Why We Can’t Be Selfish In This Vote Scotland

Check the hatred here.. WOW!

First thing I need to make clear, we will be the first nation EVER to leave a union without as much as a punch being thrown in anger. The image above was from this years Wimbledon. There is no hatred in this vote and there won’t be when we have voted. Because I believe it will be a #YES. Looking at all the Polls from @YesWhere_ever I see it at 70/30 for. Each city has it’s own #Yes Campaign, my one is @YesWestEdinburgh They all did a poll, all over Scotland, add it up, and you get 70/30, but we can’t be sure, we must make sure and be sure

Well here we go, another attempt to get through to the people who vote no. Probably people with decent lives, nice home, 2 family income and totally unaware of the struggle faced by others. I myself am disabled, I never seen this coming, if YOU became disabled and dependant on Westminster to help you, 100% be honest with yourself, could you trust them? If you lost your Job, could you trust Westminster to help. I know about 20 people who work in the NHS up here in Scotland, my Mum married the main man for Unison Edinburgh, many are voting NO. I say to these NHS workers, in the event of a NO you WILL LOSE YOUR JOB. The NHS is being privatised.

Many don’t see the other side of life. I don’t live on the hard side, I am in agony all day every day, but I manage myself, but I make sure I am aware of the hardship and I understand the pain and suffering of others. I asked in my last blog ‘Do you trust Westminster’ And I ask again, here it is

Scotland – We are NOT voting for SNP or any Politician, we are voting for Freedom and to stop deaths


Read some of what this blog says https://welfaretales.wordpress.com/category/suicide/ it states facts and times and details. They are a hard read, but Scotland we MUST understand the dangers of a no vote.

Benefit cuts blind man committed suicide after Atos ruled him fit to work


Vulnerable man starved to death after benefits were cut


Brutal Benefit Cuts for the Disabled Are Leading to Suicides in the UK


We must fully understand why there are more food banks, we must fully understand why more people are losing their homes. The way I see it, and I am in no means in a life where I rely in independence, but I know many are, is, if we vote no blindly, we are being selfish. I am not voting for me, I am voting for the disabled, the homeless, the NHS and most of all my kids and all the kids in my country.

I ask you Scotland to really understand why you are voting. You and I will be gone in 60/70 years, our kids, their kids and Scotland won’t be. Please see the bigger picture. Don’t leave our kids to fight Westminster, don’t leave the disabled people to fight ATOS. Scotland please! Again, know why you vote

The blog above is a hard read and through that blog I changed the mind of several people. So I will keep going the same as hundreds, thousands of others who are fighting HARD to make sure we have a free Scotland. Many question what money we will use. Well the Royal Mint is there and the Queen will STILL be our head of state. The Prisons are in the Queen’s name also. The reason the Queen will remain our head of state is so many issues will sorted with ease. But there will be fear mongering going on, scaring you to death with lies

Do your own research, don’t blindly vote no, as it will harm 10’s of Thousands of your own people here in Scotland. Don’t be selfish, at least give a reason why you vote no, I am yet to hear one valued reason from a no vote. Why? because there isn’t one. Their life is good, so why should they care right? Be human and look around you.


Austerity, Nuclear and Foreigners of Scotland, why vote NO and risk being thrown out and making Scotland poor?

So the yes or no vote to free Scotland from a lying, corporate greedy, vile, thieving Westminster is getting closer. Many in England, thousands of people in England are marching in the streets to stop Austerity cuts, sadly many in Scotland are voting no to KEEP Austerity cuts. I don’t get this. Many need educated on why Yes HAS to be the only option

I had a debate with a polish lad the other day on a yes/no Facebook page, he had been in the country for 5+ years and said that people getting bailiffs at their doors are scroungers and deserve it. I will say to ALL Foreign people in Scotland right now, if YOU vote NO, then we all run the risk of UKIP coming into Power.

Let’s be very clear on one thing here, and this for the immigrants who we warmly welcome into Scotland. Should UKIP ever get into power YOU WILL BE SENT HOME. So I am asking all foreign people in Scotland, is this something you are happy to do? You want to test the water on this one? You are prepared to gamble your stay in Scotland by voting no?

Get the Nuclear weapons out of Scotland

Many are actually voting NO and if a no, unlikely as it seems now, happens, Austerity cuts will hurt US ALL! There won’t be a man, woman or child who won’t feel the blunt end of Westminster’s actions. A yes is the ONLY option we have. We must be brave, we must be sure, we must change our minds if we are too proud not too. I know hundreds of people who have changed from no to yes, but don’t know any who have gone from yes to no, so this is a good thing

Also, the Nuclear option, we don’t need it. We will be in Europe, we will have friends, we WILL have a Scottish army, we just won’t have the nuclear option. As the World in many parts fights to GET the Nuclear option, Scotland has the chance to get rid of Nuclear from our soil

Did you know ALL of the UK’s Nuclear weapons are in Scotland? Yeah, it’s true. Should it be a YES today, England would have no Nuclear weapons. England I am told are building Nuclear storage places in 3 areas, I think Westminster knows it’s too close to call.

Vote yes, stop Austerity, get rid of the Nuclear option and help keep foreign people in Scotland and NEVER allow UKIP the chance to govern Scotland. We can’t take that risk

You foreign? Well UKIP ‘WILL’ send you home

Scotland, we get one shot at this, we must be brave, we must go and be free, the other options will hurt us BADLY. Research like many do, don’t be ignorant on subjects, ask, learn. PLEASE!! For the rest of us. I have 4 kids, 2 sons older teenagers and 2 daughters 3 and 5, I want to tell them I tried, but I would rather tell them I helped. We must get out of this vile Union, we stay in, we get punished, there are no doubts. Our Parliament one day will get taken. This is OUR CHANGE, OUR TIME! DON’T BLOW IT SCOTLAND, I AM BEGGING! PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF ON WHY ‘YES’ IS THE ONLY OPTION!