Scotland To Be Battered By ‘Weather Bomb & Tsunami Waves


This is coming but worse, 50+ foot high waves

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

The weather we all felt today is just the start, 50 to 60 foot high waves are expected. This is going to be horrific for the West Coast and anyone near the Forth River (Like me) This is being said to be the worst ‘Weather Bomb’ that has Scotland

Via Sky News

SCOTLAND was battered by 100mph gusts yesterday – and is braced for more severe weather today with warnings of gales and flooding in many area.

Gusts of 100mph were recorded yesterday in some exposed areas, and yellow “be aware” warnings of high winds were put in place for the Highlands, Western Isles, Orkney, Shetland and Argyll and Bute. Gales have raised the prospect of flooding at high tide along the west coast, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) said.

The high winds and choppy waters attracted windsurfers to beaches in Troon and elsewhere round the coast. Flood alerts were in place for coastal areas in the north and west, while higher-level flood warnings were in place across Tayside. Heavy rain was expected to continue to fall until early this morning in the area and low-lying land could be at risk, Sepa said.

The Met Office has issued amber, yellow  and red warnings

The Met Office has issued amber, yellow and red warnings

John Griffiths, forecaster for MeteoGroup, said an area of low pressure was moving across northern parts of Scotland towards Iceland. He said: “There will be quite severe gales in northern parts of Scotland and on the western coast throughout Sunday as the low pressure swings right past Scotland.” Wind speeds reached 102mph on the Applecross peninsula in Wester Ross and 111mph at Tomintoul in the Cairngorms National Park.

Glasgow and Edinburgh were buffeted by gusts of up to 47mph, temporarily closing Christmas attractions in the capital including the Big Wheel in Princes Street Gardens. Several football fixtures were called off, including a match between Stenhousemuir and Rangers on Saturday.

Passengers at Edinburgh Airport faced disruption to flights, while flooding and problems with overhead wires affected some ScotRail lines and many Caledonian MacBrayne ferry services on the west coast were cancelled or delayed. At the height of the storm on Saturday, the Forth, Tay and Skye road bridges were closed to high-sided vehicles.

Around 20 people were evacuated from Whitburn Junior Social Club in Whitburn, West Lothian, and an adjacent bungalow, after heavy tin roof sheeting blew off a nearby pavilion on to both buildings.–approach-northwestern-britain-9911930.html

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USA: “We Are In The Bullseye!” Expert Warns, “By Midweek, All Hell’s Going To Break Loose!”

50 FOOT WAVES! When Michio Kaku talks, YOU LISTEN!

50 FOOT WAVES! When Michio Kaku talks, YOU LISTEN!

By @ShaunyGibson  Used to be @ShaunyNews

When Michio Kaku talks, you listen. I have heard a few people saying the storm front coming could be so cold air travel could stop, November 15th/20th and maybe early December. I like this guy, he is always spot on. The CBS guys try and laugh it off but they fail badly. The Earth has changed and will keep changing, this is a result of this. America, get your boots scarf and hat!

Michio Kaku joins CBS This Morning to warn 250 million Americans that “we are in the bullseye” and by midweek, “all hell’s going to break loose” as America prepares to be pummeled by something sounding almost Biblical, ‘BomboGenesis’. Kaku warns that air, train and vehicle traffic could be paralyzed next week, and schedules disrupted: “A massive disruption that will peak around November 13th to November 15th” Kaku informs us, before telling us that we could feel the ‘ripple effects’ throughout November. Kaku also warns “the Earth is changing” and we need to get used to seeing more “violent swings.”

Cancer-killing stem cells engineered in lab

Brain tumours are often solid and hard to reach so stem cells are an effective way of targeting them

Brain tumours are often solid and hard to reach so stem cells are an effective way of targeting them

By Shaun Gibson @ShaunyNews

Scientists from Harvard Medical School have discovered a way of turning stem cells into killing machines to fight brain cancer.

There may soon be a new way to use stem cells in the fight against brain cancer. A team has created a way to genetically engineer stem cells so that they can produce and secrete tumor-killing toxins that eradicate cancer cells remaining in mouse brains after their main tumor has been removed.

The stem cells are placed at the site encapsulated in a biodegradable gel. This method solves the delivery issue that probably led to the failure of recent clinical trials aimed at delivering purified cancer-killing toxins into patients’ brains.  Cytotoxins are deadly to all cells, but since the late 1990s, researchers have been able to tag toxins in such a way that they only enter cancer cells with specific surface molecules; making it possible to get a toxin into a cancer cell without posing a risk to normal cells. Once inside of a cell, the toxin disrupts the cell’s ability to make proteins and, within days, the cell starts to die.

Encapsulated toxin-producing stem cells (in blue) help kill brain tumor cells in the tumor resection cavity (in green). Credit: Khalid Shah, MS, PhD

“Cancer-killing toxins have been used with great success in a variety of blood cancers, but they don’t work as well in solid tumors because the cancers aren’t as accessible and the toxins have a short half-life,” said Harvard neuroscientist Khalid Shah, MS, PhD, who directs the Molecular Neurotherapy and Imaging Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. “A few years ago we recognized that stem cells could be used to continuously deliver these therapeutic toxins to tumors in the brain, but first we needed to genetically engineer stem cells that could resist being killed themselves by the toxins. Now, we have toxin-resistant stem cells that can make and release cancer-killing drugs.”

Shah’s stem cells escape this fate because they are made with a mutation that doesn’t allow the toxin to act inside the cell. The toxin-resistant stem cells also have an extra bit of genetic code that allows them to make and secrete the toxins. Any cancer cells that these toxins encounter do not have this natural defense and therefore die. Shah and his team induced toxin resistance in human neural stem cells and subsequently engineered them to produce targeted toxins.

“We tested these stem cells in a clinically relevant mouse model of brain cancer, where you resect the tumors and then implant the stem cells encapsulated in a gel into the resection cavity,” Shah said. “After doing all of the molecular analysis and imaging to track the inhibition of protein synthesis within brain tumors, we do see the toxins kill the cancer cells and eventually prolonging the survival in animal models of resected brain tumors.”

Shah next plans to rationally combine the toxin-secreting stem cells with a number of different therapeutic stem cells developed by his team to further enhance their positive results in mouse models of glioblastoma, the most common brain tumor in human adults. Shah predicts that he will bring these therapies into clinical trials within the next five years.

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Fish Fossils Show Sex Originated In Scotland

Microbrachius dicki – which lived in ancient lakes – are the first-known animal to reproduce by having sex instead of spawning.



By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Is Science cool or is science cool?

Ancient armoured fish pioneered sex as we know it some 385 million years ago in what is now Scotland, scientists say.

The Microbrachius dicki – a bony 8cm-long fish which lived in ancient lakes – is believed to be the first-known animal to reproduce by having sex instead of by spawning.

The research is published in the journal Nature, and if confirmed would stand as one of the major breakthroughs in understanding the history of reproductive biology.

Fossils show that the males developed bony L-shaped genital limbs called claspers.

These transferred sperm to females, which developed paired bones to lock the male organs in place during sex.

The fish belonged to the placoderm group – the earliest vertebrate ancestors of humans.

Palaeontologist Dr John Long, who led the research, said: “Placoderms were once thought to be a dead-end group with no live relatives, but recent studies show that our own evolution is deeply rooted in placoderms and that many of the features we have – such as jaws, teeth and paired limbs – first originated with this group of fishes.”

He said the discovery shows “they gave us the intimate act of sexual intercourse as well.”

The breakthrough came last year when Dr Long found a single fossil bone in the collections of Estonia’s Tallinn University, which caused him to gather an international team of scientists to analyse fossil specimens from across the world.

The research paper also said the fish likely copulated from a sideways position due to the shape of the male gentitals.

Dr Long – from Flinders University in Australia – added: “These L-shaped claspers on the male would reach to the centre of the female, where she had two little genital plates which were pretty rough, a bit like cheese graters, so that they could lock the male clasper into position like velcro.

“This enabled the males to manoeuvre their genital organs into the right position for mating.”

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‘Meteorite’ smashes into Nicaraguan capital


MANAGUA, Nicaragua – A mysterious explosion that rocked Nicaragua’s crowded capital Managua, creating a large crater, appears to have been caused by a meteorite, officials said Sunday. Amazingly, in a sprawling city of 1.2 million people, the impact near the international airport did not cause any known injuries, but it did leave a crater measuring 12 meters (39 feet) across. “We are convinced that this was a meteorite. We have seen the crater from the impact,” said Wilfredo Strauss of the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies. The meteorite appeared to have hurtled into a wooded area near the airport around midnight Saturday, its thunderous impact felt across the capital. The hit was so large that it registered on the instruments Strauss’ organization uses to size up earthquakes.

“You can see two waves: first, a small seismic wave when the meteorite hit Earth, and then another stronger one, which is the impact of the sound,” he said. Government officials and experts visited the impact site on Sunday. One of them, William Martínez, said it was not yet clear if the meteorite burned up completely or if it had been blasted into the soil. “You can see mirror-like spots on the sides of the crater from where the meteorite power-scraped the walls,” Martínez said.

Government spokeswoman, First Lady Rosario Murillo, said Managua would be in contact with the U.S. Geological Service to try to get more information about “this fascinating event” in the Central American nation, one of Latin America’s poorest countries. People who live near the crater told local media they heard a blast they took for an explosion, and that liquid, sand and dust were blown through the air, which smelled like something had burned. There were no reported injuries because the impact was in a wooded spot, and flights at the airport were not affected.

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Felt as an Earthquake

Felt as an Earthquake

Roughly, the diameter is 40 times the diameter of the meteorite, 12 meters/40 = 30 cm. So that would seem to come out at the weight of a large cannonball, which I guess would be 34 kg (Volume = 4/3 radius^3), density of steel = 7700kg per cubic meter = 7.7kg per square meter

20 Years of Fibromyalgia – The Story of Paul from the USA – Very Similar to my story. You?

Sunday morning and I am in bed beat by an invisible monster. From time to time I read what others go through and it staggers me to see and know that everyone’s story is the same. Family belittle us, Friends think we tell lies. This is a story from ALL Fibro sufferers. I find it astonishing how we all tell the same story, have the same issues and battle the exact same demons. For anyone with Fibro and MORE IMPORTANT I THINK, for anyone in a relationship with a Fibro sufferer, I think watching this video will be of benefit. Paul in the video below tells a story I can relate to in oh so many ways. I just watched it with Dawn my partner. I am lucky she kinda understands, I can’t accept the girl to 100% get it, but she tries, she understands when I vent, like Paul says below and like you, a fellow sufferer tells, we all have this story, it matches up all the time. Here is Paul. It is 20 minutes, I ask you watch it and I hope it helps. Sadly many will look at this headline and think “Oh give it a break” Well all I can say to you is, “You get a soul” I can’t and don’t get people who don’t care, who belittle people with this. I had a family member tell me to “Give it a break, your not dying” I won’t speak to that person again. I have no time in my life for people who want to see me and treat me different. That is the thing, people think we want sympathy, NOTHING could be further from the truth, we just need to vent, imagine having toothache for a year without it stopping, now imagine that pain all over your body, all the time, never stops. And people ask “Why don’t you visit” I still have family members myself who get annoyed I can’t do things. Anyone who knows me and is still a friend will know that if I could still do football I would NEVER have started to write. Writing gives my brain a tiny bit of relief. This is one of a few small tricks I have learnt as the years have gone on. Don’t belittle me, I hate gossips, I would rather people, like my Sister said it to my face. Still was wrong, but I rather that that Jekyll and Hyde people. All smiles to your face or when they want something from you then turn around when you are not there and guess on you. It pissed me off no end. How does this all effect you? Watch the video, try and get where Paul is.

Paul Harrison



Our planet is telling us something – Mother Nature – Our Species – Video


images (2)Our World is in a terrible place just now. I decided to tell the news, honest to God, not till you stand back and see it do you realize, yes, the World, Mother nature is speaking to us. Add to that the disease, Ebola, the breaking news tonight of the Plague. Then there is Genocide and war. ISIS are slaughtering Iraq’s my the thousands, the Israel/Palestine issue, Russia and Ukraine, the Girls are still missing in Nigeria and the fighting and killings are happening in Syria, Egypt and other places, Japans Fukushima plant still harms the Earth as it has been doing so for a few years now. People are reporting being ill more, people like me are developing Chronic Pain disorders, Cancer is up 70% on 30 years ago, I could go on and on. Africa still starves, Religion still causes division. BUT, put all that to one side, hard I know and just focus on the Weather, The changes to our planet and what Mother Nature is doing to us, then this short video all clips from main stream media tell a tragic story of a dying planet and a warring people. Sometimes I wish I didn’t tell news. Let me know what you think.We are hearing VERY strange noises in the sky, our TV media are picking it up. I am just observing our planet here, it seems in so many ways it has become a planet we struggle to understand because a dozen or so reasons, some we know, some we can guess. Global Warming is backwards, cities, underwater cities are reappearing all over the World, go Google. So the Water is going some place. Well if I missed anything, let me know. All I know is, I see a strange and sometimes evil World but often beautiful also. What have we done or what is going on with our World. People over 60 years old must look at this World and see a huge change. I am 4o, I am seeing it. Is it the invention of the internet feeding us faster news, sometimes seconds after the event/ Anyway, life can br good, but does anyone else see the differences reported in the video 2 down

We are hearing strange noises in the Sky










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