UK/US Sex Case: Prince Andrew:’sex slave’ Scandal:’Slave’ (Claims) ‘I met the Queen’

This is getting real! Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts

This is getting real! Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts

By @ShaunyGibson Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via Also other links and images from links below 

Does Mumsey know?

Does Mumsey know?

Well this story is picking up steam very quickly and is about to rock the World in many ways. The UK Main Stream Media are all over this story today. They picked it up late last week and today have went a step further, a few have not went with this story implicating the Queen of England, but if proven, this is a game changer for the UK and the USA where Bill Cosby is the first and certainly not the last famous person that will be named and shamed. For readers outside the UK a dozen and more TV Celebrities have been spoken to by police, taken to court and many jailed and rightfully so. Here is all I have blogged about this so far, it started with the TV people and I said it would lead to 10 Downing Street (Where the UK Prime Minster lives) and also to Buckingham palace (Queen’s Mansion in London) I am told, sorry I have learnt through research more girls and boys have came forward to the police.

Did The Queen Meet with Prince Andrews Alleged Victim Virginia Roberts?
Via Elite NWO Agenda

The teenager at the centre of a Royal sex abuse scandal was introduced to the Queen in London, her father has claimed. Virginia Roberts, the alleged underage “sex slave” of Prince Andrew’s billionaire friend Jeffrey Epstein, was “so excited” to meet the Queen, her Father told the Sun newspaper in the UK. Sky Roberts, 58, said: “Virginia told me a few years back that she met Prince Andrew when she went to London. “She also said while they were there she met the Queen. “She had been flown to London by Jeffrey [Epstein]. He would fly her all over the world and she would give him massages on his private jet.” In its third statement on the matter, Buckingham Palace denied the claim: “We have no record of such a meeting.”

He is looking worried. Royals shouldn't bite their teeth!

He is looking worried. Royals shouldn’t bite their teeth!

Daily_Mirror_5_1_2015Prince Andrew, whom Buckingham Palace this weekend denied had “any form of sexual contact” with Virginia Roberts, has returned to the UK from a skiing holiday in Switzerland to manage the crisis enveloping the Palace. American billionaire Epstein, a convicted sex offender whose friendship with Prince Andrew has long been a source of controversy, has been accused in a US civil lawsuit of running a sex trafficking ring for rich and powerful men — including the Prince, according to court papers filed on behalf of “Jane Doe 3”, who has been named as Virginia Roberts.

The court documents in the US legal action relating to Epstein, in which the Duke of York has been named but not as a party to the action, allege that the then 17-year old Roberts was forced by Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew on three occasions — in London, New York and as part of an orgy on Epstein’s private Caribbean island. Buckingham Palace issued a statement on Friday that said “any suggestion of impropriety with under-age minors” by the Duke was “categorically untrue”. In the court documents, Roberts states that she was invited to Epstein’s Florida mansion as a 15-year-old before becoming his “sex slave” from 1999 to 2002.  She claims to have been passed around “politically connected and financially powerful people” to help Epstein ingratiate himself for “business, personal, political and financial gain as well as to obtain potential blackmail information”

Jeffrey Epstein: the billionaire paedophile with links to Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Robert Maxwell – and Prince Andrew

Jeffrey Epstein: the billionaire paedophile with links to Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Robert Maxwell – and Prince Andrew

Mr Epstein a close friend of Prince Andrew spent only 13 months in a Florida prison for having sex with a 14 year old girl, anyone else would have got longer, this is what Power, Money and Influence buys you in the ‘Elite’.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz – who is also named in the court papers – said the claims against him were part of a pattern of “made-up stories” by the woman and her lawyers against prominent people. Prof Dershowitz, who represented Epstein in the 2008 case, said that he would not rest until he had shown that the claims regarding his conduct were false and he advised the Duke to do everything in his power to clear his name. “My only feeling is, if she’s lied about me, which I know to an absolute certainty she has, she should not be believed about anyone else,” he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. “We know she’s lied about other public figures including a former prime minister and others who she claims to have participated in sexual activities with, so I think it must be presumed all her allegations against Prince Andrew were false as well.”

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz

But in a statement released through her lawyers to The Guardian, Roberts hit back, saying: “These types of aggressive attacks on me are exactly the reason why sexual abuse victims typically remain silent and the reason why I did for a long time. That trend should change. “I’m not going to be bullied back into silence.”



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Police in Cameron Security Scare, proving Obama vote video was staged

Inquiry Call After PM's Collision

Inquiry Call After PM’s Collision

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Lets go back a week to this blog here, and video first.

Chicago man to Obama: ‘Don’t touch my girlfriend’ – Obama’s Security does ‘nothing’


Now I stated I believed the above video with Obama and Mike was ‘Staged’ ‘Set up’ to make Obama look like your ‘Average Dude’ No security detail ON EARTH would allow any man to say that, so close to the Worlds most powerful man (If you believe he is)

Now today. A guy out in London running got arrested for running NEAR David Cameron. I wish I was making this up. A man walks past Obam pointing and makes a threat, NOTHING. A man in London running IN A PARK towards a group of men in suits and is arrested. I hear from people in the area that the man was screaming “I am late for my bus, f*uck off” The video is below.

Scotland Yard has launched a security review after a member of the public appeared to collide with the Prime Minister in Leeds. Former close protection officers and MPs have also called for a full inquiry into David Cameron’s security arrangements after the runner was able to get close to him and members of his protection team as they left the city’s Civic Hall. Video footage shows the man, identified as Dean Farley, heading towards the group at speed while the Prime Minister visibly braces himself. Farley then appears to bump into Mr Cameron before security personnel step in and wrestle the dreadlocked 28-year-old out of the way. The PM appears to be alone for several moments before the team got him into a waiting car.

: Man Held After PM Security Alert

Man Held After PM Security Alert

Mr Farley, who is understood to have been on the way to a local gym, was briefly arrested. He has since been released without charge. He later posted on his Facebook page: “So im all over the news as ‘the protester that attacked david cameron in leeds’ yeah if you call brushing into someone while running then assaulted by half a dozen coppers in suits attacking…” Speaking from her home in north Leeds, Mr Farley’s mother said she had spoken to him and he was “very upset by the whole situation”. West Yorkshire Police, which is taking part in the review by Met Police, said there was “nothing sinister” about the incident and it was “just a man in the wrong place at the wrong time”. 

A Downing Street spokesman said the PM “has gratitude and confidence in the protection teams who look after his security on a daily basis” and will “cooperate in full” with the Met review. After returning to London, Mr Cameron laughed off the collision as he appeared before MPs in the House of Commons. He said former deputy prime minister John Prescott, who once punched a protester who threw eggs at him, had been with him in the Civic Hall. The Prime Minister said: “John Prescott was in the room as I gave the speech. So as I left the room I thought the moment of maximum danger had probably passed. But clearly that wasn’t the case.”

But in the wake of last week’s attack at the Canadian parliament and with the UK terror threat level raised to severe, there are heightened concerns about the security of British dignitaries. Conservative MP Mark Pritchard told Sky News that a police inquiry must ensure “lessons are learned” from Monday’s incident. “The Met Police have some of the best close protection officers in the world. However, this was a clear breach of security and could have been far more sinister in outcome,” he said. Former diplomatic protection officer Steve Park also hit out at the PM’s security team, saying they took “their eye off the ball”.

Last week's attack at the Canadian parliament

Last week’s attack at the Canadian parliament has caused all leaders to be worried, sadly

They “should have been looking metres ahead expecting an attack like this, especially nowadays,” he said. “Had the attacker coming towards them had a knife or a pistol I think it could have been really grave for the Prime Minister.” Sky’s Home Affairs Correspondent Mark White said: “Maybe it does raise questions about the kind of security bubble you put around VIPs when they are put in the public like this. “But you can see from the video that it did happen very quickly, and the security personnel that were with the Prime Minister did react to pull this person away.”

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18 Months I Warned You About ISIS, Time And Time Again, Fell on Deaf Ears – Now Look

These guys are NOT going to mess around.

These guys are NOT going to mess around

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

What we are starting to see is ISIS/IS/Islamic State or whatever you want to call them coming through with a terrorising promise to the West. They told us they would behead people who are against them. We have had two beheading’s here in London, England (I am in Scotland if you don’t know) We have had a Terrorist try to kill Police officers with an AXE yesterday in New York And of course the sad events in Canada.

Now I research HARD and I will leave you with 3 blogs I have copied to here you can read or scan through and also some links to other blogs I did on what is happening just now. With Ebola hitting the USA and ISIS shooting in Canada and the Axe Terrorist in New York, added to Lee Rigby who was the soldier beheaded in London, we have an enemy coming good on a promise. Where I am we are vigilant at ALL times. We had a terror attack in Glasgow Airport a few year back, we beat the crap out of them both, who were on fire while being beaten. I don’t think they will come to Scotland again, we fight back. That was almost a joke there, but to be fair this is no time for joking, the game has changed, the game is rigged, the plan is set in motion. I showed you ALL John McCain meeting ISIS. Why did he do that? See I see a 1st World full of people who believe the nightly news like they do in God, and that is Dangerous! We need to think outside the box, put clues together, try and see the bigger picture. What I have done here is put the ‘Bigger Picture’ into one blog. USA and Canada, this, I believe, is just the start of an enemy you will fight in your own streets. Read and educate yourself or let it come and say “I can’t change a thing” One line that annoys me is “I can’t change a thing” How about coming together and looking after each other instead of being alone and in denial? I am just saying. For nearly 2 year, on my old blog and now AceNews and ShaunyNews I have warned and warned and warned bad was coming to the USA. I even told Canada what was coming. I don’t want a pat on the back for being right, far from it, I wish I was wrong. But mark my WORD! This is only going to get worse, a new World is about to hit us all. With Ebola and ISIS, our World is about to change, I think, in ways we can’t even imagine. We are fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria with bombs but they are here, in our Countries and streets, how do we fight an enemy like that?


USA and Canada are targets now

USA and Canada are targets now

Articles I did to try and warn USA and Canada below 


Iraqi ISIS Militants Threaten Revenge Attacks On USA Soil


Iraqi militants have threatened to respond to US airstrikes by attacking American targets, posting a video in which they warn: “We will drown all of you in blood”. The message, which was accompanied by photographs of beheadings, came as Barack Obama announced Kurdish peshmerga troops, supported by US jets, had recaptured the strategically important Mosul Dam. The US president said Islamic State (IS) fighters remained “a threat to Iraq and the entire region” and said Iraqis “must reject them and unite by pushing them out of lands they have occupied”. “They claim to represent Sunni grievances but they slaughter Sunni men, women and children,” he said, adding limited military missions would continue.

Unlike al Qaeda, IS has, to date, focused on seizing land in Iraq and Syria for its self-proclaimed caliphate, rather than attacking Western targets. Earlier, the group denied losing control of Mosul Dam, which supplies water and electricity to much of the country. It had been feared they would cut pipes and cables or blow up the structure, branded the “most dangerous in the world” by the US Army in 2007, causing huge loss of life and extensive damage along the Tigris valley.

Army spokesman Lt Gen Qassim al Moussawi said at least 170 bombs had been dismantled around the site but warned many more remain. Meanwhile, Sky News has gained exclusive access to suspected IS militants who were captured by Kurdish fighters. The trio are being held in a secret location, claiming they were tortured into making confessions. And IS militants killed dozens of Kurdish peshmerga fighters and captured 170 of them, a Twitter account that supports the group said

Mr Obama has authorised limited missions in Iraq

Mr Obama has authorised limited missions in Iraq

Iraq’s outgoing foreign minister Hoshiyar Zebari also said Kurdish officials would take part in negotiations on forming a new government, paving the way for improved ties between Kurds and the central administration. It came after David Cameron insisted Britain would not be dragged into another war in Iraq to fight what he called “monstrous” jihadists. He spoke out after it emerged the UK had briefly sent a number of ground troops to Irbil to prepare for a rescue mission to help displaced Yazidi people. A strongly worded statement followed confusion over Britain’s involvement in Iraq after a series of media interviews by senior ministers. “I want to be absolutely clear to you and to families watching at home. Britain is not going to get involved in another war in Iraq,” the Prime Minister said in a televised address. “We are not going to be putting boots on the ground. We are not going to be sending in the British Army.” Mr Cameron’s pledge followed comments by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, who said the UK’s latest involvement in Iraq would likely last “weeks and months”. Mr Fallon had been addressing British troops in Cyprus, as it was revealed UK soldiers had been back on the ground in Iraq for the first time since 2009.


FBI, Homeland Security Bulletin Asks Police To Be Aware Of ISIS





BOSTON (CBS/AP) – Federal authorities sent a bulletin to U.S. law enforcement Friday in light of the threat concerning militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), according to CBS News. The bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI cites no known threat to the U.S. homeland, but reminds law enforcement to be alert and aware of the ISIS threat, CBS reported. U.S. law enforcement has been intensifying efforts to identify Islamic State sympathizers who could help export the group’s brand of violent jihad to the United States. They come amid a new barrage of U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State group that beheaded American journalist James Foley of Rochester, New Hampshire. The group called Foley’s killing revenge for previous strikes against militants in Iraq.

WBZ-TV security analyst Ed Davis says there’s no question the stakes have been raised by ISIS running from Syria through Iraq. “They’ve not only collected ransom from European countries for hostages but they’ve sacked several banks that have given them hundreds of millions of dollars,” Davis said. “When you see an organization that’s this well grounded in tactics also having the ability financially to move those plans forward it’s a very troubling time,” he added. Davis called the ISIS militants highly trained military people who know exactly what they’re doing.


Muslim Brotherhood has a ‘significant presence’ in Canada

Muslim brotherhood members and ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi supporters protest in July 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. The Broherhood is facing a crackdown in Egypt following Hersi ouster by the military.

Muslim brotherhood members and ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi supporters protest in July 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. The Broherhood is facing a crackdown in Egypt following Hersi ouster by the military.

TORONTO — The Muslim Brotherhood has established a “significant presence” in Canada, says a study released Tuesday that asks whether the government should follow the lead of the United Kingdom and launch an investigation into the group.

Calling the Brotherhood the “antithesis” of Canadian laws and values, the study urged Ottawa to deny public support and charity status to organizations aligned with the group, which promotes political Islam as an alternative to Western-style democracy.

The report is “intended to focus public attention on the requirement to have a national level discussion on the Muslim Brotherhood and its role in Canada,” said Tom Quiggin, the former Privy Council intelligence analyst who authored the study.

Mr. Quiggin, a court-recognized expert on terrorism, wrote the study without government or private funding. “Questions need to be raised about the accreditation, public funding and charity status of the organizations involved,” he said.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in the 1920s by the Egyptian cleric Hassan Al-Banna, whose writings were hostile to the West and envisioned its downfall, proposing instead a “world living under the tranquility of Islam.”

To achieve this, he called for reforms that included mandatory memorization of the Koran in schools, igniting “the spirit of Islamic jihad” in youths, censorship of music and films, and confiscation of books and newspapers.

Almost a century later, the Muslim Brotherhood is a controversial revivalist movement and political party in the Middle East. It is facing a crackdown in its home base, Egypt, following the ouster of Mohamed Hersi by the military.

Last month, British Prime Minister David Cameron ordered an investigation into the Brotherhood’s activities in the U.K. and alleged links to violence and extremism. In Canada, the government has not taken action directly against the Brotherhood.

“We are aware that the U.K. is doing a review on the MB. We will be determining any possible next steps in short order,” Adam Hodge, the spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, told the National Post on Monday.

baird hachimi kadi rectangle

A senior source at the Department of Foreign Affairs recently confirmed that the Canadian government gave $5.3 million to the Syrian opposition in 2012. According to the National Post, “the entire Canadian contribution was funnelled through the U.S. State Department.” Syrian opposition leader Hassan Hachimi told the National Post that the money was spent on communication equipment.

The report comes a month after Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney announced the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy — Canada (IRFAN) had been placed on Ottawa’s list of banned terrorist groups. According to the Canada Revenue Agency, IRFAN had merged with the Jerusalem Fund for Human Services, which was allegedly set up by a Muslim Brotherhood committee.

IRFAN had funnelled $15-million to groups linked to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch, auditors claimed. IRFAN was a registered charity at the time but has since had its status revoked. The RCMP is investigating. IRFAN denies knowingly funding Hamas.

Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, declined to comment on what he called a “foreign political organization.” But he said the NCCM was not affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Writing in the Winnipeg Free Press on May 16, Mr. Gardee called an article about the Muslim Brotherhood co-authored by Mr. Quiggin a “conspiracy-laden diatribe that, in a sweeping stroke, smeared our long-standing Canadian organization as ‘terrorists’ and despicably suggested we intend to destroy Canada from within.”

hachimi photo snc post meeting

Mr. Quiggin’s report lists several other Canadian organizations — some of them federally-regulated charities — that he says are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. Key executives in some of them have left Canada to take positions with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria, he writes.

“The government of Canada may wish to pursue a wider investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood with a particular focus on its activities in Canada and the USA. Cooperation or information sharing with the proposed investigation in the United Kingdom may be useful,” the report says.

Such a probe should examine which Canadian groups with Muslim Brotherhood affiliations have charity status and access to the government, it says. The Canada Border Services Agency may also want to screen foreign nationals for membership in the Brotherhood.

It also recommends the government consider requiring those advocating the spread of Muslim Brotherhood ideology to register as lobbyists. In addition, the report says charities receiving funding from overseas should be required to publicly report the sources of their foreign donations.


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Shaun Gibson

Shaun Gibson

Live Steaming from Canada Shooting

More Locations are under attack!

More Locations are under attack!

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews


Ottawa is in lockdown as police search for up to three gunmen after one was reportedly shot dead inside Canada’s parliament building. Police told the AFP news agency that possibly up to three shooters were feared to be on the roof of the building in the capital. It came after a soldier guarding a nearby war memorial was wounded after shots were fired.  Shots have also now been reported at a hotel and a mall in the city. Armed forces bases across the country are being closed to the public in the aftermath of the shooting, according to CBC TV.

Shots In Canada Parliament

Shots In Canada Parliament

A construction worker at the parliament told the Reuters news agency he heard a gunshot, and then saw a man dressed in black with a scarf over his face running towards the building with a gun. Another witness said more than 30 shots were fired inside the building. Witness Marc-Andre Viau said he saw a man run into a caucus meeting at the parliament, chased by police who yelled “take cover.” This was followed by “10, 15, maybe 20 shots,” possibly from an automatic weapon, he said. Video footage posted by the Global and Mail newspaper showed police crouching for cover as they advanced along a stone hallway, with loud gunfire echoing among the gothic columns.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is safe and has left Parliament Hill.

Michelle Rempel, MP for Calgary Centre North, tweeted: “Mom im okay Im in hiding.” Some people fled parliament by climbing down scaffolding erected for renovations, witnesses told the Canadian Press news agency. The cordon has been pushed back and media on the scene have been told they are not safe. Police have warned people in Ottawa to stay away from windows and roofs.  The wounded soldier, who was standing guard at the National War Memorial, has been taken away in an ambulance. The soldier appeared to be seriously wounded and medics were seen pushing on his chest to revive him. The shooting comes two days after an Islamic convert ran down two Canadian soldiers near Montreal, killing one of them. Authorities had raised the security threat level from low to medium after that incident.

Muslim Brotherhood has a ‘significant presence’ in Canada

I did that headline in this Article on May 27th. ISIS have been mentioned on Sky TV (The live stream above) Was I right? is there a connection? I pray no more die 😦 Canada is under attack

More follows…

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Frankfurt authorities prepare for Ebola – Is it about to get bad?

Are we ready for Ebola? It's a question the German media have been asking for weeks. Frankfurt Airport has come under particular scrutiny due to its size. But could Frankfurt really be an entry point for the disease?

Are we ready for Ebola? It’s a question the German media have been asking for weeks. Frankfurt Airport has come under particular scrutiny due to its size. But could Frankfurt really be an entry point for the disease?

Some of the taxi drivers at Frankfurt Airport feel helpless against the disease

Some of the taxi drivers at Frankfurt Airport feel helpless against the disease

Ebola continues to rage in Africa. So far, the virus has claimed more than 1,500 lives in the West African countries of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. But the deadly disease has stirred fears on the European continent as well, triggering a string of false alarms. With several airlines including British Airways and Air France cancelling flights to affected countries, European airports have been on the alert for weeks. As Germany’s biggest airport, Frankfurt has come under particular scrutiny. Over 58 million passengers pass through its sliding glass doors and terminals every year. The taxi drivers outside the airport’s international arrivals terminal are concerned that one of those passengers could be carrying the Ebola virus. “I often have a bad feeling about it,” one of them comments. “Every time I leave the airport here with passengers I always say: ‘May I ask where you’ve just come from?’ And then I can usually make up my own mind.” He says he has even considered wearing mouth protection. Two others say they have a duty to take people to where they need to go, and they don’t ask where people have just come from. “What can you do? That’s the way it is. We have to keep working,” says one, and takes a drag from his cigarette.

Emergency medical care

The taxi drivers have to depend on airport safety measures and on passengers from affected countries making sure they get checked for Ebola. But according to Bonn-based

René Gottschalk's team at the health authority meet daily to discuss Ebola measures

René Gottschalk’s team at the health authority meet daily to discuss Ebola measures

journalist Abu-Bakarr Jalloh, that is easier said than done. Jalloh recently returned from Freetown in Sierra Leone, where he had been in close contact with Ebola patients on a reporting assignment. He was feeling unwell and tried desperately to get a blood test to confirm he was Ebola-free. He was shocked by the response of medical staff.

“You go to the emergency clinic and you would sit there for hours and hours and tell them ‘Hey my case could be very serious, take it seriously.'” Even when he explained that he could be a carrier of the virus, he was told that emergency patients are the priority. “As long as you don’t look like you’re dying, you’re not a priority,” Jalloh said. Jalloh says the response he got to his case in Germany has made him think that “the measures that authorities in Europe and airliners are taking aren’t sufficient.”

Staff at the regional health authority in Frankfurt would surely disagree . Chief public health consultant René Gottschalk estimates that employees there have been spending around 30 percent of their time dealing with Ebola-related issues in recent weeks. Every day, Gottschalk and his team meet in the so-called “Ebola crisis management room” to prepare for a potential Ebola case. The team includes infectious disease specialists and a crisis management expert who liaises with the police and the fire brigade. The walls in the room are plastered with maps, health warnings and lists of emergency contacts, flight numbers and airports in Africa.

Of course, a large chunk of the Ebola-related work at the health authority currently consists of press requests regarding Frankfurt airport’s precautions. His team has been so overwhelmed that it has gone from answering individual requests to arranging larger-scale events for journalists. Gottschalk thinks that reporting on the disease hasn’t amounted to scare-mongering, but that the amount of reports has stoked fears. “People read, see and hear more than twice a day that Ebola is a problem in Germany. But it isn’t a problem.”

Red, yellow and green

Isolation ward 68 at Frankfurt's university hospital is prepared for Ebola patients

Isolation ward 68 at Frankfurt’s university hospital is prepared for Ebola patients

Gottschalk explains that there’s a clear procedure for the event that a passenger suspected of having Ebola comes to Frankfurt airport: The flight would land outside the airport grounds. Passengers on board would then be classified according to how likely they are to be carrying the virus, using a traffic light color-coding system.

“If a passenger is marked red, we will transport him directly from the aircraft to the university hospital. Passengers marked yellow will enter the airport in a specialized area. Only passengers marked green will enter the airport and travel on,” Gottschalk explains. The same marking procedure is used for other viral hemorrhagic fevers, such as Lassa fever, which are transmitted from person to person through bodily fluids rather than through the air. There was a suspected case of Ebola on a flight from Addis Ababa to Frankfurt on August 15, 2014. But the passenger had tested negative for Ebola before flying and was allowed to travel on after being examined on the plane. An elderly couple who had been on the same flight told DW they felt “the airport staff did a good job. We felt safe and had the feeling that they knew what they were doing.”

Isolating the virus

But if there were to be a case of the virus at the airport, an infected passenger would be taken directly to Frankfurt’s university hospital, for treatment in isolation ward 68. The two-bed ward there is sealed off from the rest of the hospital, using airlock doors and negative pressure in the room. Before entering, medical staff would put on sterile protective clothing, including an orange plastic overall, two pairs of gloves, rubber boots and head covering. A built-in hose blows filtered air into the hat and into the entire gown. That way, if the suit ripped, air would blow any potential bacteria out of the suit.

.Not a European battle

Timo Wolf, a consultant in infectious diseases who runs the ward, explains that doctors at the hospital train in the isolation ward every three months. Wolf says working in the gear is “very physically straining,” so staff need to

Staff in the isolation ward wear full-body protective gear

Staff in the isolation ward wear full-body protective gear

practice performing medical procedures in the full-body suits, which he says feel like hot, heavy, scuba-diving suits.

Such preparations are very necessary, Wolf believes. “I think it’s possible, if not likely, that in the next couple of weeks, we will be confronted with a suspected or maybe even a definite case of Ebola.” Frankfurt’s system is tried and tested, Wolf says. The ward has treated Lassa fever and had a SARS patient in 2003.

“I think that there’s no reason to be afraid of anything now in Europe. I think that in the long run, this game has to be won in Western Africa,” Wolf says

WHO warns of W Africa’s Ebola ‘shadow zones’

David Nabarro of the UN says WHO has a new plan to fight Ebola

David Nabarro of the UN says WHO has a new plan to fight Ebola

Families hiding infected loved ones and the existence of “shadow zones” where medics cannot go mean the West African Ebola epidemic is even bigger than thought, the World Health Organisation has said. Some 1,427 people have died among 2,615 known cases of the deadly virus in West Africa since the outbreak was first identified in March, according to new figures released by the WHO on Friday.  Under-reporting of cases is a problem especially in Liberia and Sierra Leone, currently the two countries hardest hit. “As Ebola has no cure, some believe infected loved ones will be more comfortable dying at home,” the WHO said in a statement detailing why the outbreak had been underestimated.

“Others deny that a patient has Ebola and believe that care in an isolation ward – viewed as an incubator of the disease – will lead to infection and certain death.”

Corpses are often buried without official notification. And there are “shadow zones”, rural areas where there are rumours of cases and deaths that cannot be investigated because of community resistance or lack of staff and transport. The WHO said it is now working with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to produce “more realistic estimates”. On Friday, the WHO said it had drawn up a draft strategy plan to combat the disease in West Africa, and details would be released early next week. David Nabarro, Senior United Nations System Coordinator for Ebola, who was travelling with the WHO’s Fukuda in Liberia, said the strategy would involve ramping up the number of health workers fighting the disease. “It means more doctors, Liberian doctors, more nurses, Liberian nurses, and more equipment,” he said. “But it also means, of course, more international staff.”

Ballooning numbers

Despite initial assertions by regional health officials that the virus had been contained in its early stages, Ebola case numbers and deaths have ballooned in recent months as the outbreak has spread from its initial epicentre in Guinea. “We think six to nine months is a reasonable estimate,” Keiji Fukuda, the WHO’s Assistant Director-General for Health Security, said during a visit to Liberia, speaking of the time the agency now believes will be required to halt the epidemic. An Ebola outbreak will be declared over in a country if two incubation periods, or 42 days in total, have passed without any confirmed case, a WHO spokesperson said.

Hamas executes 18 ‘spies’ – 7 of them in busy public square

Harrowing: Militants with Palestinian before execution

Harrowing: Militants with Palestinian before execution

This is barbaric and not something I think Hamas should be doing in-front of kids. We as a species are growing a generation of hate, when will it end? All this will do is make Israel kill more kids. This is ALL wrong. I won’t defend Pro-Israel people who defend pictures of dead babies. I can’t defend this. Kids seen this. So they will grow to hate and Palestine will get HAMMERED with more bombs again. Going around in circles. I understand why Hamas want revenge but perhaps in a different way, out the way, not in a town square. But when you are land locked you do awful things because you are a prisoner in your own land. This is horrid and I still won’t defend Israel for killing babies and celebrating and defending it, no chance

Hamas gunmen executed 18 people it claimed were collaborators with Israel in Gaza today. The Islamic militant group staged a public execution of seven of them in response to Israeli air strikes which killed three of its top commanders. The shooting of the seven in front of a mosque in a busy square were the first public executions in the Gaza Strip since the 1990s. A further 11 were killed today at an abandoned police station near Gaza City, Hamas security officials said. It came a day after Israel tracked down and killed three top Hamas commanders, the highest-ranking militants to be killed in the six-week war. In the public execution militants wearing masks and dressed in black gunned down the suspects whose faces were covered and hands bound.

It was carried out as worshippers emerged from the Omari mosque on Palestine Square, one of Gaza’s busiest districts. A so-called conviction letter signed by the “Palestinian Resistance” was posted on a wall near to where the bodies lay. A pro-Hamas website announced the killings, saying: “The resistance has begun an operation called ‘strangling the necks’, targeting collaborators who aid the (Israeli) occupation, kill our people and destroy houses.” Israel has reportedly used blackmail or the lure of exit permits to gain intelligence in the territory in the past.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza denounced the killings. Chairman Raji al-Surani said: “We demand the Palestinian National Authority and the resistance (Palestinian armed factions) to intervene to stop these extra-judicial executions, no matter what reasons and the motives are.” Health officials in Gaza said the Palestinian death toll rose to 2,070 of mostly civilians on Friday after a father and his son were killed in an Israeli air strike near Khan Younis. Sixty-four Israeli soldiers and three civilians in Israel have also been killed in the conflict.










Life Can Survive In The Vacuum Of Space – PROVEN

Plankton have been found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (pictured), according to Russian space officials. They think the microorganisms could have been blown there by air currents on Earth

Plankton have been found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (pictured), according to Russian space officials. They think the microorganisms could have been blown there by air currents on Earth

I LOVE this kind of thing, progress in Science and finding new things and ways about life. To discover life can exist in the vacuum of space is one of the biggest Scientific discoveries in a generation. This proves that life can be on Meteors, Comets or any other planet. This plankton is from Earth (They think) but what an amazing discovery. This is why I am a man of science, you never stop learning, things change, science can’t get everything right but when they discover things like this, it amazes me. The possibilities are now endless in terms of “How did we become a species” Were we on a meteorite? Did we crash land on a barren Earth as microbes? Ahh the questions I have. I shall stop

The discovery was made during a routine spacewalk by Russian cosmonauts Olek Artemyev and Alexander Skvortsov, who were launching nanosatellites into space. They used wipes to polish the surface of windows – also known as illuminators – on the Russian segment of the ISS and later found the presence of plankton and other microorganisms using ‘high-precision equipment’. ‘The results of the experiment are absolutely unique,’ said the head of the Russian ISS orbital mission Vladimir Solovyev.  ‘We have found traces of sea plankton and microscopic particles on the illuminator surface. This should be studied further.’ The plankton are not known to be indigenous to Baikonur, Kazakhstan, where the Russian modules of the station blasted off from.

Experts claim that the plankton were not carried there at launch, because they are marine microorganisms not indigenous to the blast-off site in Kazakhstan – but are thought to have been blown there by air currents on Earth. A SEM microscope view of one type of plankton

Experts claim that the plankton were not carried there at launch, because they are marine microorganisms not indigenous to the blast-off site in Kazakhstan – but are thought to have been blown there by air currents on Earth. A SEM microscope view of one type of plankton

Mr Solovyev is not absolutely sure ‘how these microscopic particles could have appeared on the surface of the space station,’ according to Russian news agency Itar-Tass. But he thinks they they may have been ‘uplifted’ to the station at an altitude of 260 miles (420km).  ‘Plankton in these stages of development could be found on the surface of the oceans,’ he said. ‘This is not typical for Baikonur. It means that there are some uplifting air currents which reach the station and settle on its surface.’ Nasa is yet to comment on what this might mean for the American segment of the ISS, and whether similar findings have been made in the past.

Astroecologist Dr Michael Mautner is currently attempting to grow plants in meteorite soil (pictured) which he says is essential to provide food for any future colonies of humans on alien planets such as Mar Read more:

Astroecologist Dr Michael Mautner is currently attempting to grow plants in meteorite soil (pictured) which he says is essential to provide food for any future colonies of humans on alien planets such as Mars


Astroecologist, Dr Michael Mautner, thinks it is entirely possible to, in the future, directly grow certain plants on other planets, which he says will be vital for a future colony to survive on Mars.

Dr Mautner from Virginia Commonwealth University, researcher recently told Motherboard  that meteorites often contain phosphate, nitrates, and even water that plants can feed on.

To grow the plants, Dr Mautner ground up meteorites to create something closely resembling soil.

‘A variety of soil bacteria, algae, and asparagus and potato tissue cultures grew well in these asteroid/meteorite soils and also in Martian meteorite soils,’ he said.

His plan is to eventually find several different plants and extraterrestrial soil types that provide the best conditions to farm in space.

Dr Mautner’s experiment is currently at a very early stage. For instance, he has not yet factored in the lack of oxygen on other planets, or the varying gravity conditions.

But, he believes, this is the first step to providing the tools needed for humans to better explore the solar system and beyond.

World peace? These are the only 11 countries in the world that are actually free from conflict


I often ask “Name a country not in War, at War or in Civil War” And here is the answer, 11 Countries! This means WWIII happening? How many were not at War in WWII? That is the Question

With the crisis in Gaza, the rise of Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria and the international stand-off ongoing in Ukraine, it can sometimes feel like the whole world is at war. But experts believe this is actually almost universally the case, according to a think-tank which produces one of the world’s leading measures of “global peacefulness” – and things are only going to get worse.

It may make for bleak reading, but of the 162 countries covered by the Institute for Economics and Peace’s (IEP’s) latest study, just 11 were not involved in conflict of one kind or another.

Worse still, the world as a whole has been getting incrementally less peaceful every year since 2007 – sharply bucking a trend that had seen a global move away from conflict since the end of the Second World War.

The UK, as an example, is relatively free from internal conflict, making it easy to fall to thinking it exists in a state of peace. But recent involvement in foreign fighting in the likes of Afghanistan, as well as a fairly high state of militarisation, means Britain actually scores quite poorly on the 2014 Global Peace Index, coming 47th overall.

Then there are countries which are involved in no actual foreign wars involving deaths whatsoever – like North Korea – but which are fraught by the most divisive and entrenched internal conflicts.

The IEP’s findings mean that choices are slim if you want to live in a completely peaceful country. The only ones to achieve the lowest score for all forms of conflict were Switzerland, Japan, Qatar, Mauritius, Uruguay, Chile, Botswana, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Panama and Brazil. 

 So South America really is not at War, the rest of the World is!


Israel has changed bar code to avoid boycott! Please share


Many people had stopped buying ANYTHING with a barcode starting 729, so Israel have changed it to 871, if you don’t want to support Israel in their Genocide of Palestine, don’t buy with this bar code. The old one is below

OLD Israeli bar code