WWIII is on the Horizon – More Counties at War today than in WWII!


Anonymous-Knowledge-is-Free-Expect-Us By @ShaunyNews – I remember a few years back now I mentioned ‘Anonymous’ on my Facebook wall. I am always way ahead of most people I know in terms of alternative news, not that Anon are alternative these days, most people with a set of eyes can see they exist as a hive with no real Queen bee. I am disabled with Fibromyalgia and a sibling of mine said “Have you taken extra medication tonight” then proceeded to laugh at me, their name will remain between me and them, but I often think back to that moment, as the years go past I guess I get a little more peeved at the remark. A person who is blood mocking me in-front of everyone, well I guess the last laugh is on me in more ways than one, this person I love but are as stubborn as a mule.

Anonymous – World War III is on the Horizon
Via World United Anonymous on You Tube

Anyway Anonymous are real, they exist, I know many people who call themselves “Anon” but to define the movement you must first understand how it works. There is no top brass. Anonymous, like a few other movements and people have been saying for a while now WWIII is very close, the pieces of the puzzle are in place and it is close. I have wrote about it a few times now https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/?s=WWIII WWIII won’t be a War of Nuclear bombs I don’t think, it will be economic with the sideshow of American owned and run Al Qaeda and ISIS in there also, Ukraine is a melting pot, thousands are dying weekly all over the World. I ask “How many Countries were involved in WWII” The answer of course is easy, 61 countries. Today in 2015 out of 162 countries, 151 of the world’s nations are currently involved in some form of conflict, meaning only 11 countries have peace as I write this.

So look at it objectively and we see and know in WWII 61 Countries were involved. We look today and 151 Countries are either in/at or in Civil War, I think it is fair to say “World War 3” has begun guys. Many will dismiss and play out their groundhog existence scared to even think of this notion, I am able to read it, accept it but turn the internet off and not worry, there is nothing ANYONE can really do, 11 Countries are at peace today with the rest involved in War in some way


Only 11 countries in the WORLD are not involved in conflict, new study reveals



Participants in World War II

Britain did not fight alone, the war also involved many countries. World War II involved 61 countries with 1.7 billion people (three quarters of the world’s population). Fifty million people lost their lives and hundreds of millions people were injured.



Is it fair to assume WWIII has actually begun? What do you think?

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MH370 was ‘shot down by the USA military’, former airline CEO claims

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 falling in Ukraine

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 falling in Ukraine (File Image)

Via a few links and what I have added myself and the link here where AceNews Services and myself wrote about the story: https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/?s=MH370 

So many things are happening just now that are pointing at the USA. They are as a country, through Government and Media now a total War Machine.

When Countries stop buying Oil with the old standard ‘PetroDollar’ it cripples a USA Economy that is already dead and in real, REAL bad financial shape https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/2014/12/22/russia-and-china-dumped-the-us-dollar-petro-dollar-and-dow-drops-dollar-will-collapse/ This is done because anyone with financial ties to the USA will be, as we speak breaking these bonds. When I said the USA and Israel stand alone in this World I am not filled with glee and have a big smile. I understand the game that is being played out on the World and US stage here. I will write in the next few days why I think “The USA tried to cause Martial Law on Ferguson” and one thing about that story while you wait on me writing it is ‘Why did the powers that be tell Ferguson the decision that caused a riot at 8pm’ with a huge crowd outside ready to go crazy? Why not a safer 10 am? Use that logic to Ferguson and try the same logic here. America are trying to destabilize the World and her own borders because the USA is a War country, it makes money. ISIS are USA controlled and funded today. Al Qaeda are USA owned today, I have proven it many times now, but people want to look away, I don’t get it. Today my Leader, Scotland’s (NEW) First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave £1 Billion to Scottish Education, Schools, Transport and our Health service to keep it free. So ask “Why do you care Shaun?” about the USA. Well it effects us all. America have policed the World into hating her, not you the people, your government.  I will blog it all over the coming week, stay with this story and the rest will make sense. Bad times are coming America and I am unhappy about that 😦 really

A French former airline director has claimed that the US military may have shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and covered it up. Marc Dugain, who headed Proteus Airlines and is an established author, speculated that the Americans may have targeted the aircraft because they feared a September 11-style attack on a military base in the Indian Ocean. In an article for French magazine Paris Match, he claimed that the Boeing 777 crashed nowhere near where international search teams have been combing the ocean for wreckage, but near an American military base in the British territory of Diego Garcia.

A woman writes a message of support and hope for passengers of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370

A woman writes a message of support and hope for passengers of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370

The official report on MH370 said its passengers most probably died from suffocation as the cabin ran out of oxygen, leaving it to continue on auto-pilot until it ran out of fuel and plunged into the ocean. No new evidence from within the Boeing 777 has emerged, leaving the Australian Transport Safety Board to compare the flight with previous disasters to draw their conclusion. Mr Dugain claimed he had been warned by a British intelligence officer of taking “risks” by looking into the fate of MH370. “Someone knows,” he added.

Was Flight MH370 Hacked / Shot down by USAF
Via The Daily Mirror and ZIG ZAG on You Tube

The head of Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, is among those who have echoed Mr Dugain’s questions about the availability of evidence. Sir Tim Clark revealed his doubts in October, saying he did not believe “that the information held by some is on the table”, and that his electronic engineers believe that even with communication systems switched off, the plane would still be traceable. Countless conspiracy theories have been floated in the nine months since MH370’s disappearance, with several claiming it was shot down either deliberately or by mistake during military exercises. Others claim it may have flown in the “shadow” of another plane to conceal itself or was downed in a pilot suicide, life insurance scam or botched hijacking.






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Ron Paul: ‘US provoking war with Russia, could result in total destruction’

Former US Representative Ron Paul

Former US Representative Ron Paul

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Well here is another TOTAL waste of my time to tell America War with Russia is close..

America it is HIGH TIME you stopped being political and blaming each other for ‘Whatever’ all out War with Russia is VERY CLOSE if we are not careful here. Ron Paul is a guy I just like. He want’s the USA to spend more on the USA. Anyone against that principle has a warped political mind. Ron is saying exactly what I have been. I will leave the links below, but America, this is real, others and I have been SCREAMING it to you for a LONG time. Don’t think or say “Well there is nothing I can do” BULLCRAP!!! You can, you are to damn scared America! And so people can’t say “But RT is rubbish news” I will leave other links at the bottom. America, I have warned you for 2 years and been proven correct on MANY occasions. wakey wakey…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I know…You are asleep. America has passed a resolution because Putin and Russia are entering other countries…THIS IS COMING FROM AMERICA..You do understand Irony America? If you can’t stop political bashing your downfall and death will be quick and swift and you are already alone with Israel on the World stage America! America you think you are the centre of Earth and you can’t be beaten or taken down. Well I have news, the Roman and Ottoman Empire and many others had this same attitude, and I bet most Americans have not even heard of either. I am at a loss with America at Government level. I am a loss with the people who blindly believe the Media…Being awake and aware will soon free my Country Scotland so we can go and hide away from the World stage and be a nobody. We just want to exist and be left alone. USA NEEDS war to prop up it’s financial reserves. A VERY DANGEROUS GAME!



Former congressman Ron Paul has lashed out at the resolution the House passed against Russia, branding it “one of the worst pieces of legislation ever.” It could even pave the way for a potential war with Russia, as it was with Iraq, he warns. Resolution 758 strongly condemns the actions of Russia under Vladimir Putin, for what it describes as a policy of “aggression against neighboring countries,” in a motion that describes Moscow’s political and economic domination in the region. However, Ron Paul says the bill was nothing but “16 pages of war propaganda that should have made even neocons blush.”

Speaking to RT, Paul added that the resolution was “part of the war propaganda machine.” “It’s this kind of stuff that stirs up trouble. I’d rather dissipate the problems and have our government tone the rhetoric down a little bit. This was terrible; this was just a very provocative resolution,” he said.

Via RT America on You Tube 

Most worryingly for the once-presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party is the statement that“military intervention” by Russia in Ukraine “poses a threat to international peace and security.” In his Facebook blog, Paul says it is not an accident that such wording was used as it will allow more aggressive resolutions to follow and this is merely sowing the seeds for this. “If we accept that Russia is posing a ‘threat’ to international peace, how can such a thing be ignored? These are the slippery slopes that lead to war,” Paul says.

READ MORE: House of Representatives passes resolution against Russia

Paragraph 45 of the resolution gives the green light to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to restart Kiev’s military campaign against anti-government militias in the southeast of the country, which would be contradicting the Minsk Agreement signed in Belarus on September 5 to end hostilities in Ukraine, Paul said.

USA: House of Representatives passes resolution 758 against Russia
Via RuptlyTV on You Tube

He believes this will potentially lead to the deaths of thousands more civilians, while the bill also calls on President Barack Obama to “provide the government of Ukraine with lethal and non-lethal defense articles, services, and training required to effectively defend its territory and sovereignty.” The 79-year-old politician questions the sanity of putting US weapons in the hands of US-trained troops, who would be “engaged in a hot war on Russia’s border.”

Notice how these things are passed and the media never tell you?

Notice how these things are passed and the media never tell you?

On September 18, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko made a speech to the US Congress, saying that Kiev needed lethal aid to help them overcome anti-government forces in the east. “Blankets and night-vision goggles are important, but one cannot win the war with blankets. You cannot keep the peace with a blanket,” the Ukrainian president told lawmakers, adding that Ukraine urgently needs “more military equipment, both lethal and non-lethal,” which drew a round of applause from those assembled.

According to Paul, the US resolution is littered with hypocritical statements. It accuses Russia of violating Ukraine’s sovereignty, despite not being able to provide any proof despite Washington having numerous high powered satellites that can read number plates from space. The House also overlooks the role the US played in overthrowing a democratically elected government in February, Paul points out.

READ MORE: Obama: Putin ‘scares heck out of neighbors’ with ‘nationalist, backward-looking’ policy

“We have all heard the tapes of State Department officials plotting with the US Ambassador in Ukraine to overthrow the government. We heard US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland bragging that the US spent $5 billion on regime change in Ukraine. Why is that OK?”

Guess Ron isn't the only one who can see the Danger.

Guess Ron isn’t the only one who can see the Danger.

The United States has for decades championed the rights of self-determination for peoples around the globe, but Paul believes this is only when it suits Washington. He cites the example of the people in the east of Ukraine holding what the US stated where “illegal” and “fraudulent” elections. “Aren’t the people of eastern Ukraine allowed self-determination? Isn’t that a basic human right?” he said.

READ MORE: Russia won’t get involved in geopolitical intrigues and conflicts – Putin

Paragraph 16 condemns Russia for selling weapons to the Assad government, however Paul points out that at least these arms were used to fight Islamic State, rather than the US who armed the Syrian rebels, but then saw the weapons supplied end up in the hands of Islamic State. Equally, paragraph 17 which hits out at Russia for the US believes are economic sanctions imposed on Ukraine, completely ignoring the fact that the US has “repeatedly hit Russia with economic sanctions and is even considering more.”


Many more are concerned. Are you?

To put the final nail into the coffin, Paul was astounded that so few members of the House of Representatives voted against the resolution. “This dangerous legislation passed today, December 4, with only 10 (!) votes against! Only 10 legislators are concerned over the use of blatant propaganda and falsehoods to push such reckless saber-rattling toward Russia,” Paul said.







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‘Russian Build-Up Near Ukraine Alarming’

Russian Aid: 'A Direct Invasion'

Russian Aid: ‘A Direct Invasion’

Nato says it has witnessed an “alarming build-up of Russian military forces near the border with Ukraine, as Kiev described a Russian aid convoy as a “direct invasion”. Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the increase in ground and air forces just miles from where the Ukrainian military is battling pro-Moscow separatists could lead to the further isolation of Russia.  “We have also seen transfers of large quantities of advanced weapons, including tanks, armoured personnel carriers and artillery to separatist groups in eastern Ukraine,” he said in a statement.

Ukraine laimed more than 100 trucks from a Russian aid convoy crossed into the country without permission on Friday.  It had been agreed the lorries would only be allowed into eastern Ukraine if they were escorted by the International Red Cross. But the charity has pulled out after not receiving enough security guarantees as fighting continues to rage. Kiev’s foreign ministry said it had informally allowed the convoy to pass to avoid “provocations” and state security chief Valentyn Nalivaychenko said his country will not use force against it.  But he also said: “We consider this a direct invasion by Russia of Ukraine. Under the cynical guise of the Red Cross these are military vehicles.” A spokesman for the European Union foreign affairs chief Baroness Ashton criticised Russia for a “clear violation” and urged Moscow to reverse its decision. The vehicles are carrying water, generators and sleeping bags reportedly intended to help civilians in the city of Luhansk, where pro-Russian separatist fighters are besieged by Ukrainian government forces. The trucks, part of a 280-lorry convoy, had been held at a border crossing for a week amid suspicions by Kiev that the mission was being used as a cover for an invasion by Moscow.

President Poroshenko is due to meet Russia's leader next week

President Poroshenko is due to meet Russia’s leader next week

But dozens of the Russian vehicles have now moved into the east of the country despite both sides in the months-long conflict ignoring pleas for a ceasefire. “They passed into Ukraine without clearance or participation of the International Red Cross or (Ukrainian) border guards,” said military spokesman Andriy Lysenko. Ukraine has been reluctant to let the convoy through over fears it is carrying supplies for the rebels, despite Moscow’s insistence the goods were simply humanitarian aid.  The transit comes as the Ukrainian president said he would tell Russia’s Vladimir Putin to rein in pro-Moscow separatists, when the two leaders meet next week. Petro Poroshenko said he would tell President Putin that Ukraine had “a strong country, a strong army” behind him. He said: “We are capable of defending our sovereignty, our independence and our territorial integrity – we are fighting for the independence of Ukraine. Together we will win for sure.” Mr Poroshenko spoke as government forces, despite taking heavy losses themselves, thrust deeper into rebel-held eastern territory, putting pressure on separatists.

The 280-truck convoy departed from near Moscow more than seven days ago

The 280-truck convoy departed from near Moscow more than seven days ago

Ukraine’s Forces Attack Russian Armoured Convoy

Russian armoured vehicles near the Ukraine border

Russian armoured vehicles near the Ukraine border

Ukraine’s forces say they attacked a Russian armoured convoy that crossed on to Ukrainian soil “and part of it no longer exists”. Military officials in Kiev said they tracked the vehicles, including armoured personnel carriers, from the border and then attacked with artillery. President Petro Poroshenko discussed the incursion with British Prime Minister David Cameron and said a “considerable part of this equipment was destroyed overnight by Ukrainian artillery”. Sky’s News Sam Kiley said if the claims are true “it is a very serious development”  in the four-month conflict, and “could be the beginnings of something much more dangerous”. World stock markets have tumbled on the news. Russia denied its forces had crossed into Ukraine, and accused Kiev of trying to sabotage deliveries of aid.


The Russian vehicles crossed the border near the town of Donetsk on Thursday night, according to journalists from The Guardian and Daily Telegraph. This was later confirmed by Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who said it was a “clear demonstration of continued Russian involvement in the destabilisation of eastern Ukraine”. Earlier, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said he was “very alarmed” at the Russian military incursion. Mr Hammond has summoned the Russian ambassador to clarify the situation.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross said it is still trying to verify that an aid convoy from Russia to Ukraine is carrying nothing more than humanitarian aid. Ukrainian border guards are checking the cargo on Russian territory near the Ukrainian settlement of Izvaryne, held by separatists.

A Russian convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian aid for Ukraine

A Russian convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian aid for Ukraine

A dozen Russian armoured trucks are waiting with the aid lorries. Ukraine is concerned the convoy of about 260 vehicles would be used as a ‘Trojan horse’, allowing Russia to establish a permanent presence in the east. In an effort to ease tensions, Russian officials allowed journalists to see the contents of trucks. Among the supplies reporters saw were bottles of water, sacks of buckwheat and portable generators.

More follows…

Full UK Battle Group To Join Poland Exercise

The exercise, involving more than 300 British military vehicles, is announced as tensions over Ukraine remain high.

Another Poland-based exercise is scheduled for August

Another Poland-based exercise is scheduled for August

This spells bad news, the UK are training in Poland for a possible ground war in Ukraine against Pro-Russians. This is not good news. With Israel committing genocide in Palestine, I think the World would have more pressing matters to deal with. What is happening in Palestine is 100x worse that what is happening in Ukraine. But don’t expect the UK or USA and their allies to help in acting against Israel. So war against Russia it is then

A “full battle group” of 1,350 personnel is to be sent to Poland for a Nato exercise to reassure Eastern European allies in the face of Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon confirmed the deployment and said more than 350 armoured and other vehicles would take part. Exercise Black Eagle will be held in October and is part of a series of Nato exercises designed to support allies in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. Next month, light infantry troops from 1st Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment will also join Exercise Sabre Junction, a US-led exercise – again taking place in Poland – and involving 16 countries.

Four Eurofighter Typhoons from the RAF are helping police Baltic airspace

Four Eurofighter Typhoons from the RAF are helping police Baltic airspace

Four RAF Eurofighter Typhoon jets have been at Nato’s Baltic Air Policing mission, based at Lithuania’s Siauliai Air Base, since Russia annexed the Crimean region of Ukraine earlier this year. Normally the mission involves just four aircraft, but since the crisis in Ukraine it has been boosted to 12, including four Lockheed Martin F-16 jets from Denmark and four MiG-29 planes from Poland. Mr Fallon announced details of the latest exercise during a visit to the Polish capital Warsaw with Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.  He said: “It is right that Nato members and partners demonstrate our commitment to the collective security of our allies in Eastern Europe, so I am pleased to confirm our participation in these exercises. “In particular, the commitment of a battle group to Exercise Black Eagle shows our sustained and substantial support to Nato’s eastern border.” A Nato summit in Wales in September is also being held to discuss ways to respond to future threats and reassurance measures.

Michael Fallon was recently appointed as Defence Secretary

Michael Fallon was recently appointed as Defence Secretary

MH17 crash: Ukraine releases ‘ALLEGED’ intercepts from Pro-Russians and Generals

Real or Propaganda?

Real or Propaganda?

As we head slowly to a certain WWIII, there are troubles in so many places, ISIS vs Iraq, Israel vs Gaza, USA vs Russia/China, US/pick one, South/North Korea, Russia/Ukraine, Several African nations, Syria/Syria, Israel/Palestine/Egypt, lets divert our attention to one issue out of many pushing us towards WWIII

Ukrainian authorities have released what they say are intercepted phone conversations between pro-Russian separatists and what appear to be Russian military officers saying that separatists shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. The Ukrainian Security Service put the Russian-language conversations on You Tube e within hours of the crash. The veracity of the recordings cannot be confirmed but is likely to be real. Here it is *THIS CAN’T BE 100% CONFIRMED*

First recording

[Male voice, identified as separatist leader Igor Bezler] The group of the Miner [an alias] has just shot down a plane, which came down just behind Yenakiyevo.

[Col Geranin] Pilots. Where are the pilots?

[Bezler] Gone to search for and photograph the plane. It’s smoking.

[Second male voice, identified as Russian military intelligence Colonel Vasily Geranin] How many minutes ago?

[Bezler] About 30 minutes ago.

Second recording

[Male voice, captioned as “The Greek” ] Yes, Major.

[Major] Well, the Chernukhino lads shot down the plane.

[Greek] Who shot it down?

[Major] From the Chernukhino roadblock. The Cossacks at Chernukhino.

[Greek] Yes, Major.

[Major] Well, the plane fell apart in the air, near the Pertropavlovskaya coal mine. The first casualty 200 [military jargon for dead body] has been found. A civilian.

[Greek] Well, what do you have there?

[Major] Basically it was 100% a civilian aircraft.

[Greek] Are many people there?

[Major] [Curses] The debris fell right into backyard.

[Greek] What kind of aircraft?

[Major] I have not figured this out yet because I haven’t been close to the main body of the debris. I am only looking where the first bodies began to fall. There are the remnants of inner brackets, chairs and bodies there.

[Greek] I see. Any weaponry there?

[Major] Nothing at all. Civilian things, medical bits and bobs, towels, toilet paper.

[Greek] Any documents?

[Major] Yes. From an Indonesian student. From Thompson University [curses].

Third recording

[Male voice, identified as a fighter] Regarding the plane shot down in the area of Snezhnoye-Torez. It’s a civilian one. Fell down near Grabovo. There are lots of corpses of women and children. The Cossacks are out there looking at all this.

They say on TV it’s a Ukrainian AN-26 transport plane, but they say it’s got Malaysia Airlines written on the plane. What was it doing in Ukrainian territory?

[Male voice, identified as Cossack commander Nikolai Kozitsyn] That means they were carrying spies. They shouldn’t be [curses] flying. There is a war going on.

Putin, bring our son home – mother’s plea as pro-Russians load stolen bodies onto trains

Grieving family and Armed rebels stole the bodies from emergency workers

Grieving family and Armed rebels stole the bodies from emergency workers

The bodies have been loaded onto a refrigerated freight train, standing in rebel-held Torez station, nine miles from the crash site. It is believed they will be transported to an unknown location later, which could be Donetsk. Alexander Borodai, the self-styled Prime Minister for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, also admitted to holding the plane’s black boxes. He said he is guarding them personally and will hand them over to the International Civil Aviation Organization. The news comes as a distraught mother of one of the victims pleads to Russian President Vladimir Putin to release the bodies to victims’ families. The site where the Malaysia Airlines flight crashed has been one of chaos ever since it was brought down.

Mother Seline Fredricksz and her husband Robertt begged Putin to return the bodies

Mother Seline Fredricksz and her husband Robertt begged Putin to return the bodies

Reports of drunk rebels firing shots at international investigators as they stepped outside the strict search parameters follow sight of looters seen stealing from the dead at the site. Rebel leader Alexander Borodai said: “The bodies will go nowhere until experts arrive.” Borodai said he was expecting a team of 12 Malaysian experts and that he was disappointed at how long they had taken to arrive. The rapid-fire developments came after a wave of international outrage over how the bodies of plane crash victims were being handled and amid fears that the armed rebels who control the territory where the plane came down could be tampering with the evidence. Ukraine says Russia has been sending sophisticated arms to the rebels, a charge that Moscow denies. Journalists saw reeking bodies baking in the summer heat on Saturday, piled into body bags by the side of the road or still sprawled where they landed in the verdant farmland in eastern Ukraine after their plane was shot out of the sky.

A woman holds her nose as the smell of rotting bodies comes out of the train

A woman holds her nose as the smell of rotting bodies comes out of the train

By this morning, journalists saw no bodies and no armed rebels at the crash site. Emergency workers were searching the sprawling fields only for body parts. Alexander Pilyushny, an emergency worker combing the crash site for body parts Sunday, said it took rebels several hours Saturday to cart away the bodies. He said he and other workers had no choice but to hand them over.  He added: “They are armed and we are not.”  Nataliya Khuruzhaya, a duty officer at the train station in Torez, said emergency workers loaded plane victims’ bodies Sunday into five sealed, refrigerated train cars.  The chilled cars were provided by the Ukrainian state railway.

In total 196 bodies are thought to be on the train

In total 196 bodies are thought to be on the train

Grieving Silene Fredricksz and her husband Robertt have begged Vladimir Putin to ensure the safe return of her son and his girlfriend. Bryce Fredricksz, 23, and Daisy Oehlers, 20, were two of the 192 Dutch nationals killed in the Malaysia Airlines flight on Thursday. Mrs Fredricksz said: “They were 23 and 20 years old. They are laying there somewhere on the floor. I don’t know where they are. “I want to arrange their funeral and I can’t. I don’t know where they are. I want them back. I want my children back. Look at those people. They’re beautiful. “They have to come back. Mr Putin, send them home. Send them home. Please.” Meanwhile DAvid Cameron, German chanellor Angela Merkel and French president Francois Hollande are ready to impose tougher sanctions on Russia to try and halt separatists bringing terror to Ukraine.

Dutch Fury As MH17 Bodies ‘Dragged Around’

The Netherlands expresses anger as the country grieves for its 192 nationals killed by “murderers” when the plane was shot down.

Troops look over the scene

Troops look over the scene

The Netherlands has asked for help bringing home the bodies of the 192 Dutch nationals killed when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine. Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans told Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko that his country was “angry” and “furious” by reports of bodies being dragged around the site in Grabovo, Donetsk. “We are already shocked by the news we got today of bodies being dragged around, of the site not being treated properly,” he said. Ukrainian officials accused pro-Russian separatists of taking bodies from the scene of the crash before emergency services personnel began officially collecting them on Saturday. The Netherlands is in mourning and at Schiphol Airport, where flight MH17 took off on Thursday afternoon, the families of those on board and other well-wishers have been laying flowers and paying tribute. For now, the relatives have nowhere else to go and, although it has been suggested they could be flown out to the crash site, Malaysia Airlines commercial director Hugh Dunleavy told Sky News it was unlikely as it is not possible to guarantee them safe passage.

A miniature pair of clogs left amongst the tributes at Schiphol

A miniature pair of clogs left amongst the tributes at Schiphol

The front page of one of the Dutch newspapers in the wake of the downing of the Malaysia Airlines jet shows a picture of pro-Russian fighters with the headline: “Murderers!” And a headline in another newspaper reads: “Everybody knows somebody”. One mourner who arrived at the airport to pay her respects underlined that fact, telling Sky News: “It’s unfair what’s happened, these people don’t deserve it. “Close family? No, but my cousin, his friend at school, his family were all on board the plane.” Churches have opened books of condolences for those who have died, and services have been held across the country. As the relatives come to terms with their loss, the process of formally identifying the dead continues. Forensic teams are fanning out across the country to collect material, including DNA samples, that will help positively identify the remains.

Police said 40 pairs of detectives from the National Forensic Investigations Team would be visiting relatives in the coming days. Mr Timmermans said the Netherlands would not stop until those responsible for the deaths of so many citizens were brought to justice. “Once we have the proof, we will not stop before the people are brought to justice,” he said. “Not just the people who pulled the trigger but also those who made it possible. I think the international community needs to step up its efforts in this respect.”





Before we blame Russia for blowing up flight MH17, lets watch this


I have been watching video’s all day, some obviously made by people, but a few caught my eye in terms of “It doesn’t fit what we are told” It doesn’t fit the official story. The easy thing right now is for the World to be angry at Russia, but remember, we have been here before. When 9/11 happened Americans wanted everyone in the Middle East dead. When 7/7 happened (Tube and Bus bombs in London) Most of us wanted the same people dead. When the 2 terrorists ran a car into an Airport 45 miles from my home, we wanted someone to pay.

What I am saying is, we all quickly look to blame. Now this plane was still on fire and the Main Stream Media were blaming Russia. Now go back in your mind to 9/11, before the towers even fell Osama Bin Laden was to blame, the American Main Stream media knew the political script, it was Bin Laden, so America went to Iraq, killing thousands. Yeah I don’t get that either.

What I am saying here is, we are all angry, but before we all blame Russia I ask you watch this video, you probably have seen it. It is voiced over by Daboo7 a good lad who does You Tube like I write. He asks a very simple question. If the plane had been shot down, why was there no trail coming down the way AT ALL! Check when the explosion happens there is nothing coming off it, there are no trails of smoke, nothing. I take from that the plane just crashed. But I may be wrong. So I ask, what do you think?


Malaysia Flight MH17: What The MSM Isn’t Telling You!

BUT. Look at this video and we see no trail. I am just asking a question here