US Boy With Replica Gun Fatally Shot By Police

Tamir Rice was shot twice by police in a playground

Tamir Rice was shot twice by police in a playground

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Why can’t US Cops shoot to wound? In almost every other country Police are trained to take a person out, not kill them. American cops just kill. This is a police state at work, sadly…And note, not “Black kid” …Just “A kid”

A 12-year-old boy has died after being shot by police in Ohio after reportedly brandishing a realistic looking airsoft gun at a recreation centre. Tamir Rice passed away in the early hours of Sunday, a day after police shot him at a playground. A 911 call was made to Cleveland Police shortly before 3.30pm on Saturday by a caller who told dispatchers twice that the gun was “probably fake”. In the recording, he says: “There is a guy with a pistol… It’s probably fake, but he’s pointing it at everybody.” Towards the end, he adds: “You know it’s probably fake, but it’s scaring the **** out of everyone.”

The replica gun which Tamir was holding

The replica gun which Tamir was holding

Deputy chief of police Ed Tomba said one officer fired twice after the boy pulled the “fake weapon” which was lacking the orange safety indicator usually found on the muzzle. He said: “The boy did not make any verbal threats but grabbed the replica hand gun after being told to raise his hands, that’s when the officer fired.” Both officers have been placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure. The police department are investigating the circumstances as are the FBI’s “use of deadly force” team. Jeff Follmer, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, said the officers were not told that the 911 caller suspected the gun might have been fake.

he scene where the youngster was shot twice by police

The scene where the youngster was shot twice by police

He said the officers were dispatched to the playground outside a city recreation centre and saw the pistol sitting on a table or bench. He said they watched as the boy grabbed the weapon and put it in his waistband. An attorney for the boy’s family, Timothy Kucharski, said Tamir went to the park with friends, but he did not know the details of what led to the shooting. “I don’t want to make a rush to judgement,” he said.

Daniel Michael Margolis, a local criminal lawyer, told Sky News: “Whether the gun was real or not is immaterial. The officers have to assume it’s real, especially because it looks real. “They’re certainly not going to trust the observation of the 911 caller. There are also cases where orange safety indicators have been painted on real guns to make them look like replicas.”

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More PolIce State USA!


By @ShaunyGibson  Used to be @ShaunyNews

I wrote about 100 #PoliceStateUSA articles on ShaunyNews, now Shaunynews has gone, I will continue to write about what is fast becoming a police state. The kid is right here, the Cop needed a warrent. But the cop just slaps the kid in the face and takes the keys from the kid. This is the US Police now guys. This is ONLY what is being recorded. I often wonder how bad it really is. This Cop should be fired. Outragous, had this been Scotland (YEAH, BLAH BLAH, I KNOW) I would have stood my ground till the walked away. What choices do these US Cops leave people in? Give in or get beaten up? Cops shoot to kill in the USA. In the UK, cops with Guns shoot to get people down. I will give you an example. The two guys who beheaded Lee Rigby ran at the police, 10 feet away with huge knives, police shot them, but the UK police are trained to shoot to get the person down, NOT KILL!

This is the US Version

Saratoga County Deputy Shawn Glans was oblivious that he was being filmed when he tried to search a man’s car without a warrant – and was caught slapping and threatening the man on camera. Fortunately a friend of victim, who was present during the encounter, uploaded the evidence to Facebook on Friday. It wasn’t long before the video went viral and the officer was punished.

According to Chief Richard L. Castle, Glans was suspended without pay when officials found out about the footage. Castle said in a statement: “At this time this is an internal personnel investigation as there is no criminal complaint from the involved civilian.”

This is how the UK Police shoot people. Now these two ‘Terrorists had JUST beheaded a man in the middle of the street!


A Very Sobering Statistic For The USA!


 By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

ISN’T THAT AN INCREDIBLE FACT. Checked and yeah, it’s true. WOW! 


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USA – More police brutality caught on tape – Police State USA




I am keeping tabs on scared Americans now recording every stop by the Cops, this poor lad below was abused for no reason. America, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIGHT BACK!! I am documenting them ALL here I said a while back ‘The coming USA Police State’ I was wrong, it’s now happened, your police/cops ARE above the law, people are being killed for no damn reason by these fascists in blue! America as you debate rubbish like abortion, religion, fairies in the sky, whatever, your government, Obama is signing away your freedom, you do know 100 miles from any border or beach the US Constitution does not apply to you. you know this? 




A horrifying video has emerged showing St. Petersburg police forcing a man out of his car before pouncing on him, leaving him hospitalized with several injuries, all because the cop claims he was in fear for his life. At least that what he says in his report, where he wrote the following: “I exited my marked patrol cruiser and walked towards the vehicle and I noticed the driver staring at me with a blank stare as he continued revving the engine louder and louder. I thought by his actions the subject was going to attempt to hit me with his car.” The video, however, shows it was Curtis Shannon, a young man from Florida who should have been in fear for his life during the arrest. It also shows that he remained professional as he tried to hand the cop his license and registration through a small opening after the cop pulled him over for what he claimed was erratic driving. But if anything was erratic, it the was behavior of the cop, which unfortunately, Shannon refuses to identify out of what he says is “respect.” The cop deserves no respect because he was downright criminal. A thug with a badge. A proud member of the Blue Mafia.

OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT (I will try get the Document)

In a police report provided by Shannon, the officer — whose name had been withheld — claimed that “Shannon then exited the car and charged towards me.”
“I then pushed Shannon away from me and advised him ‘to stop resisting’. Shannon then attempted to charge towards me again and I escorting Shannon to a [sic] the ground using an armbar takedown maneuver,” the police report stated.


The Constitution, through the Fourth Amendment, protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. The Fourth Amendment, however, is not a guarantee against all searches and seizures, but only those that are deemed unreasonable under the law.

Whether a particular type of search is considered reasonable in the eyes of the law, is determined by balancing two important interests. On one side of the scale is the intrusion on an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights. On the other side of the scale are legitimate government interests, such as public safety.

The extent to which an individual is protected by the Fourth Amendment depends, in part, on the location of the search or seizure. Minnesota v. Carter, 525 U.S. 83 (1998).

I Wish I Never Became a Police Officer