Police Investigate Illegal Postal Ballot Claims

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Police are assessing allegations that agents for the pro-union campaign breached election law by “taking tallies” of postal ballots in the weeks before the Scottish independence referendum poll. A complaint was made to the Electoral Commission following comments made by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson after the polls closed last Thursday. She said Better Together campaigners were “incredibly encouraged” by what they had seen at sample postal ballot openings. Ms Davidson said: “We’ve had people at every sample opening around the country over the last few weeks while that’s been coming in. We’ve been incredibly encouraged by the results from that.

“Different local authorities have had openings around the country. “It is illegal to discuss any of that while any ballot is ongoing, so until 10 o’clock tonight no-one could talk about it. “But there’s people in the room that have been sampling those ballot boxes as they’ve been opened, and they’ve been taking tallies and their reports have been very positive for us.” Postal ballot openings are held to verify that the ballots are genuine and that the signature and date of birth given along with the ballots match official records. 

The Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013 states that ballots must be kept face down during the process and precautions must be taken to prevent anyone from seeing the votes made. Ruth Davidson admitted LIVE on TV votes were seen, so it gave the Pro-Unionist’s the know how where to attack and scare. BANG! Got them! 

Agents for the campaigns are allowed to attend but are bound by the act not to “attempt to ascertain at the proceedings in connection with the receipt of the ballot papers the outcome for which any vote is given in any particular ballot paper or communicate any information with respect thereto obtained at those proceedings.” A spokeswoman for the Electoral Commission confirmed that it had received a complaint about the matter. The body has no remit to investigate breaches of electoral law and police were subsequently made aware.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said complaints were being assessed.


I ask EVERYONE to send everything they think suspicious to the police, big or small. They are onto ‘something’, I got this Article and sent it to Police

She admitted boxes were opened and counted, should not have happened

She admitted boxes were opened and counted, should not have happened

I was one to complain regarding this by Ruth Davidson from the Tory Party.



Another on alleged vote irregularities

Another on alleged vote irregularities

Scotland Independence Worse Than Year 2,000 Bush Vs Gore Election Fraud



Huge Vote

Huge Vote

Why did 1 million people not vote who were registered? – VIDEO PROOF CHEATING


Usher Hall Edinburgh over the weekend If anyone…


Usher Hall, Edinburgh over the weekend. If anyone is in ANY doubt, this is a yes vote. The people of Scotland, the working class have had enough of the lies and criminal activity of Westminster. We have said Yes. To see this in my City is Amazing. Come Friday morning and beyond I think there will be MANY MORE Parties like this – We are Winning Scotland!

Other know it also...

Other know it also…

New ICM poll puts Yes 8 points ahead


We all helped, we all did our bit for a fairer Scotland

Commenting on a new ICM poll for the Sunday Telegraph which puts Yes at 54 per cent and No at 46 per cent – and an Opinium poll for the Observer which puts Yes at 47 per cent and No at 53 per cent – Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland, said: ‘The new ICM poll gives Yes a record eight-point lead, which is hugely encouraging. Meanwhile, Opinium puts Yes behind, but just by six points.

‘Taken in the round, the polls show that the referendum is on a knife edge. There is everything to play for, and this will spur on everybody who wants and is working hard for a Yes to redouble their efforts.


4 Days aga;hgosurh;ggrfgag

4 Days away and we are romping ahead

‘As we say in response to all the polls, we are working flat out to ensure that we achieve a Yes vote, because it’s the biggest opportunity the people of Scotland will ever have to build a fairer society and more prosperous economy.’

‘A Yes vote is our one opportunity to achieve job-creating powers, protect our NHS from the damaging impact of Westminster privatisation and cuts, and ensure that never again do we get Tory governments imposed on Scotland that we have roundly rejected.’

The Opinium poll also found that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon come out with the highest support on who the Scottish public think has done well during the campaign (51% for Mr Salmond and 48% for Ms Sturgeon), compared to 25% for Alistair Darling, 24% for Gordon Brown, 13% for David Cameron and 10% for Ed Miliband.

The details of the ICM poll are here: blog.whatscotlandthinks.org/2014/09/icm-put-yes-ahead-perhaps

Podcast/Audio Blog as we reach the final week – Please share, RT and listen.


This is a Podcast/Audio Blog on the upcoming Scottish Referendum. I am voting yes and I like many are trying to help the undecided to vote Yes. It will be a Disaster for Scotland if we vote no. I don’t really think people voting no actually know what they could do to this country. I understand 100% the undecided, maybe leaning left, maybe leaning right, you undecided MUST listen to these Podcasts we all do and read the articles on all the Social Media Groups there are out there. Education is key in the most important day of your life and Scotland History. We get one shot, we lose, we are in for HELL. We win, we create OUR SCOTLAND! PLEASE RESEARCH IF YOU ARE UNSURE SCOTLAND, We will all be dead in 100 years, our Kid’s Kids won’t be and Neither will Scotland be.  How can someone vote no with no reason and know they doing so with the possibility of keeping young kids dependent on Foodbanks to live. Open your eyes to others lives, one day you WILL depend on someone, I hope it’s not Westminster, and if you vote no and you lose your house or job or become disabled like me and you get no help, then I am sorry, you are the person that will cause the problem. In a Free Scotland our Kids, our Old, our Disabled will be looked after. #RESEARCH Don’t vote blindly.

PodCast/Audio Blog Below 

Podcast/AudioBlog Above

The article I said I would add below this video


What Scotland Invented


Do Scottish people care?

Do Scottish people care?

This is what many are doing. I can't believe this

This is what many are doing. I can’t believe this





To Build a New Home – Yes Scotland – Brilliant Video by Joshua Hale!


A stunning video by Joshua Hale @joshuaJH95 from Twitter. As we stand weeks away from release from the UK Union and get set to create a fairer, wealthier amazing democracy we need people doing all they can to educate each other about ‘WHY’ an #Aye vote is important and makes sense. As Tommy Sheridan says “Hope Over Fear” We must cast aside the fear and lies about Plan B and all that other rubbish, vote yes on the 18th of September and then create a new Scotland, a better Scotland, a Scotland we know our kids and Grandparents will be safe in, we will know disabled people like me will be looked after. We will be in the top 5 wealthiest nation on Earth! when we vote yes. In the meantime, watch this 3/4 minute video by Joshua and please spread it far and wide, it is brilliant, 10/10 Joshua


Saorsa don Alba