New York Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola

Dr Spencer is originally from Detroit, Michigan

Dr Spencer is originally from Detroit, Michigan

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Not what we want to hear, 5 days we heard no new cases outside West Africa, now we see one in New York and one in Mali North of Guinea, just as it was slowed down, lets hope this isn’t in New York, I mean spreading. Pray!

A New York hospital is testing a doctor who has returned from West Africa with “Ebola-like” symptoms, the city’s health department said. The patient at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan is a healthcare worker who came back to the US within the past 21 days, it said. Test results for the doctor, who has a 103-degree (39.4C) fever and gastrointestinal symptoms, are expected within hours. The medic has been named as 33-year-old Craig Spencer, originally from Detroit, Michigan. He was working with the aid group Doctors Without Borders, reportedly in Guinea, one of the three West African countries hardest hit by the deadly disease.

Mali ALSO reported its first case of the disease on Thursday in a two-year-old girl who had recently arrived from Guinea. “The condition of the girl, according to our services, is improving thanks to her rapid treatment,” Mali’s Health Minister Ousmane Kone  told state television. Just as we had 5 days with no cases outside the West African area. CDC and W.H.O both said it would kill 10,000 people a week as we get closer to Christmas, is this Ebola about to show it’self for real? Two new reports in the USA and Mali

A health ministry official said the girl’s mother died in Guinea a few weeks ago and the child was brought to the Malian capital Bamako by relatives before travelling to Kayes. People who have come contact into the girl while in Kayes are being monitored and officials have appealed for those who may have had contact with her elsewhere to get in touch with them. In New York, hazmat-suited specialists have sealed off his fifth-floor apartment in Harlem. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told a news conference “very few” people had had direct contact with the doctor. The medic took an Uber taxi to a bowling alley in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Tuesday night, CNN reports.

 An exterior view of Bellevue Hospital in New York City

An exterior view of Bellevue Hospital in New York City

A woman who appeared agitated identified herself at Bellevue’s front desk as the patient’s fiancee, according to Reuters news agency. Bellevue said in a statement: “The Health Department’s team of disease detectives immediately began to actively trace all of the patient’s contacts to identify anyone who may be at potential risk.” Bellevue is one of three Manhattan hospitals and eight in the state of New York equipped to handle patients diagnosed with Ebola. From Wednesday, travellers to the US from Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea, the countries worst affected by the epidemic, were being funnelled through one of five major American airports conducting heightened screening for the virus. As the measures came into force, Connecticut placed six West Africans who arrived in the US on Saturday under quarantine for possible Ebola exposure.

Eight people are known to have been treated for Ebola in the US, six of whom contracted the deadly virus in West Africa. There have been only three diagnoses so far in the US – a now-deceased Liberian man, Thomas Duncan, in Dallas, Texas, and two nurses who treated him. The family of one nurse, Amber Vinson, said in a statement on Wednesday that health officials were “no longer able to detect virus in her body”. The other infected nurse, Nina Pham, is said to be in good condition at a federal hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.  Also on Wednesday an NBC freelance cameraman, Ashoka Mukpo, 33, was discharged from a Nebraska hospital after being cured of Ebola.

The 33-year-old, who caught the virus while working in Liberia, flew home to Rhode Island. The disease has killed nearly 4,900 people mainly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Dr. Craig Spencer is seen in this undated LinkedIn profile photo

Dr. Craig Spencer is seen in this undated LinkedIn profile photo

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Fears grow in United States over Ebola’s spread outside West Africa

A sign asks patients to inform staff if they have fever, cough, trouble breathing, rash, vomiting or diarrhea symptoms and have recently traveled internationally or have had contact with someone who recently traveled internationally at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, New York

A sign asks patients to inform staff if they have fever, cough, trouble breathing, rash, vomiting or diarrhea symptoms and have recently traveled internationally or have had contact with someone who recently traveled internationally at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, New York

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

(Reuters) – Fears are growing in the United States about Ebola with about 200 airline cabin cleaners walking off the job in New York and some lawmakers demanding the government ban travelers from the West African countries hit hardest by the virus. “The nation is frightened, and people are frightened of this disease,” the U.S. cabinet secretary for health, Sylvia Burwell, said on Thursday, a day after the death in Texas of the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Burwell told a news conference that people were frightened because Ebola “has a very high mortality rate. They’re frightened because they need to learn and understand what the facts are about that disease.”

As the government prepares to start screening passengers from West Africa for fever at five major airports over the next week, cleaners at New York’s LaGuardia Airport staged a one-day work stoppage over what they say is insufficient protection for workers whose jobs include cleaning up vomit and bathrooms. The cleaners will return to work Thursday night. U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said the goal was to expand airport screenings for Ebola internationally to “as many different checkpoints as possible.” The Ebola virus causes hemorrhagic fever and is spread through direct contact with body fluids from an infected person, who would suffer severe bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. “We are always with feces and near garbage,” Sharekul Islam, 20, whose job cleaning airplane cabins at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport regularly exposes him to the type of waste and fluids that can transmit Ebola.

Twenty-three Republican and three Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives signed a letter to President Barack Obama asking the State Department to impose a travel ban and restrict visas issued to citizens of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The Oct. 8-dated letter also asked U.S. health and border control officials to consider quarantine of 21 days for anyone who arrives from the affected nations after being exposed to Ebola, the period in which they would show signs of illness. It said the World Health Organization “is an organization of unelected bureaucrats and political appointees of foreign countries. It has no duty to protect the lives and well-being of Americans, as you do.” WHO says nearly 4,000 people have died in the worst Ebola outbreak on record, with a death toll averaging about 50 percent of cases since March. An unrelated outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has killed dozens.

Shares in Lakeland Industries, a maker of suits to wear while handling hazardous materials, rose more than 50 percent on Thursday on expectations of the disease spreading. A Liberian man who flew on commercial flights from his home country on Sept. 19 and died in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday morning had had contact in Liberia with a woman who later died of the disease. In other examples of the concern over Ebola, a sheriff’s deputy was admitted to hospital Wednesday after saying he may have been exposed to the Liberian man. The deputy tested negative for Ebola, the state health department said. And on Wednesday, jail officials in Kenosha County, Wisconsin moved a female Immigration Customs Enforcement detainee into medical isolation after learning she was from Liberia, and despite her showing no symptoms of the virus, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

Her temperature was taken twice and she was monitored by nurses, the department said. Separately in Washington, a Republican in the U.S. Senate is still holding up most of $750 million from the Defense Department’s request to shift $1 billion in war funds to fight Ebola. Senator James Inhofe’s approval as the top Republican on the Senate Armed Forces Committee is needed, although other senior Republicans said they backed the funds. U.S. health officials, while answering questions about mistakes in the treatment of Liberian man Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas and overall preparedness for Ebola patients, have emphasized the need to tackle the virus at its source in West Africa. “This is a fluid and heterogeneous epidemic. It is changing quickly and it’s going to be a long fight,” Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday at a high-level meeting of major donors at the World Bank. Frieden compared Ebola to AIDS and said, “Speed is the most important variable here. This is controllable and this was preventable.”

A Spanish nurse is in serious condition in Madrid with Ebola after treating a priest who was repatriated from West Africa and died of the disease, the first reported transmission outside of the region. A British man suspected of contracting the virus died in Macedonia, a government official said on Thursday.

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Ebola crisis: global response has ‘failed miserably’, says World Bank chief – As World is warned millions could die


When these guys give money away, it’s to protect the rest of the money, lets be clear on this

The president of the World Bank, Jim Kim, admitted on Wednesday that the international community had “failed miserably” in its response to the Ebola virus that has killed more than 3,800 people in west Africa and warned that the crisis now affecting Spain and the US was going to get much worse. Amid signs yesterday that western governments were being forced to take the risks of a global pandemic more seriously, Kim said he wanted them to back a new $20bn (£12bn) global health fund that would be able to react instantly to emergencies. “It’s late. It’s really late,” he said in an interview with the Guardian before the annual meeting of the Washington-based organisation this weekend. “We should have done so many things. Healthcare systems should have been built. There should have been monitoring when the first cases were reported. There should have been an organised response.” Kim’s warning that the global community was still not “moving fast enough” came as the Ebola virus claimed its first victim in the US and news of a case in Spain sent shares in travel and airline companies tumbling on stock exchanges. The World Health Organisation (WHO) said the number of deaths from Ebola in west Africa now stood at 3,879 with no evidence that the epidemic was being brought under control.

The US has announced that it is scaling up its efforts and will tighten screening procedures at airports from this weekend. Thomas Duncan, who died in a Dallas hospital on Wednesday after arriving from Liberia, lied in a questionnaire about whether he had been in contact with anyone affected by Ebola. Britain also announced on Wednesday that it was scaling up its efforts to deal with the Ebola virus which has gripped three west African countries –Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

OBAMA AT UNITED NATIONS ON EBOLA – WARNING to the WORLD. Ebola is Spreading at Alarming Speed

Let’s no forget the utter importance and real threat Ebola is “Spreading at alarming speed and it will get worse”

All of England’s major hospitals are making preparations to isolate and treat patients suspected of having Ebola if a serious outbreak occurs, while more than 750 military personnel and the medical ship RFA Argus are being sent to west Africa to help contain the outbreak. RFA Argus has a fully-equipped hospital including critical care and high-dependency units, and will be sent to Sierra Leone along with three Merlin helicopters. The announcement followed a meeting of the government’s Cobra emergency committee, chaired by the UK prime minister.

However the government has come under pressure to do more to prevent the disease spreading in the UK, including calls for the introduction of screening at airports and other transport hubs. Keith Vaz, chairman of Britain’s Commons home affairs select committee, said: “We must do all we can, both at the source and in the UK, to combat the spread of this virus. “Our immediate response should be to tighten regulation and introduce measures such as screenings at airports, train stations and ferry ports to ensure that this deadly disease cannot take more lives.

I will share some quotes with you from around the World. I can’t say they are 100% but I do know these people would not lie:

“Yes, this is a friend of a friend kind of post. Check my posting history; I don’t do these kinds of threads. If a mod of member I trust wants details, pm me and I will provide.  Source is a nurse who is also a relative of mine, and is currently a patient in a hospital. There are more lies being told about the case in Dallas than even we have been supposing, including the time of death, contacts being traced, and people with symptoms beginning to show. Will update as more information arrives”


Officials are also in the process of examining clinical staff and other facility patrons. The number of people impacted at the Care Now facility is unknown.


I’ll be watching this one… Being 30 minutes from downtown Dallas I have a horse in this race. Keep it coming.  I started a thread “Possible Ebola Case, Dallas Texas” breaking this story on ATS. On page one of that thread a member I now call Dan the Man posted some inside information from a nurse he knows that works in the hospital he was being treated at. Sadly his source went dry after one further update. I’m sure the nurse had fear for their job as he said they were told not to say anything. They are going as far as changing the in house communication methods. Prior to the Mr. Duncans arrival Dr’s were contacted by their personal cell phones. Now cell phones are not allowed in the building. They are keeping very tight lipped on the real situation there, so I am excited at the prospect of some real updates from real, honest people, not pushing an agenda.


Trust me, I’ve railed against all the incarnations of Mr. Schnitzel that have appeared on these boards over the years I’ve been here.  I will give as many details as I can.  Source is a relative who is a nurse (has been for a long time, and is well versed in this virus in particular) and is a patient in one of the few hospitals in the country that does have the facilities to deal with this virus.  As one can imagine, this topic is on many lips in the hospital.  It is this person’s opinion that the virus is, and has been, transmissible prior to onset of symptoms.   That is the bigges lie we are being told.


As you can see the responses from people from many parts of the World are real and it has and will effect us all in some way. I too was puzzled by the Dallas patient’s death being reported by Israel a day or so ago. I wonder if the delay reporting his death in the U.S. media had something to do with this strange side-story about “blood transfers” from survivors. That might account for the delay, in order to get survivor blood to him – or from him to another patient. Obama in his speech was 100% correct to have a go at Russia, China and others for doing little or nothing to calm this surge of Death that Obama has said, the CDC and W.H.O have said, experts in the field have said, THIS CAN AND WILL KILL MILLIONS+ if we fail to act now and act as one World. Sadly Wars are still being fought when we could in some way come together and help stop the spread of a disease that. as said ‘Is totally out of control. Feel free to look at the link below or search my blog from the 1st Ebola blog till now to see where we went wrong, Dr’s didn’t know this is a new/different strain of Ebola and were sending people home thinking they had the flu. The World bank has stepped forward to help, and it will ask all countries to put into the money pot to help. Also I can’t believe how fast this disease is moving, it is almost totally out of control, if not already there 


I myself reported the Death 2 days before the media and like many in this hospital many don’t understand the delay : This was October 6th, the death was announced on the 8th. Many told me that “Thomas Duncan is getting better and will recover” I had this comment “How can you say he’s dead when a family member tweeted yesterday to say Thomas was getting better” Now who am I to say what is right or not right. Israel (Mossad) are the World’s best spying operation, if the say it, you can usually take it to the bank. I am hearing also Nurses are ‘almost’ refusing to go to work in a few hospitals. People are very scared and I think America has actually woken up for once to the Worst’ disease there is on Earth being a clear and present Danger. Right now ISIS/IS are of little debate, Ebola for now is the biggest threat to our species since the Spanish Flu around 1919 that killed 7% of the globe (I read 3% I read 7% more often) And this was before ‘Lets jump on a plane to Paris and people traveling all corners of the World every day. Australia got it’s first case of Ebola yesterday meaning every continent on Earth with people living day to day lives has now seen Ebola. The CDC said 2 months ago “Ebola is out of Control” W.H.O have said pretty much the same. Now we see the World bank move to protect it’s money. I would love to say they did it because it was the right things to do, sadly I am not sure. Obama was 100% correct when he accused Russia and China and others (He didn’t name names, he doesn’t have to) of doing very little and this could cause more deaths. The latest projection is 10 Million people will die. Lets hope this isn’t true. But every few hours I hear of a possible new patient, it is a story I started writing about early May and here we are in September and all I feared is unfolding before m


“Immigration officers are not trained health professionals. Greater support must be offered to ensure that they are equipped to deal with this outbreak to prevent it reaching the UK.” Kim said he welcomed the UK and the US scaling up their efforts, but said that a high price was being paid for 11 months of delay and inter-agency argument. “Now that there are cases in Spain and the US, the chance of the virus going to other European countries is fairly high,” he said. In a blunt assessment of how the international community had coped with the crisis, Kim said: “We were tested by Ebola and we failed. We failed miserably in our response.”

He urged finance ministers attending meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund this weekend to provide the resources needed to treat Ebola patients in their home countries. Under the Bank’s plan, resources would be provided to build big specialised treatment centres and to extend care to local communities. Every developed country should be prepared to send trained medical staff to west Africa, Kim said.

A health worker carries a child suspected of having Ebola into the MSF treatment centre in Paynesville, Liberia.

A health worker carries a child suspected of having Ebola into the MSF treatment centre in Paynesville, Liberia.

“We don’t need to stop all travel from these countries. It’s going to be impossible to stop people. The way to stop the flow of patients from these countries getting to the rest of the world is to have programmes that will treat people and increase survival dramatically. It’s possible. “We need to have quality services in place so that the motivation to leave these countries goes away. It is a rational thing to do to get away because we don’t have the treatment in place.” Rudimentary healthcare systems in the three west African countries have encouraged people to travel abroad for treatment, thereby spreading the virus. Before the crisis, Liberia had 61 doctors and 1,000 nurses, while Sierra Leone had 327 hospital beds. “I say to finance ministers: look at what’s happening in Spain right now. It is going to get much worse.”

The authorities in Spain said they were dealing with the first case of Ebola that had been transmitted outside of the three west African countries – a nurse who treated a priest who had flown to Madrid for care. The World Health Organisation said further “sporadic” cases of Ebola in Europe were now inevitable. A World Bank study released on Wednesday showed that the economic cost of Ebola could be as high as $33bn over the next two years if the virus spreads to neighbouring countries in west Africa.

Kim admitted that the Bank had been having arguments with the WHO over Ebola but that they had now stopped. “The most important thing is to stop arguing about what is or is not possible and to get on with doing what’s needed.” Kim said his plan involved big treatment centres being set up by the US and the UK together with attempts to provide as full a range of services as possible into local communities. He said: “It would be good if you could manage the treatment of people close to home. But you can’t do that without the personnel. “We need to put the capacity into place so that cases are identified more quickly.” Oxfam criticised the World Bank for its failure to invest enough in healthcare and in its promotion of user-fees and privatisation.

Nicolas Mombrial, head of Oxfam in Washington, said: “This has changed rhetorically under Jim Kim. We hope to see it play out in the Bank’s lending and advice from now. Ebola should serve to accelerate this change.” Kim said that countries such as Sierra Leone had used financial support from the Bank to improve energy supplies, but added: “This has taught us that we have to be much more serious about putting health systems into place.” He contrasted health systems in the three west African countries with Rwanda, which has 55,000 health workers. “If this had happened in Rwanda we would have had it under control.”

Kim said it was fortunate Ebola was not a quick-moving virus but the chances of a quick moving virus in the next 10 years is high. “This was sloppy work on even a slow-moving virus like Ebola. If we have seen this with a slow moving virus we are not even close to being ready to deal with a fast moving virus.” He said Ebola highlighted the need to have a speedier way of responding to health crises. “Why don’t we have a multibillion dollar fund of $10bn, $15bn or $20bn set up so that once there is a global health emergency it can be drawn down on very quickly?”

President Obama Provides an Update on the Ebola Outbreak

 October 6, 2014, President Obama was briefed on the Ebola outbreak in the U.S - Very Latest

October 6, 2014, President Obama was briefed on the Ebola outbreak in the U.S – Very Latest

By Shaun Gibson @ShaunyNews

**BREAKING** Ebola Patient in Dallas Has Died – Reports

Above is what I heard that Thomas Duncan in Dallas had sadly died due to Ebola. Please note I put ‘Reports’ so I am only sharing what Israel (Mossad) the Israeli Intelligence Community have reported via a Reuters reporter. I read some reports and watched a You Tube video that claimed when Mr Duncan arrived at Texas Health Presbyterian, after being sent home 1st time, when he came back a second time showing major symptoms that he was sick several times in the building and in a lift, the people who cleaned the sick up wore no vital health equipment. I understand now why American people were angry. Months ago the UK and many other European Countries had stopped Air Travel to or from some areas in West Africa. I think the time to restrict ALL Air travel, Worldwide is a very possible outcome, lets hope this doesn’t happen. There are many unconfirmed reports of Ebola affecting others all over the World, the latest two cases being a Spanish nurse and a young boy in Miami, both are in the link above. There are now 5 cases of American people with Ebola, the death toll is climbing to 10,000 quickly, below is a link to a firm cleaning Mr Duncan’s home


(Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Monday that the government would develop expanded screening of airline passengers for Ebola, both in the West African countries hit by the disease and the United States. The first patient diagnosed with the disease on U.S. soil, Thomas Eric Duncan, remained in critical condition in a Dallas hospital, as Obama was briefed by agencies involved in fighting the spread of the deadly virus.

The president said it was important to follow existing protocols strictly. “But we’re also going to be working on protocols to do additional passenger screening, both at the source and here in the United States,” Obama said. However, the White House said that a ban on travel from West African countries, which some U.S. officials have called for, would slow the fight against Ebola.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said officials did not want to impede transport systems used to send supplies and personnel to the hardest-hit countries in West Africa, so a travel ban was not being considered. Airlines for America, a Washington-based trade group, separately said it would meet health and safety officials on Monday to discuss whether additional screening procedures anywhere in the world might help improve on those already in place.

Authorities in the United States and the public are on alert following Duncan’s diagnosis just over a week ago, raising concerns that the worst epidemic of Ebola on record could spread from West Africa. Duncan – who flew to the United States via Brussels and Washington from Liberia after helping a woman who later died of Ebola – is fighting for his life in a Dallas hospital. The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital initially sent him away with antibiotics, only to have him return two days later in an ambulance.

Via You Tube – The White House

Health officials said none of the 10 people who were being monitored after having had direct contact with Duncan are so far showing signs of Ebola symptoms. Ebola, which can cause fever, vomiting and diarrhea, spreads through contact with bodily fluids such as blood or saliva. Concern about the virus is also high in Europe, where the first case of Ebola being contracted outside of West Africa was reported on Monday. Spanish health officials said a nurse who treated a priest repatriated to Madrid with Ebola last month, and who died of the disease, had also been infected.

Texas Health Presbyterian said on Monday has been receiving the experimental drug brincidofovir since Saturday. The drug was developed by Chimerix Inc, which said it has been tested in more than 1,000 patients without raising safety concerns. “Chimerix has brincidofovir tablets available for immediate use in clinical trials,” the company said in a statement.

People leaving Ebola-affected countries are asked to fill out a questionnaire on whether they have symptoms such as a high fever and whether or not they have had any contact with someone who was diagnosed with Ebola. In Liberia, at least, they also are scanned for fever. Obama said on Monday that “the chances of an outbreak – of an epidemic here are extraordinarily low.” He also said some other countries were not doing enough to fight the disease at its source in West Africa.

“I’ll be honest with you: Although we have seen interest on the part of the international community, we have not seen other countries step up,” the president said. “We’ve had some small countries that are punching above their weight on this but we’ve got some large countries that aren’t doing enough.”


Several health experts and lawmakers have asked the administration to consider enhancing U.S. airport and customs screenings, including checking travelers using handheld fever scanners. Texas Governor Rick Perry, announcing the formation of a state task force on infectious diseases Monday, said that there were “mistakes” with handling the Ebola diagnosis in Dallas, but defended the state’s overall public health management.

“I stand by the fact that the process is working,” Perry said. “We don’t have an outbreak. We have one event that is being handled properly.”Perry also called for enhanced screening procedures by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents, including “obtaining more information about people who are coming from affected areas and taking appropriate steps upon arrival.” The death toll from the disease has been rising in three impoverished West African countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The current Ebola outbreak has killed at least 3,439 people since it began in March, out of nearly 7,500 confirmed, probable and suspected cases.

In addition to those three countries, the tally includes Nigeria and Senegal, where Ebola is believed to have been contained, and the one case in the United States.

Meanwhile, the fifth American to contract Ebola in West Africa arrived in the United States for treatment on Monday. A private plane carrying Ashoka Mukpo, 33, a freelance television cameraman for NBC News, landed in Omaha from Liberia and was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center.


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