficult to pull any one part of the UK taxes apart – it leads to these kind of set ups as to whether national insurance and income tax goes together.” The tax expert said this meant limits on Holyrood’s ability to push any through meaningful change in policy because income tax is “shared and over and above that interacts with other taxes.” She said; “I don’t think there’s a lot of scope to radically change what you’ve got here.”



A Reminder of what we lost, who lied – STAND UP SCOTLAND – #IndyRef2


By @ShaunyNews – 1979 seen Scotland vote ‘Yes’ but we were lird to, 2014 we voted no, we were lied to, LETS NOT FALL FOR LABOUR, RED TORY LIES, TIME TO GET REAL, WAKE UP SCOTLAND!! THE FIGHT TO THE PROMISED LAND STARTS ‘NOW’

Stanley Odd – Son I Voted Yes

Via Stanley Odd on You Tube

















The Proclaimers – Cap In Hand(Yes Scotland)



Scotland announces it will block ‘ALL’ fracking



Secret MOD plan to move Trident from Scotland to Wales #TridentFreeScotland



Smith Commission: ‘More powers’ vow delivered – Claims David Cameron



SNP: voter registration raised – 800,000 could drop off – Not allowed to vote!! (Phone Details here to check)



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Smith Commission: ‘More powers’ vow delivered – Claims David Cameron

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shakes hands with Prime Minister David Cameron at the Scottish Parliament

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shakes hands with Prime Minister David Cameron at the Scottish Parliament

By @ShaunyNews Via: http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/smith-commission-more-powers-vow-delivered-pm-1-3669009

Watered down ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ via the Smith Commission hailed by David Cameron as ‘Fair’ smacks of a liar and a cheat. For a second lets look to the ‘no voters’ in last years Referendum vote for Scottish Independence. People who voted no did so in the belief that a no vote would bring ‘Home Rule’ and a 99% free Scotland. Looking back as we now do we see that it was panic stations by David Cameron but for me the worst culprit in all of this was Ex Prime Minister and Labour Leader Gordon Brown. He stood there on live TV and promised the Scottish populous the Earth then he retired for a nice job working in the European parliament with his Wife. Mr Brown’s house is almost visible from my front door, just over the forth road bridge, he lied, he panicked the over 65’s into voting no, it was this age group in the end that made it a no vote, the irony in all this was in 1979 there was a referendum that Scotland actually won to be free but it never happened on some technicality. In the 1979 devolution referendum 52% of voters said YES as did 43 to 19 Scottish MP’s, The Labour Party said NO, by imposing an unheard of and made up on the spot ‘undemocratic 40% rule’. so back in 1979 Scotland Voted yes with promises as was in 2014 said, nothing was given in 1979, the age group that let us down in 1979 or the people who voted yes or no and seen the lies and betrayal are NOW the over 65’s in Scotland, ironic the generation of people who had lived the lie before, fell for the lies twice. Thankfully in a few years there 100% WILL be another Referendum or Scotland via the SNP with Plaid Cymru and the Green party could join Labour in Westminster for a 4 party coalition. If you don’t know the UK has a 2 party coalition Government at present with the Tory party and Liberal party. The Conservatives won 36% of the vote, Labour 29% and the Lib Dems 23%, They have 306 MPs – they needed 326 for a majority so it was a decision in the end by the Liberal Democrats to use their 23% to add to the Tory 36% and together get a 2 party Government over the line with over 326 seats at Westminster in the 2006 federal election as a minority government, so could we see an SNP/Plaid Cymru/Green Party holding up a minority Labour Westminster Government that will deliver the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ and the ‘Vow’ AND MORE!! I say why not!


DAVID Cameron pledged to press ahead with his plans to strip ­powers from Scottish MPs when he came to Scotland to say his pre-­referendum vow on more powers for Holyrood had been delivered.

The Prime Minister said the pro-UK parties’ promise to strengthen the Scottish Parliament had been kept when the UK government yesterday published draft legislation to transfer new powers north of the Border. On a visit to Edinburgh, Mr Cameron said the new powers were “the right resting place” for devolution but added there would be no let-up on his plans to prevent Scottish MPs from voting on English matters at Westminster. The UK government Command Paper, containing 44 draft clauses, was published ahead of its Burns Night deadline and is a key milestone in the fulfilment of the “more powers” vow made by the leaders of all the pro-Union parties in the dying days of last year’s referendum ­campaign.

However, First Minister Nicola ­Sturgeon claimed the draft clauses had been “significantly watered down” from the proposals originally agreed by the Smith Commission, set up to consider new powers for Holyrood after last year’s ­independence referendum. Ms Sturgeon said: “Too much of what the Prime Minister has set out imposes restrictions on the recommended ­devolved powers and would hand a veto to UK ministers in key areas.”

The document, entitled Scotland in the United Kingdom – An enduring settlement, set out the “more powers” package arrived at by the Smith Commission last year. The package, signed off by all Scotland’s main parties, included the ability for Scotland to vary income tax bands and rates, further borrowing powers, control of air passenger duty and control over £2.5 billion worth of welfare. The prospect of a more powerful Scottish Parliament has seen Mr Cameron promise to resolve the “West Lothian Question” – the anomaly whereby Scottish MPs vote on areas reserved to Westminster such as health and education even though they do not affect their constituents.

Mr Cameron underlined his commitment to “English Votes for English Laws” (Evel) yesterday after Ms Sturgeon said this week that SNP MPs would begin to vote on English matters.

Ms Sturgeon said SNP MPs would abandon their policy of not voting on English health ­because NHS funding south of the Border had an impact on Scotland’s budget.

The Prime Minister said Ms Sturgeon was “wrong” to argue that MPs from Scotland should be able to vote on English health and education.

Mr Cameron said: “If I win the election, the government I lead will put in place the measures necessary to make sure that key element of English Votes for English Laws is delivered. “On [that] issue, I have been very clear. I think it is only fair as a Westminster Member of Parliament, I don’t have the ability to vote on Scottish health or education or Scottish housing. “I don’t see why in the future that SNP members, or indeed Labour, Liberal or Conservative members or Alex Salmond himself, should be able to come to Westminster and have a decisive say in English or Welsh education, health service or other ­issues. “So if I am your Prime Minister after 7 May, you will get in full these measures set out in this document, in a bill in the first Queen’s Speech of a government I lead. But there will also be very clearly set-out rules put in place so that English MPs have the decisive say on issues that only affect England. I think that is fair and right.”

As soon as the draft legislation was published, the SNP went on the offensive, claiming that the proposals were watered down and gave UK ministers a veto over welfare powers that were supposed to be devolved.

The UK government denied Ms Sturgeon’s claims, while Mr Cameron called on the SNP to start talking about how Scotland’s new powers can be used to improve schools and ­hospitals.

Mr Cameron said: “From my point of view this is the right resting place, we have now got a very strong Scottish Parliament raising the majority of its ­revenue. “There are more powers than most other devolved parliaments in the developed world. I certainly don’t want to spend the next five years debating, is that the right balance of powers. “Of course, some people will argue that there needs to be more changes. The SNP are already doing that. Of course they were never going to accept Smith as an outcome, because they want to break up the United Kingdom. “That is their prerogative, but we have demonstrated through a referendum that is not the will of the Scottish people.”

Ms Sturgeon claimed a clause dealing with the Universal Credit payment, the UK welfare reform that has seen the merger of several benefits into a single payment, amounted to a UK government veto. Although Universal Credit remains reserved to Westminster, under Smith’s package Scottish ministers are to be given the power to vary some of benefits within it. The clause said Scottish ministers should consult the Scottish secretary about making changes to Universal Credit and that the secretary of state should also give agreement about when a change should start.

Ms Sturgeon claimed that the welfare provisions did not enable the Scottish Parliament to create new benefit entitlements across devolved areas and required the approval of UK ministers for any changes to Universal Credit – including action needed to end the so-called ‘bedroom tax’. Ms Sturgeon said: “The proposals on welfare do not allow us to vary Universal Credit without the permission of the UK government. That means we will not have the independence to take action to abolish the bedroom tax. “At the same time, the power to create new benefit entitlements in any devolved area has simply not been delivered, while the Command Paper makes clear that, pending devolution of disability support, the roll-out of personal independence payments and the cut to spending on disability benefits will ­continue.”

Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael denied Ms Sturgeon’s claims. He claimed the clause in question had been inserted to ensure that there would be “consultation” between the two governments and added that “consent would not be unreasonably withheld”. He said: “It is going to be more important than ever that Scotland’s two governments are able to work together in a mature, co-operative and collaborative way. “It would be refreshing if instead of trying to kick up dust, the Nationalists would tell us what they want to do with the ­powers.”

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STV poll: SNP at 52% as Labour faces general election annihilation

B74McJGCYAAu1IRBy @ShaunyNews Via http://news.stv.tv/scotland-decides/news/307347-stv-poll-snp-at-52-as-murphy-fails-to-make-general-election-impact/

The chances of the SNP having a deal in a coalition UK government are not as far fetched as many believe. Labour I think, as do many will get more voted in this years General Election, both the SNP and Labour have not ruled out using SNP Westminster seats to get Labour into power. Should this happen Home Rule and a LOT more will come to Scotland very quickly. We must vote SNP or Yes minded people into Hollyrood this coming Election. Trust me, Alex is going to Westminster for this very reason. Watch this space, also the SNP has over 50% in the polls, in any other country that would be BIG news, odd it isn’t in Scotland, but we expect this now

Scottish Labour still face political annihilation in the general election as Jim Murphy fails to make an impact on voters, according to a poll commissioned by STV.

The Ipsos Mori survey shows the party would poll 24% of the Scottish vote, just 1% better than in a previous STV poll in October. It would leave them with just four seats in Scotland; Glasgow North East, Glasgow South West, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, and Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill. Support for the SNP remains at 52% since October’s survey, giving them a projected 55 seats at Westminster.

The poll shows both the Liberal Democrats and Conservative party would be left without any Scottish MPs. The full breakdown of STV’s Ipsos Mori poll is SNP 52%, Scottish Labour 24%, Scottish Conservative 12%, Liberal Democrats 4%, Scottish Green Party 4%, Ukip 1% and 2% for others. These figures see support for both the Lib Dems and Green party drop 2% since STV’s October poll. The Conservative support has risen 2%. Ukip see their share of the vote drop by 1%

via STV

via STV

The 1001 participants were surveyed between January 12 and 19 and asked how they would vote if there was a general election tomorrow.

At the 2010 general election, Labour received 42% of the Scottish vote and the SNP 19.9%.

SNP depute leader Stewart Hosie MP said: “This is another very encouraging poll – with a 28-point SNP lead for May’s Westminster election, this shows remarkable levels of support for the only party that will always put the interests of the people of Scotland front and centre.”

He added: “It’s clear that there is widespread support for the greatest possible devolution of powers to Holyrood. But the Westminster Government simply isn’t willing to give Scotland the powers we need to build a more equal society and more competitive economy – and that is why we need a strong team of SNP MPs elected next May to hold them to account, and ensure that they finally deliver on their vow to Scotland.” Wednesday’s figures, which exclude those who do not know how they would vote, would dramatically reduce Labour’s 40 Scottish MPs, according to seat predictor http://electoralcalculus.co.uk/homepage.html

Those who would lose their seat include Jim Murphy, who took over as the leader of Scottish Labour since STV’s last poll. All of the current Liberal Democrat seats would be lost, including Scottish secretary Alistair Carmichael, Danny Alexander and Charles Kennedy. A Scottish Liberal Democrat spokeswoman said: “These national polls do not reflect the performance of each of our excellent MPs in their seats. People were writing us off in 1999 and then in 2007. Each time we grew stronger.

“We have been gaining a good response when we have been campaigning for our local MPs. The SNP put local services at risk when they took their eye off the ball on day-to-day issues in order to concentrate on their campaign for independence. People know that our record of action in Government shows that only the Liberal Democrats can be trusted with both a strong economy and a fair society.” A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: “Polls will show a range of outcomes between now and May – the important thing is we continue to point out that the only way to ensure the future or the union and stability of the economy is to vote for the Scottish Conservatives.” STV political editor Bernard Ponsonby said: “This poll could be laughed away by Scottish Labour if it was not part of an unmistakable pattern suggesting that the party has big problems. These figures translated into seats would see Labour win only four constituencies with the SNP winning a landslide 55 seats.

“Wise heads in both parties will know that a lot can change in politics and quickly. When a general election is called there is a sense in which the Scottish dimension in politics tends to get lost by the focus on who will govern the UK as a whole. “Worryingly for Labour, there is no evidence at the moment that voters are looking beyond the domestic agenda. That gives the SNP a real window of opportunity. Jim Murphy will be concerned but not panic stricken by these findings. It underlines for him the scale of the challenge he faces. “Senior SNP figures will be buoyed but I suspect that they don’t actually believe they will win 55 seats in May. That said, the prospect of the SNP holding the balance of power in a UK context cannot be dismissed as the stuff of fun and fantasy.”

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Scottish Politicians Who Voted FOR Austerity, don’t forget!


Keep the “For” in your mind come election time

By @ShaunyNews

imagesScotland we have one more bite at this cherry, we are going to free our Country or free her enough to have more control. Look at the list above and remember them. If you voted #NO and are unhappy the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ was not given, then look to see how your local MP voted in the Austerity cuts vote. We can’t be stupid twice in a year Scotland. We must do the right thing, this starts now, the story must be told now, we must educate people now, let’s not leave it till it’s too late. We must tell people the HARD TRUTH TODAY!


Anti- Austerity Coutries








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